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WOW! MUST SEE! Russia Today Covers U.S. Links To Al Qaeda, 9/11 “Inside Job”

The Daily


After all the proof that keeps mounting up how can anyone who actually studies the evidence believe the narrative on 9/11 that the state sponsored media portrays. Here is a great video put out by RT.

I know its hard to swallow that our government at the least allowed the attacks to happen to get us into the never ending war on terror, DHS’s police state that is being constructed incrementally one piece at at time right under our noses. We fight against Jihadis over seas while at our borders we are allowing undocumented people to come in by the droves.

Yet now if you and I fly or go to certain sporting events we are subject to tsa checks because of the threat of Al Queada that the is steered by the cia, yet the illegals storm our border. DHS isn’t for jihadis it is for us the American people, take politics out of this and look how everything unfolds, pay attention to the timing of everything.



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