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World Government Isn’t Coming Its Here: The UN Is Coming The UN Is Coming


Nathan Laurenson


The mainstream media and mainline Americans have always made world government a conspiracy theory issue. Where is the global government conspiracy theorists? Guess what its here! In the last couple months it has been shoved right in our face and no one has noticed. In late August U S officials from the Obama administration met in Mexico to discuss the Arms Trade Treaty which comes right out of The UN’s disarmament office.

Last month the United Nations sent  Pope Francis to  America ahead of the roll out of Agenda 2030 ,which is an extension of Agenda 21. The United Nations general assembly met September 25-27 to discuss this plan to action.  Agenda 2030 is a 17 part plan for  Sustainable Development Goals with 169 associated targets. This is the social implementation of world government that will control humanity from cradle to grave through  healthcare, schools, the internet, police departments, city gov., county gov., state gov., environmental, food, water,  and all resources.

On September 29, 2015 Attorney General Loretta Lynch announced that her office would be working in several cities to form this network with the United Nations called the Strong Cities Network. This is a law enforcement program that combats “violent extremism”. According to the  press release on  will fight extremism and collaborate with other cities, municipalities and other sub-national authorities. So we will have international bodies over our cities. If the Atty General is involved with this, this will be over police departments because she is the nations top cop. Does everyone see why all of that federal money being doled out locally to departments was used to purchase off these local departments through federalization and now through globalization.

This is just a few points of the recent global push by the United Nations. I hope you see the pattern of  globalization, that  is here and is happening right now. Welcome to the New World Order and don’t worry if you resist your local Infragard agent will tell his superior, have you disappeared because under the NDAA your rights are a figment of your imagination.

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