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What The World Needs Now Is Love

Blonde young girl holding hands in heart shape framing setting sun at sunset on ocean beach

I’ve given deeper consideration to the idea of anarchy, and while in theory it seems like it would be a great idea because many (even most) people can govern themselves without becoming malicious and violent, the thought occurred to me:

What about the people who can’t govern themselves?

There are some.

There are demographics of people who commit unconscious acts of violence and harm to others, and the only thing preventing them from committing worse acts is the fear of punishment from getting caught.

Now, this isn’t a very large demographic of people, but if we are talking about ones who would commit the most heinous acts (murder, rape, torture), this is something worth addressing.

Some doubt this would happen, while some postulate that society would self-govern, as other groups would materialize in opposition of these degenerates, but as punishment in itself is unconscious behavior, how are we to presume this course of action wouldn’t spiral into the very situation proposed by those who say the human race can’t self-govern?

It is certainly a possibility.

What the world needs more than anything is love. If any global self-governance or moneyless economies are ever to work, it has to be done by a people of higher consciousness. That is the only way. There is no other.

Understand the needs of others. Sacrifice your needs for the needs of mankind. Trust in the process of love. Share with one another. Express gratitude for what you have, first and foremost.

World peace starts with inner peace, and it is up to each and every one of us to create our own beacons of light that can spread into the darkness of other individuals, until eventually the world is fully bright.

We can create a ripple effect of love that can wash away the hate. It is up to each and every one of us, and we only have to believe.

Do it now.