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Welcome To The United States Of Stasi


Nathan Laurenson

Welcome to the United States of Stasi. The Stasi was the East German secret police that ran mass surveillance on the entire East German population. They were able to pull this off with over 90,000 full time agents and an additional 170,000 collaborators. What does this remind you of ? If you said Alex, what is the NSA for the daily double. Then you guessed correct.   Keep in mind that the Stasi were Soviet practices in East Germany. So do we live in America or Soviet, Russia?

On January the 10th the Washington Post published an article titled The new way police are surveilling you: calculating your threat score. This article highlighted the new police state equipment that the Fresno police department was using to calculate a persons threat score. What is a threat score? This is the score you are given determined by the type of  threat the government perceives you to be. The system will look at online posts, social media posts, criminal record, property reports and even pizza delivery records. After it accesses all of your information, it determines your threat level score. You are given either a green for minimal, yellow for possible or red for high level. All of this is compiled with in seconds. Does anyone else see where this is going?  It won’t be long before every department nationwide will be using this equipment. Just go and look at the amount of funds your department is receiving from the Department of Homeland Security or DOD. We are being tracked in live time now. This isn’t just about meta data that the NSA said it was collecting

Of course this is just one piece of the puzzle. Last year over 50 departments were given hi tech hand held radar devices called Range-R developed by L 3 communications. These little tools of liberty have the capability of detecting movement through walls of up to 50 feet away. I hope you sensed my sarcasm. These devices used by the government without warrants just show how far we have entrenched ourselves into this police state since 9/11.  Also remember under this new police state slash militarization of police that all the battlefield tactics used overseas are coming home to roost. These radars were initially used in Afghanistan. Just remember none of this is done for your safety. The government is run by crony capitalists (fascists) not to be confused by free market capitalists that make billions of dollars through government contracts to run this hi tech  system of enslavement. The biggest issue of all of this new spy tech that is deployed against us is the legality of it. We all know that it is un constitutional.

“Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.”- Benjamin Franklin

Mr. William Binney the former technical director for the NSA explains on The Battle Of New Orleans Radio Show  how its all a corrupt pork barrel money grab to give the surveillance and defense contractors ways and means to continuously rake in billions of dollars.

Big brother is watching you and tracking all of your activities through smart phones, license plate scanning traffic cameras, internet activity, black boxes in your cars, smart televisions, store loyalty cards, doctors visits, navy surveillance blimps, drones, radars, communications , etc,etc. Are we really the land of the free home of the brave? Its more like land of the sheep home of the slave. Wake up please do not accept any of these measures in the name of some terror threat like Isis which has been funded,armed and coddled by our own loving government .


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