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With the releasing of The Judicial Watch documents last week through the defense intelligence agency showing that the pentagon supported the creation of ISIS to topple the Assad regime. The documents go all the way back to Sept. 2012 almost 2 years before anyone heard of ISIS. Remember when it was all over the news that we must fund and arm the “Free Syrian Rebels” to help take down Assad the leader of a sovereign nation who was committing these atrocities using chemical weapons on his own people. That later was refuted and the Free Syrian Rebels were none other than ISIS. The same group Sen. Mccain says he knows and has visited with.

This is just another piece of evidence piling up showing our involvement with the complete destabilization of the middle east with the use of terrorist organizations like ISIS or their predecessors Al Queada. Al Queada was a spin off from the Mujihadeen who was created in 79 to fight the Russians. All of these organizations have many things in common but the one thing that is extremely disturbing is that they are all backed by the west with funding, arms transfers and with help and handled at the top by the CIA and other intelligence agencies(Mossad MI5 MI6). These groups have been funded by our Gov. but yet we are told we must relinquish all of our rights, freedom and liberty in the name of fighting them to protect ourselves. Have the conspiracy theorists been right the whole time? I guess with all of the compiling evidence it is no longer a theory.

Last month Judicial Watch through FOIA request shows ISIS has been operating a training base just 8 miles from the United States, Mexican border. Yet nothing. No drone strokes, no spec ops taking them out nothing. I hope you all are starting to see the big picture is that their is a vast conspiracy with elements with in our government helping facilitate, fund, steer and in some cases point blank control. Radical Islamic groups have been operating at least 35 training  bases in America.

Joel Skousen a former Vietnam fighter pilot,editor of World Affairs Brief, strategic relocation expert and nephew of Cleon Skousen of TheNaked Communist fame stated that the bombings of ISIS in Iraq was of empty buildings not of any ISIS fighters. He also said Israeli agents are on the ground giving orders to the leadership. These reports have been coming out for sometime now. Caleb Hitt of The Daily Resistance interviewed Ohio state Sen. Bill Johnson and the Senator admitted Israel was helping ISIS with medical treatment. I guess the enemy of my enemy is my friend or they are just friends.

I have one more outrageous example of this cluster of B.S. that is this war on terror. Adam Gadahn born Adam Pearlman was a Jewish American who was the grandson of the ADL head and was one the heads of Al Queada. Does anyone believe that?

Here at The Daily Resistance has been documenting this extensively so please go back read through the articles, do your own research but this is fact not fiction. We will keep screaming this from the rooftops that without the west ISIS wouldn’t exist. So please when you are watching fox, cnn or any other pentagon controlled media outlet and they keep pushing ISIS this ISIS that. Please calmly remind everyone what our government has been up to and that they are the driving force behind ISIS.




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