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I witnessed an Ouija board burning at Open Arms Community Church in Port Allegheny, Pa on Easter Sunday.  A man in the congregation brought it to church and told Pastor Justin he discovered it in his home. Pastor recommended burning it.  After service, that’s exactly what happened.  Ouija boards are embedded in witchcraft and the occult.  I asked the pastor what the dangers of Ouija boards are.

This is what he said, “The enemy of God will use tools like this to deceive us into thinking that God’s not real and that we can seek after alternatives other than God to the answers to life, for acceptance, and approval.  Satan likes to masquerade himself as an angel of light to say this stuff is harmless and this stuff is just something for fun, and there are good spirits and all those things and talks about those things.  But God’s Word says this is wrong.  And He’s the only answer, and He’s the authority.  And so this was condemned actually by God.  He says not to seek answers in other things but Him and Him alone.  And we follow Jesus.  We don’t follow a spirit.  We only follow the Holy Spirit.  That’s God’s Spirit, and that’s the only one we follow.  Nothing attached to that Ouija board.  Nothing attached to the occult practices.

Pastor Justin went on, “The danger, is people are being deceived into following something like this.  And in doing so, they’ll never experience life to the full the way Jesus tells us to.”

Open Arms Community Church in Port Allegheny is a sister church of Open Arms Community Church in nearby Bradford, Pa.  The church seems to tailor to the current generation, discussing hashtags as ways people are labeled.  Pastor Justin encouraged the congregation to look to what God says about us vs what others label us as.  A Christian heavy metal music video of ‘Red’ was even played on the screen at the end of service.  I like this church.  I plan to visit again next time I’m in town.

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