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Video report: In John Robison’s book,”Proofs Of A Conspiracy,” published in 1798 we see the Illuminati’s aim of abolishing governments to free the people from oppression. But in order to do this they must take over these governments with the aim of ruling the world via a one world government. As liberty minded people, we seek to promote liberty and freedom while pointing out the oppressions of governmental tyranny. Some people even go so far as to promote anarchy. Is it a possible  that the liberty awakening movement could be hijacked by the Illuminati Order to further their agenda?

About Caleb Hitt

Caleb Hitt is a citizen journalist, co-host on Battle Of New Orleans Radio Show, and 9/11 blogger ( Follow him on twitter.

  • d marino

    First you have to understand who the players are in the international intrigue of world domination. Until that happens you are wandering blindly into believe they are ordinary wealthy people who happen to desire more and more power. That is totally wrong. Read: The Transparent Cabal by Stephen Sniegoski, Ph.D. It all then comes together in knowing thy enemy within our gates.