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U.S. government coercive sterilization of Indian women and the poor in the 1970’s




YouTube:  Native Women Secretly Sterilized: The Family Planning Act
Authored by George H. W. Bush.  This Act authorized the use of federal funds for “family planning”.   And this created a financial incentive to sterilize coercively and deceptively using tax-payers’ money, many of whom would disagree with any kind of sterilization, let alone unethical sterilization.

And eugenics and population control never went away.   It’s worldwide and accelerating.    And it always covers and disguises its policies as much as possible under other names, as people are easily fooled.   “Environment”.   “Womens’ rights”.    “Maternal health”.

The elite wage war on the world for resources with one hand, while the other hand is holding the scalpel “to fight poverty” after making so many people dependent on State welfare.    While we were being entertained by television in the 1970’s and being LIED to by the media, this is what was really going on.  And it’s still going on all over the world.  And they had to turn morality upside down over the last few decades in order to continue this program to its logical conclusion, so that individual human life is more and more degraded and we are more and more able to rationalize and ignore the evil and tyranny that is going on.

A Look at the Indian Health Service Policy of Sterilization, 1972-1976

The Indian Health Service and the Sterilization of Native American Women

“Two young women entered an IHS hospital in Montana to undergo appendectomies and received tubal ligations, a form of sterilization, as an added benefit. Bertha Medicine Bull, a member of the Northern Cheyenne tribe, related how the “two girls had been sterilized at age fifteen before they had any children. Both were having appendectomies when the doctors sterilized them without their knowledge or consent.””

Sterilization of Native American Women Reviewed by Omaha Master’s Student

“Before 1969 (following Nixon’s election as president) funding of sterilizations (as well as abortion) had been banned by the federal government. Between 1969 and 1974, HEW increased its family planning budget from $51 million to more than $250 million, Torpy found. HEW records reveal that between 192,000 and 548,000 women were sterilized each year between 1970 and 1977, compared to an average of 63,000 a year between 1907 and 1964, a period which included the zenith of the eugenics movement.

“Torpy reports that during 1977 Dr. R.T. Ravenholt, director of the United States Agency for International Development (office for population control), said that the United States hoped to sterilize 25 per cent of the world’s roughly 570 million fertile women. Ravenholt linked such control measures to the “…normal operation of U.S. commercial interests around the world.” These statements were published in a news story in the St. Louis Dispatch.”

Statement by Nixon on Signing the Family Planning Services and Population Research Act of 1970

Those who think that elite support for Planned Parenthood (a eugenics organization) and family planning is well-intentioned also acknowledge the Bush family’s role

“Prescott Bush–and the Bush family–were staunch supporters of Planned Parenthood, an organization that advocates family planning in the United States and worldwide in order to protect the health of women and to combat poverty. …

“His son, George Herbert Walker Bush, started his public career as a strong supporter of family planning and acted on those beliefs as a congressman. He was the chief Republican author of the Family Planning Act of 1970, considered a keystone of congressional support for population control. Of his role in the legislation, Bush wrote, “We took the lead in Congress in providing money and urging–in fact, even requiring–that in the United States, family planning services be available for every woman.”

Of course this is the standard line we are given all our lives that sterilization somehow makes people healthier, that encouraging women to abort babies in large numbers is doing them a favor, that pregnancy is bad for them, that preventing those who are poor – or who can’t be fit into the economic system of taxation, inflated currency, dependency and control and undermining of property rights – preventing the poor from having babies is somehow well-intentioned.

So will Canadians continue to justify all this deception and coercion, as if they are immune to this policy, as if it never occurred in Canada in the past (which it did), as if it will never be introduced on a larger scale?

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