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With The Threat Of WW3 Looming Will Rex 84 Be Activated To Bring In DHS As The National Police Force

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Nathan Laurenson


With all of the immigrants being brought and shipped into the country are we going into Rex 84? This could be the false flag the government needs to bring in the national police force (DHS) to parade throughout the nation to keep their boots on our necks. Our government creates the problem (border crisis), presents the solution, comes in and poses as the savior and present us with the police state and most people will accept any form of tyranny for safety and security. Ben Franklin warned us that we can never trade liberty for security.


Is the provoked Russian threat part of bigger plan tied into the border crisis? Our state department, Soros , Exxon and cheveron  funded the destabilization and  revolution in Ukraine. Ukraine had a democrat elected government that was over thrown and a neo Nazi government was put in by the west to stir up Russia. This new incident with the Malaysian plane being shot down immediately being blamed on Russia. The plane flew directly into a no fly zone and the only evidence that a Russian separatist was involved is a youtube video that was dated the day before the attack .

Now with the threat of a world war and our imploded borders our government can use the threat of a war to keep us controlled and take more of our rights. Fema is at the border right now running these immigrant camps at military bases as we speak. Sure looks and feels like the  Rex 84 program. Various states are opening bases as we speak to house the immigrants.



The threat of the borders not being secured will be used for the rollout of DHS on the streets. Don’t say it can never happen here because I lived through Katrina and the dry test run that FEMA ran afterword with the military and police. I lived , seen the military walking and patrolling the streets in safe areas where crime wasn’t prevalent. I lived through the curfews that came during the aftermath of the storm. Tell the Japanese it can’t happen when they got rounded up put in camps in the 40’s. So please don’t be naïve.

DHS was  in a town in  North Carolina earlier this week letting people know that their in the neighborhood if needed, just to remind people of their presence, part of the see something say something promoting you to snitch on your neighbors.

The beginning of the final step of the implementation of the police state is here. Don’t accept the lies look for the answers yourself. I ask you this how can you believe known liars ( government, media) when we have been manipulated on every front every level.


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