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The Senate Signs Us Into Full Blown Fascism Giving The President Fast Track Authority


The Senate voted  Wednesday 60 to 38 to give the President Fast Track authority over the trade deal. Now the bill goes back to the President’s desk waiting his approval. The Senate has moved its focus on passing a bill that will give assistance to all the workers that will loose their jobs due to the trade deal.

Wait did you read that last line? Workers will loose their jobs because of the 12 nation trade pact. I thought this was going to be great for America. Just like NAFTA this will send our remaining jobs overseas. Between TPP and artificial intelligence the American worker doesn’t stand a chance, unless we get outside the system and create our own jobs, our own economy.

Everyone wants free trade right. Absolutely, but in order to have free trade we don’t need government sponsored trade deals chalked full of regulations. This isn’t a trade deal but a treaty. This treaty signs over our sovereignty over to corporations, gives various control over the internet, gives control over our courts to these corporations and it will change our immigration laws. This is just a piece of what we know. There will be much more to come. Welcome to full blown fascism where the corporate agenda takes control over our nation. Mussolini would be proud.


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