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The New Orleans Archdiocese Hypocrisy Between Bill Gates Planned Parenthood And Common Core

Nathan Laurenson

I’m a Catholic who actively attends a church and whose child attends a school  within the archdiocese of New Orleans. Like many parents I send my child to a Catholic school to get an education that is above and beyond the Government brainwashing centers so when I found out we where being signed onto The Bill and Melinda Gates foundation backed common core I felt very betrayed.The number of archdiocese that have signed on is about 100 so if not all the archdiocese signed on their was a choice and the parents who pay a very pretty penny to send their children to these schools weren’t involved in this decision.Most parents don’t like common core because of the standards, text books or how it changes  the way our children think and do math problems and I totally agree with everyone of those points but I want to bring to light another point, that one of the main backing forces is The Bill and Melinda       Gates  foundation. I know most of of you reading this is asking the question so what they give alot of donations to a whole plethora of causes but the one donation  that causes the most concern to me and should to most Christians is planned parenthood.



Planned parenthood spawned from Margaret Sangers  American Birth Control League which was founded in 1921. This isn’t the only  eugenics based organization  The Bill and MelindaGates Foundation backs.What about the polio vaccines which have paralyzed 47500 Indian children and  then there is Monsanto(GMOs). Mr Gates is involved with various anti life organizations and has openly admitted at the TED conference about population reduction with vaccines(/


In 2013  the New Orleans Arch Bishop Gregory Aymond protested the opening of a planned parenthood clinic in a New Orleans neighborhood and led a boycott which I fully supported.This is where the hypocrisy lies in one hand wont support planned parenthood backed by Gates how can you back another Gates backed program. Being Catholic there is no way I can support anyone who supports any anti life anti human organizations so I feel we’ve  been sold out by  the leadership of our beloved New Orleans archdiocese.I ask you how and why Arch Bishop Aymond  would you support common core that’s being pushed by an anti life, globalist who doesn’t believe in GOD and whose children attend a school that doesn’t participate in this atrocity which is aimed to dumb our children down. Mr Gates if all lives are created equal you would want your children to participate in common core and you wouldn’t fund eugenics based abortionists in poor minority areas.


“All lives—no matter where they are being led—have equal value.” — From the “Our Values” section of the Web page of the Bill And Melinda Gates Foundation







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