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The Government’s History Of False Flags Mind Control And Cover Up’s Shouldn’t The Gov. Be The First Suspect In The Charleston Shooting



When a married woman is murdered in her home the first suspect is usually the husband. If your child is caught with their hand in the cookie jar over and over, but tell you they didn’t eat the cookies you probably aren’t going to believe them when the cookies come up missing. With the Charleston shooting, and other events, shouldn’t the government be the first suspect? The government has been caught lying on a daily basis. The Vietnam War for the United States was started on a lie with the Gulf of Tonkin incident. This inconvenient truth killed more than 50,000 American soldiers. My point of all of this is the ruling elite will commit any atrocity to push their agenda. Fast and Furious was a gun walking operation that let weapons get into the hands of drug cartels so the second amendment could be blamed. Guess who ran this operation? If you guessed that Holder ran Department of Justice, you guessed correctly. This has been the direct and indirect cause of thousands of deaths.These are examples of false flags that have been used to push and steer an agenda.

Ted Kaczynski aka The Unabomber was a product of a CIA program called MK Ultra. James Holmes, the Aurora Batman shooter was a patient of  Air Force Pentagon trained psychiatrist Dr. Fenton. Timothy McVeigh was visited several times by Dr. Jolyon West who was part of a circle of psychiatrist’s that worked for the CIA in mind control for years. Aaron Alexis the Naval yard shooter contacted the police and a mind control support group stating he was being targeted by low frequencies that where putting voices into his head. He even carved ELF(Extra Low Frequencies) into his weapon.The Pentagon has been working for years to put voices into people’s heads through lasers and frequencies. If entities within our government have been involved with mind control projects  for years involving killers, we should look at this event as another possibility.

Even if Roof wasn’t under mind control or had some gov. handler, he was on psychotropic drugs. pyschiatric side affects could be anxiety, depression,abnormal thinking, depersonalization,irritability, hallucination, attempted suicide and more. All of the recent mass killers have had this in common that where all on one of these drugs that change your mental stability. The mass media will not concentrate on this because their biggest sponsors is big pharma.

We should all question the timing of this latest event and is healthy for us to do so. The media has been trying to drum up  a race war since last year. Then the immediate roll out of  demonizing the 2nd amendment from the establishment of both parties. Karl Rove a republican strategist, fox news contributor and  “2nd amendment” supporter said that we should repeal the 2nd amendment.

Now the media is loosely trying to tie Rand Paul and other presidential candidates to Roof because they have received donations from the Council of Conservative Citizens. A white nationalist group that Roof wrote about in his memoirs. This is interesting considering Paul, Cruz and the rest of republican candidates have close ties to Aipac and Israel. White supremacy groups hate Jews more than any other groups, so this doesn’t pass the smell test either.

Roof is 21 years old and his face book page was just started a couple of months ago, which he had black friends on his list. If he was this giant racist why would he have black friends on his list.

Last Thursday Rev. Clenard Childress from  said he believed Roof had handlers or accomplices in the shooting. That there is no way a drugged out 21 yr old would figure out to do this right before June teenth and other events that where about to take place in the black community without help. The media rolled out his room mate who said he had been planning this for up to 6 months. If this is true wouldn’t his room mate be considered an accomplice.

This whole thing smelled bad from the beginning. If our government will kill buffalo to control the Indians all bets are off and will stop at nothing to ram through their agenda.  Anything goes. They need the masses divided because if the people are separated  they can rule over us, but if we can unite then we can take the world back. The ruling class needs us disarmed and they keep pecking away at the second amendment piece by piece. Remember the media was taken over in the late 40’s and 50’s with operation mockingbird when the CIA put editors and publishers in power at every major media outlet. Question everything and believe nothing.





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