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Six easy steps to avoid common genetically modified foods

Jonathan Benson




Awareness about the presence of genetically modified organisms  (GMOs) in the food supply is at an all-time high throughout America, thanks in  large part to the  Proposition 37 ballot initiative in California. But many people are now  asking the question, “If GMOs aren’t labeled, how can I know whether or not the  foods I buy contain them?” To help you make the best effort at avoiding GMOs  while shopping at the grocery store, here are six recommendations on what to  look for and what to avoid.

1) Avoid purchasing foods that contain  non-organic soy, corn, cottonseed or canola ingredients. Practically every  processed food found in the “middle aisle” section of the grocery store contains  some form of soy, corn, cottonseed, or canola, all crops of which are typically GMO if not certified  organic. Everything from cookies and crackers to cereals and snack food  items contain them, which means you will want to avoid them like the plague.


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