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Report: Police Told to Stand Down During Looting in Ferguson

Fox 2 Now 

Police presence in question during overnight looting in Ferguson

FERGUSON, MO (KTVI)- Police presence is in question after St. Louis County and Missouri State Highway Patrol officers left the scene in Ferguson once looters began attacking businesses overnight. Protesters believe the media has started to confuse the difference between themselves and the looters. Fights have begun on the streets as well as social media with some believing this has become similar to a game of chess. According to one peaceful protester, several of them literally put their bodies in between the looters and the different businesses. She feels their efforts were forced after several police officers got into their cars and drove away. However, police presence is back in those neighborhoods Saturday morning. Former St. Louis County Police Chief Tim Fitch tweeted, “…We cannot keep stoning the keepers at the gate.”

Updates: Crisis in Ferguson:  More businesses looted overnight

Answers are being sought as to what or what did not happen overnight.

Plenty of militarized cops out in force to harass peaceful protesters & journalists, AWOL when actual looting takes place   FOX2now

@stlcountypd also confirms its officers responded to looting at Ferguson Market, but were told to stand down by incident command.

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