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Reasons Why My Family Avoid GMO’s

The Daily

Nathan Laurenson

GMO seeds where introduced on the market in 1996, since then Americans with 3 or more chronic illnesses are up 13% in the past 9 years. Diseases like autism, crohns  disease, numerous health problems  like skin diseases, stomach ailments and many other diseases are all on the  rise since genetically engineered crops where introduced. In rats cancerous tumors grew on their heads when  fed GMO.

They create these crops with genes that are pesticide resistant and some are round up ready, what do you think happens when you consume these foods, they attack your stomach lining and your intestines. These round up ready crops are round up resistant and get sprayed many times more than the average crop. So basically when you are eating corn, soybeans you are ingesting round up also.

Pigs that are fed a diet of GM feed are 267 more times like to have stomach inflammation, if these stomachs are under attack then they will likely get other diseases and then pass on disease to the people eating them.

Corporations like Monsanto and Dow Agriculture push these ideas that the GM crops yield a higher crop but the numbers tell a different story and cost $100 more dollars an acre for the seeds. Look we are what we eat and anything that is changed to an unnatural state, laced full of pesticides, and are resistant to bugs aren’t harmful to our bodies.

I can go on and on about this topic going in many directions, so I suggest to you the reader do some of your own research wherever the road leads you we should all come to the conclusion that at least all GMO’s should be labeled.

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