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Public Official Follow-ups


There are a million things going on in most peoples lives, and all too often we forget about so many other things and we inevitably procrastinate. Its not necessarily a bad trait, just a human one. In the spirit of all that we forget, I’d like to remind the public about those issues of government corruption which we’ve left swept under the rug.


In 2007, the Baton Rouge Advocate printed a brief story about how Warden Burl Cain, of the Louisiana State Penitentiary, was one focus of an investigation of possible bribery. The article was based on an audio recording which was taken by a cattle distributor which allegedly has Cain informing the distributor that should he fail to make a donation to the prison chapel fund, the bidding would be opened for other cattle distributors. In short, the distributor would lose this contract if he didn’t donate. In another story, reported by James Gill, the Chief Staff Director of the Louisiana Fifth Circuit Court of Appeal committed suicide, but only after submitting evidence to the Louisiana Supreme Court, the State Bar, and a few attorneys as to how for 13 years the Court had been denying pro se appeals (those appeals filed by inmates themselves) without any judicial review as warranted by the Constitution. The result? The Louisiana Supreme Court ordered all such appeals to be reviewed again without the involvement of those judges whom took part in this egregious violation. So, the remaining judges whom are allowed to review these cases anew are not going to be partial toward their comrades and those involved aren’t being charged with felonies and/or ethics violations?


Why is it that society is so quick to chase the bandwagon against crime, but when it comes to public servants no one cares? The very administration of justice requires a standard to be upheld and only the constituents can ensure this. Displayed here are only two such instances where our government system has proven to be corrupt and not a single protest or demand for impeachment/resignation has been had. Here’s a little more information on the court issue so you can be more fully informed. In 1994, the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals in Gretna, Louisiana had a staff meeting at which time they decided all pro se appeals would be handled by Justice Edward Dufresne. Justice Dufresne then had Chief Staff Director Gerrold Peterson collecting all pro se appeals and denying them, which denials would receive Justice Dufresne’s signature and the typed names of two other justices with the court. These justices never saw a single pro se appeal.


Behavior such as this warrants not only ethics investigations, but criminal as well. Only when our public servants realize that they can be held culpable will we begin to see true justice. Whether you believe it or not, the citizenry is obligated to ensure proper operation of government. There are a lot of propaganda campaigns moving about which would attempt to make citizens believe that if they speak against government they’re being unpatriotic or traitorous. The federal government is labeling protestors as low level terrorists and the local police forces are stockpiling used military equipment. Researching through history, you’ll see that every established nation throughout history went through essentially the same process: a select few attempted to monopolize power and riches from the masses and the masses figured out what was going on and there was revolution. In short, people got tired of being subservient creatures limited to the crumbs being thrown their way by corrupt officials who held themselves above the law.


No reason to believe me, though. Even a small amount of research will prove me right. In the meantime, how about we start moving for the removal of any public official whom has had corrupt practices under their belt. No longer should our public servants be allowed to resign only to work in public service elsewhere, they should be terminated, impeached, investigated, and bound within the same chains which they try to bound the masses in.