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POLICE STATE 2015 Feds Label Texas as Hostile And Plans Military Martial Law Drill




A co military special forces drill called Jade Helm will be taking place July 15 th through September 15th in California, Nevada, Arizona, Utah, Colorado, New Mexico and Texas. Texas, Utah and A small pocket of California are listed as hostile insurgents but is really concentrated in many towns located in and around central Texas. This is unlike most drills that DHS and military has run of late because it is using all military branches special forces units.

Why is Texas listed as the eminent threat? Ask yourself why all of the martial law training that is been going on? You only train for what you are preparing for. They will be conducting land surveys, will be using plain clothes personnel dressed up like civilians. People the government is openly training against us, plain and simple.

In 2010 The Internment and Resettlement Operation 3-39-40 it laid out a plan to round up civilians in America and in foreign lands. Our government is openly using our troops to run drills portraying Americans as the insurgents and terrorists and the troops are following orders to run these drills. I understand that the troops are sold that these drills are to protect the citizens and the military are some of the most awake and aware of any group but I wish more would speak out about this training. Please scroll through the documents below and decide and decipher yourself.



Jade Helm Martial Law WW3 Prep Document 1


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