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Police State 2014 We the People are the Terrorists not Al Qaeda

Nathan Laurenson


From Al Qaeda to the Homeland, this is the ultimate direction of the DHS and our government leaders. It started with  9/11, then it to the war on terror. A neocon think tank group called PNAC through rebuilding Americas defenses report stated in 2000 that they needed a new pearl harbor.

So the war on terror was used to start the Department of Homeland security, a Nazi term I may add u and slowly you see the tides turn from Al Qaeda to returning veterans, militia members, Ron Paul, Bob Barr and Chuck Baldwin supporters  who have bumper stickers on their cars are even labeled as domestic terrorists. This came from the  “MIAC Strategic Report: 02/20/09, The Modern Militia Movement”. I could fill the page up with examples of  citizens who are in favor of small government constitutional types as domestic terrorists.Other FBI programs even label people who have a  bulk purchase of food as terrorists. I didn’t realize people who are pro constitution, pro liberty are terrorists. In a FEMA training video George Washington would not be allowed in todays military. Did I miss something here? Washington founded our military.

In 1979 the CIA started using a group of militant  Afghanis called the Mujahideen to fight the Russians, which later spun into Al Qaeda. Using tax payer dollars between  $3 and $6 billion dollars  the CIA openly funded and trained them. I mention this to  lay out the history and involvement between  our government and  muslim extremist groups. They use these groups like boogey men to scare us and then get us to except enslavement through the Department of Homeland Security. While Al Qaeda is being funded in Libya  and Syria by the CIA and our government.  Most people will except any DHS program like the  TSA at the airport searching their genitals so they can have an artificial feel of safety. Little by little its slowly turning from Al Qaeda to guess who you got it  us.

In 2012 and 2013 the DHS and the federal government had purchase orders for 1.6 billion rounds of hollow point  ammo which is a Geneva convention violation, plus 7,000 fully automatic NATO round weapons and over 2700 mine resistant armored vehicles. That’s enough ammo to fight the Iraqi war for over 24 years and these armored vehicles aren’t going overseas there for domestic use. Maybe the paper targets sold by Law Enforcement Co to the DHS called no hesitation which depict pregnant woman, children and elderly man are for training against Al Qaeda. Are you starting to get the picture?

The images of Americans to be used for target practice by the DHS.                        The images of Americans to be used for target practice by the DHS.

The images of Americans to be used for target practice by the DHS.
The images of Americans to be used for target practice by the DHS.
The images of Americans to be used for target practice by the DHS.



The images of Americans to be used for target practice by the DHS.

Lets talk about the military drills that have been taking place in our cities for over the last decade ask yourself is that for Al Qaeda also. What does your gut tell you? I surely know what mine tells me its like saying 2 + 2=4. If you add up all the leaked manuals and videos of military training situations of door to door  gun confiscation its impossible to not become paranoid and connect the dots right back to the American citizens.

. This week Senator Harry Reid said anyone who supports Cliven Bundy is a domestic terrorist, then the next day the white house  counter-terrorism chief says confrontational children could be a potential terrorist.

So lets recap they fund Al Qaeda use them, start and group all agencies into the DHS to stop them and protect us from them, then put out reports and training manuals that show law abiding citizens,  returning veterans  who are pro constitution and pro bill of  rights that is the new enemy. Then purchases over 1.6 billion rounds of hollow points, mine resistant vehicles, targets with grandma and grandpa and  fully automatic NATO round weapons all for domestic use . Now little 5 year old little Johnny might be a terrorist and conspiring with Bin Laden the boogey man to blow us up. They have used the guise of terrorism to scare us into a giant police State to enslavement. Stay tuned for next installment of Police State well discuss domestic drones. The best kind of slave is the one who thinks he’s free.



Homeland Security study leaked in 2012   Harry Reid



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