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Police State 2014 in Slidell Louisiana

Nathan Laurenson

The Daily


Last October  military patrol boats armed to the teeth rode through canals of Eden Isles located on south side of Slidell La. I ask the question why? Why would the military armed with .50 caliber weapons cruise up and down in a residential area, when there is plenty of non residential area located on the Pearl River or on Lake Bourne. No matter the reason it surely does a great job at intimidating the public.

In August the Slidell police department receives a Tiger light  all terrain armored vehicle given by Textron Land and Marine. “The Tiger vehicle can be used for multiple purposes, such as evacuating citizens from an active shooting scenario, safely resolving a hostage situation, or any other life or death situation” and  will carry the  SWAT logo. During the last night parade during Mardi Gras SPD paraded the vehicle and other equipment down the parade route. Last Friday during Good Friday celebrations at Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic church eye witnesses said ” the SPD dressed in suits drove the armored vehicle in front of church then turned around in parking lot”. It sure looks and feels like they use the symbols of this equipment to scare the public.

On April 11th 2014 at roughly 10:00 pm military helicopters where flying low enough to shake my wife out of the shower and startle her. This isn’t the first time military helicopters flew extremely low right above residential neighborhood, low enough could’ve hit with a rock. I spoke with eye witnesses in other neighborhoods through out Slidell who seen and heard the same helicopters. I ask why are the military flying helicopters extremely low at 10 :00 at night? What kind of DHS drills are and have been running in Slidell, and if  these  are drills that  taken place the public should be notified so it doesn’t alarm local citizens.

Call your city councilman and mayors office ask questions.



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