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Police State 2014 Full Spectrum Dominance From Ferguson To The Middle East

Nathan Laurenson




The incident between the officer and Michael Brown happened but the events after that are all leading and building up to a nightmare super storm has and is being exacerbated by the feds and local police department. Looters and rioters are being agitated and turned loose on the streets of Ferguson, Mo while credentialed press and protestors are being arrested and told not to film or report whats really happening .

Washington Post, Huffington Post and Gettys all have had reporters arrested. Al Jazeera was hit with flash grenades and had their equipment disassembled and then claim where helping them. Infowars reporter Staff Sgt Joe Biggs was hit with rubber bullets and  fellow infowars reporter Jakari Jackson was hit with tear gas. I bring all of this up because they don’t want real journalism and reporting going on so they can control the narrative through the lame stream media like MSNBC pushing one side of propaganda why the police are all bad the rioters are good and then fox news will push that all the cops are great the protestors don’t have a point, the militarization of police is good, we need more of it all the cops are great. When its some where in the middle, then they’ll use our emotions, race, political leanings to keep us fighting, to keep us separated. We must come together as one.



Right after the shooting took place craigslist adds where put out looking for protestors these are the people that are coming from out of town causing the trouble. Then the new black panther party shows up (funded by the Ford foundation on record) is seen working with the police, the  Department of Justice is also on  the scene.

So lets break this down the people breaking the law are allowed to loot, riot, throw Molotov cocktails do whatever they want. Why couldn’t the police roll out with their military vehicles and stop them? No they wait till they  are dispersed arrest journalists, roll out the military gear, equipment, point rifles at civilians and journalists. It sure feels and looks like this is being allowed to set the president for martial law.

Just like after 9/11 the Patriot Act was passed, this will be no different. New laws, more military equipment will be handed out to help bolster up the ever expanding police state that has been erected right under our noses for the last 20 plus years. People will give up more rights, freedoms and accept all of this in the name of comfort and security.

The cabal that is our government causes, lets, funds the problem and then comes in posing as the savior with all the answers and then uses the threat of another crisis to control us its called full spectrum dominance. Its the same thing that goes on in the middle east we fund ISIS (al quaeda) give them weapons, turn them loose, and steer them through various intelligent agencies, then use the threat of terror to shove their hands up our behinds at the airport and to have us in everlasting state of fear. Another example is the 1967 Detroit riots where used to pass the 1968 gun control act.


So please understand what is going on in the whole Ferguson ordeal it is a giant psy op on every part and every level, yes it is really happening but please look at every angle, look at all the players before you say cops are bad, rioters are good, police is needed. We are being sold an agenda every which angle but the one we must resist is the police state and race war that the globalists are pushing through the media. Its also odd that the Army released last Friday a manual that tals about shooting unarmed civilians and where to target tem at. The report was put out in April so why now wait till all of this unrest is taking place. Just another piece of the puzzle that we need to keep our eyes on.







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