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Police Allow Looting But Target Press In Ferguson MO

The Daily

Nathan Laurenson


Why didn’t the police stop the looting that started Sunday night in Ferguson, MO? The police following the looting went after the peaceful protestors, press and even a pastor where targeted. There is video of Al Jazeera reporters getting a  flash grenade and tear gas thrown at them  and had their equipment disassembled.

Joe Biggs an reporter who was a staff sgt. in the U. S. Army  got shot by rubber bullets, had rifles pointed at him and Jakari Jackson.  Washington post and The Huffington post both had reporters arrested  by the SWAT team while in Mcdonalds getting roughed up in the process.



So couldn’t the police stop the looting if they if they where able to  drive down the street in the military style vehicles shooting flash grenades, there was no problem for the black panthers taking over a fire station yet during broad day the police dressed up like they where fighting ISIS in full military garb drove the crowd and reporters down the street  pointing rifles at reporters and civilians.

The only answer can be is that they don’t want to let a good crisis go to waste and use this whole event to roll out the militarized police and to show us what martial law looks like. This is exactly what we’ve been talking about here on the site the military weapons, the assault vehicles are for us to keep the people under there boot. The militarized police where having the reporters turn off there cameras if this is allowed to happen then we no longer have a first amendment.

If the police gather with their military equipment dressed up like storm troopers,  then a riot is going to be incited. Regardless if people where looting or rioting you can’t attack legal law abiding citizens and journalists.







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