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Only a vegetable is unaware that the world is going into even more hellish times.
The corporate, big club machine that you’re not in, is having their way nearly unimpeded. We see the moral meltdown, chaos, and can only imagine what lies ahead.
Ruby Ridge, WACO, Oregon, and others are signposts. With crises actors and media manipulation and collusion, it is a monumental job finding truth.
Most folks realize the spiritual wickedness in high places.  The morals, the foundation that built this country are being destroyed. God will not be mocked and that is the key to this battle. Those who will only pray about it are so heavenly minded they are no Earthly good! God didn’t build the Ark. Many are called, few are chosen.
Thomas Deegan has been railroaded at every turn. True, he decided to fight a righteous battle with little hope of success. It has exposed the Beast Corporate Borg System in a profound way.
Their plan is to kill the messenger. Without a critical mass standing up, their plan will succeed. Thomas won’t be the only casualty! There will be more WACOs and Nights of the Long Knives!
Beginning tonight or tomorrow, and every day, up to Feb. 19th which is the day Judge Reed plans to send Thomas off to prison, I will be emailing, posting on my websites,,  and facebooks Phillip Hudok, and Mr. Obama Head, and on my YouTube Channel, Phillip Hudok information war darts.
I don’t know twitter, tweet, zello or the other social media tools, but I am sure some of you do. It is your reasonable duty to act.
 I am presently uploading entire 1/26/16 hearing in Parkersburg to youtube. I will post a link and also use excerpts to show the truth.
I am sure some of you would have been support in person and couldn’t. This is a means within your power and a call to action!
We can hang together or hang separately. We are promised a time when all will be revealed and only then will we know how what we did mattered.
For all the marbles and with no apologies,  Phil Hudok


About Caleb Hitt

Caleb Hitt is a citizen journalist, co-host on Battle Of New Orleans Radio Show, and 9/11 blogger ( Follow him on twitter.