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While I was preparing the following, I received and email from a friend asking what we should do in such an evil world. I replied, ask Jesus. As for me, I intend to shine a light in this dark and evil world. As Patrick Henry said “As for me and my house…”

Open email to Mr. Obama, aka Barry Soetoro,

I’ve been thinking that as dictator of the world you could really get a head even bigger than at present.

Speaking of presents and big heads, I have one to try on for size. It is called Mr. Obama Head!

It could also be called Mr. Obondo Head as there are some five gallons of Bondo with chicken wire and what not, integrated into this 7 foot monstrosity! I have been giving you even more exposure in West Virginia than you would otherwise get from the prostitute media. Hey, I even took “The Head” to D.C. and made numerous trips around the Capitol City. Most folks were really appreciative. One guy on a bicycle came over to my Jeep and spit on my windshield. I figure he thought I might be out of windshield washer fluid! “Thanks dude!”

Problem is, most and I truly mean most folks in West Virginia get rather emotional when they see your big likeness (un-liked-ness) head around our state.

Some folks would rather that I park the thing. However, there is a job to do as most don’t know that you are the CORPORATE HEAD. Yes, you are the CEO (Chief Thief) of US Inc. that was incorporated in 1871.

But to put it bluntly, Mr. Obama Head (who incidentally talks and blows smoke rings) is actually just like you, a puppet!

So, I am compelled to take my campaign and road show “Mr. Obama Head – Puppet” around the state and educate the people as to the true state of incorporation.

You see, I am the Constitution Party of West Virginia candidate for governor. I think you’ve heard of constitutions and I would like to instruct our Attorney General, Patrick Morrisey (who has failed up to now) to enforce ours. Job number one is unincorporating the mess and returning to government of, by, and for the people, not of, by, and for “Government Inc.”  Also, Thomas needs a pardon!

The really tough part is of the job is that you and your cronies are probably part of the judgment of a Righteous GOD meted out on a sinful people that have allowed the murder of over 60 million babies and is also killing people around the world. Sucks, doesn’t it. Nonetheless, it’s the truth and that hurts.

So I will expose the sin, you, and your cronies as I take your big head around our state.

With No Apologies,

Phil Hudok

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Facebooks: “Mr. Obama Head”       and     “Phillip Hudok”

Phil Hudok with Mr. Obama Head

Phil Hudok with Mr. Obama Head







! I have made a big head, Mr. Obama Head, give you even more exposure.

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