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Ohio Right to Life Legislation Day



Many pro life supporters converged into Ohio’s capital city Tuesday May 12 for Legislation Day sponsored by Ohio Right to Life.  This event was designed for Ohio residents to meet with each of their respective state representatives to lobby support for right to life legislation.

I caught up with Ohio Right to Life communications director, Katie Franklin,  ” Our Pain Capable Unborn Child Protection Act (H.B. 117 and S.B. 127) Our Pain Capable Unborn Child Protection Act is really important because it significantly challenges Roe v Wade in a way other legislation has not.  It would prohibit all abortions at the point children can feel pain which is typically at the latest around 20 weeks gestation.  It’s what we think would be most allowable by the current make up of the Supreme Court.  It’s an incremental strategy which would redefine how the Supreme Court looks at life issues and would enable them to create a new standard.”

Speaking of the Trigger Clause, Katie said, “If Roe v Wade was overturned, that wouldn’t make abortion illegal in any of the states.  It would just leave the question of whether states can make abortions legal up to the states.  So in the case that Roe v Wade is overturned then Ohio with the Trigger Clause would prohibit all abortions after conception.”

One exception to the Trigger Clause legislation’s prohibition of all abortions would be those necessary to save the mother’s life.

Among other pieces of legislation, The Down Syndrome Non-Discrimination Act would prohibit abortions from being performed on a child on the basis of that child having Down syndrome. In the U.S., upwards of 92 percent of babies who are diagnosed with Down syndrome are aborted. Katie spoke of this legislation as well, 150510_0008

Abortion-Inducing Drugs Safety Act ends the practice of using drugs off label to induce abortions and prohibits the use of telemedicine for the purpose of providing abortion-causing drugs.

Representatives from pregnancy centers across Ohio came to Columbus to share their work with their legislators and to advocate for funding for the Pregnancy and Parenting Support Program. Ohio Right to Life successfully advocated for the addition of the program to the State Budget which passed out of the Ohio House in April.

“For decades, Ohio’s pregnancy centers have stood as resilient reminders to mothers that they are not alone,” said Stephanie Ranade Krider, executive director of Ohio Right to Life. “They challenge our communities to lead with more loving, sustainable, and giving practices that help women and their children rather than write them off. We are proud to stand with them and support them this Legislative Day.”

Nationally, there are over 3,000 pregnancy centers, outnumbering abortion facilities by a ratio of 6:1. Statewide, there are over 100, outnumbering abortion facilities by a ratio of 18:1. Ten of them came to Columbus to meet with legislators, introduce clients, and tell their stories. During the luncheon, Peggy Hartshorn, president of Heartbeat International, presented on her organization’s worldwide efforts to assist women in crisis pregnancies.

Another important piece of legislation, Defunding Planned Parenthood prevents remaining taxpayer funding streams from going to the abortion industry.

During the luncheon keynote speaker, John Husted, Ohio Secretary of Sate shared his heart warming story of his adoption.

“I hope my story will inspire all of us to make sure every child gets a better start in life,” said Secretary Husted in his address. “One person can really make a difference in one life and that one life can change many others.”

Listen to podcast of Peggy Hartshorn and John Husted’s speaches. 150511_0009

John Husted

Ohio Secretary of State, John Husted


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