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NOAA’s Vision 2020: A Dismal Future For Fishing


Amanda Nola

The whole concept will be to virtually outlaw all recreational fishing by the year 2020.

This “vision” is based off of a misleading alarmist proposal called “Oceans of Abundance,” which was underwritten by the Walton Family Foundation and co-authored by NOAA Administrator Jane Lubchenco, then an EDF official, foresaw “the collapse of global fisheries in our lifetimes,” to be replaced by “massive swarms of jellyfish” — unless the wild stocks were immediately privatized and commodified for “catch share” trading in the global investment market.

The argument for immediate introduction of catch shares in Oceans of Abundance is anchored to the definition of the problem — a “scientific consensus that fishing is fundamentally altering ocean ecosystems which are increasingly likely to yield massive swarms of jellyfish rather than food fish.”

Lubchenco said she “strongly endorses” the Oceans of Abundance report, and cited a single, 2008 scientific study as evidence that privatization of fisheries worked best. That study was co-written by her brother-in-law, Steve Gaines, dean of the Donald Bren School of Environmental Sciences at University of California at Santa Barbara.

NOAA Vision 2020…/documents/Vision_2020_FINAL-1.pdf

Oceans of Abundance…/default/files/oceans-of-abundance.pdf

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