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Nevada Rancher Stands Up To The Criminal Bureau of Land Management

Nathan Laurenson



Cliven Bundy and his family are being attacked by a terrorist organization called BLM(Bureau of Land Management).His family started using this public land back in 1877 and now the feds are saying he cant use this  land because Bundy didn’t pay “grazing fees,” which the Bureau has imposed on land developers “who disturb tortoise habitat on public land,” according to the Associated Press.

The BLM  have started a one-man range war which he has been fighting since 1993 and  on Saturday  they began  rounding up Bundy’s cattle, using mercenary cowboys and helicopters.

“My forefathers have been up and down the Virgin Valley ever since 1877. All these rights I claim have been created through pre-emptive rights and beneficial use of the forage and water. I have been here longer. My rights are before the BLM even existed,” Bundy said.

The Feds have surrounded the ranch as if they where fighting terrorists not some hardworking blue collar producer off of the land but that’s exactly the kind of man the government hates they want to destroy anyone who resembles a tough rugged independent American that stands up for hisself.

“The battle’s been going on for 20 years,” Bundy told theWashington Free Beacon. “What’s happened the last two weeks, the United States government, the bureaus are getting this army together and they’re going to get their job done and they’re going to prove two things. They’re going to prove they can do it, and they’re gonna prove that they have unlimited power, and that they control the policing power over this public land. That’s what they’re trying to prove.”

Bundy said the government has brought everything but tanks and rocket launchers.

Armed men outside the Bundy ranch / Cliven and Carol Bundy

“They’re carrying the same things a soldier would,” he said. “Automatic weapons, sniper rifles, top communication, top surveillance equipment, lots of vehicles. It’s heavy soldier type equipment.”

Cliven Bundy’s 37 year old son Dave was arrested and  beaten by the police while exercising his constitutional rights.  He was filming the BLM on the side of interstate rounding up his cattle and  Video footage confirmed while the incident took place the agents had their weapons drawn on his family the whole time.

” They got on their loudspeaker and said that everyone needed to leave,” Dave Bundy said during an impromptu news conference alongside his father outside a 7-Eleven on Las Vegas Boulevard. “I stood there and continued to express my First Amendment right to protest, and they approached me and said that if I didn’t leave, they’d arrest me.”



The BLM wanted Supporters to gather in a free speech zone but it has been ignored and are  staging large demonstrations on the ranch. Only signs have been stationed there saying the first Amendment is not an area.

Video footage shows protestors being attacked by federal agents with tazers and using a police dog as an

Its time we stand together peacefully or this could end up like Ruby Ridge

Please contact the BLM

BLM State Director Juan Palma: (801) 539-4010 EMAIL:

BLM Kirsten Cannon’s phone number: 702-515-5057







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