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Mainstream Media History Of Lies Deceit And Government Controlled Propaganda


Nathan Laurenson

“The CIA owns everyone of any significance in the major media.” — former CIA Director William Colby


Many years before the top rated news anchor Brian Williams got caught in a web of lies mass media has been caught lying and deceiving us and more times or not the news is, has and will be infiltrated by  our government. With one purpose to spew propaganda to the American public. Whether its to get the public behind wars or to beat the drum to plan for the next war big brother is right there performing psychological operations (psy ops) every time we turn on the tube or pick up the paper from the driveway. Well that may be a stretch. Who reads the paper in 2015 anyway? You get the picture we are being pumped full of lies whether its lies from anchors or pro establishment propaganda that the masses don’t even realize they are being gamed the whole just to play on either emotions or a way to program us with a message.

Operation Mockingbird was a program ran by the CIA, conceived in the late 40’s to send foreign agents, spies all over the globe and plant pro U. S. propaganda into the media and even implanted operatives into heads of media organizations. The program was headed up by Frank Wisner and Army Intelligence graduate Phillip Graham who was the publisher of The Washington Post. Initially operation Mockingbird was targeting press overseas but later came home to roost and later Wisner controlled  members of the New York Times, Newsweek, CBS and other  news outlets and reports of Walter Cronkite a known intelligence officer and Ronald Reagan was recruited by Mockingbird. The project came to light in 1975 in Frank Church hearings. “The CIA owns everyone of any significance in the major media.” — former CIA Director William Colby

Today the CIA has a Hollywood Liason that openly asks to work with Hollywood and can find that right on CIA’s own site. Phil Strub has been  the Department of Defense’s Hollywood liason since 1989. Hollywood films get big budget breaks by getting Phil Strub on board with projects. Does anyone else not see the problem with that? More propaganda and messages will be shoved down the neck of the American people.

In 1998 through 1999 U. S. Psychological Operations Unit out of North Carolina placed interns at CNN and NPR. The unit claims the program ended.


So now that we established a history of manipulation by the media lets look at some more recent events. In 1991 Charles Jacco and Charles Rochelle  CNN news anchors reported from the top of the CNN news building in Atlanta but aired it as if where live in Saudi Arabia during a scud missle attack. In 2012 Cnn used a fake activist “Syrian Danny” to use more pro war propaganda begging for military intervention in Syria. Later came out he is a paid actor. http://

Anderson Cooper admitted on Radar Online that he interned 2 years in the CIA while he was in college. Then there was the infamous Sandy Hook Clip where his nose disappeared from obvious use of green screen. http://

Former Cnn anchor Amber Lyon reported how CNN was being paid by countries like Bahrain to implant and  report positive stories by nations with horrible human rights records. As journalists you can not I mean can not take part in that because once you’ve done that you no longer are a journalist you become paid mercenaries who have zero credibility or integrity.





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