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The recent activity throughout the country still causes a divide within our borders. It’s a divide which is historical in our nation and can only crush that freedom which we currently enjoy (or believe we do), or be fixed by reasonable, logical thinking people whom strive for our posterity. This divide of which I speak is not race, but rather, an “either, or” mentality within which the people of our once great country believe that a situation is always one extreme or the other.

When one reads through social media posts, watches the news, and the like it can be seen that there is a great portion of people who believe calling our government to accountability means the “others” want anarchy. Anarchy, in one of the more generous definitions, is “a state of disorder due to absence or nonrecognition of authority.” (Source: Google) Yet what examples can anyone see of any person or group of people actually requesting a nihilistic form of government? Sure, there have been lootings, murders of police officers, and criminal damage to property in the tens of thousands of dollars. Those actions are not justified for a great many reasons, they are merely the actions of misguided people (regardless of the reason they are misguided) whom are responding to a situation which disgruntles and incites them to action. Kind of like the Boston Tea Party, when American colonists dressed up as Indians and dumped all of that tea into the Boston Harbor.

Our concept of freedom, as a nation, can be very easily skewed into that which it ought not be. Fear, to whichever degree, can always motivate a person or people to act differently than they would had they never discovered that particular fear. Consider the fact that in the almost 240 years as a nation, we have always had an outside evil upon which to cast our fear and attack them in order to gain what we saw was our right. Even as far back as the French/Indian war, when the colonists whom were trying to expand their lands attacked the French/Indian Forts because they were there. Anyone who knows their history knows that the French had a very successful fur trade with the Indians. But the colonists attacked, leading to their defeat and the subsequent involvement of George Washington whilst he was still an officer in the British Military. Our federal government has become the largest preemptive force in the world, and we can’t even afford it. Our federal agencies have assisted in the assassination of regime leaders in order to install their own choices. This trend has continued, without any actual choice by the American people, and now it has turned in on itself.

One of the most recurrent trademarks of any war or battle is to first develop the enemy. Once the enemy is developed, effective propaganda must be distributed through various means in order to increase both the solidity of the “patriotism” and the evilness of the opposition. Hitler did it with Germany, Communist countries used this against democracies, America has utilized this innumerable occasions, and now those voices which are standing up for what is truly right according to our Constitution are being labeled terrorists. Once this momentum builds, there eventually must be a break in the crest of the wave. Which way this break occurs is determined solely by the citizenry having correct, truthful information. Education and knowledge are the keys to this battle and, without same, our federal government will push more towards a police state.

Throughout all of my following articles, I will divulge those laws which should be taken into consideration when facing the issue to decide one way or another on many of the stories anyone may read. The goal of this first series is in order to show that: 1) there is a middle ground between anarchy and a police state; 2) those controls which we as citizens retain according to law; and, 3) the actions necessary and obligated of us as citizens. Thanks for joining us and tell your friends about us!


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