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Bishop Dr. Sammy Gitaari

Bishop Dr. Sammy Gitaari



Bishop Dr. Sammy Gitaari hailing from Nairobi, Kenya had some intriguing things to say about U.S. President Barack Obama, U.S. and African governments, and inspired living during an appearance at The Celebration Center in Marietta, OH today.

“I have told people since I came to America the last couple of years, Americans speak the language of the times.  And the language of the time now in America is ‘Obama is bad’.  I don’t know if he’s good or bad.  It doesn’t bother me as much as an American.  But I’ll tell you this, whether he’s bad or good, nothing change much.  But you can change.  You can change what you feel about yourself.  You can change about what you do about your involvement.  But about everything else, you can change what you say about your economy, what you say about your country.  My problem is Americans are doing a bad job cursing their own country.  I hear Christians used to bless a lot.  We started to sing, ‘God bless America’.  Now we sing, ‘This country is going to be judged’.  If it is judged and you are inside it, you will also be judged.  Change the prophecy.  Prophecy good things to your land.” Bishop Gitaari then quipped, “I only got one ‘amen’.  But, it’s probably enough.”

The audience broke into laughter.

Bishop Gitaari continues, “You see, I come from Africa where governments have not been a big blessing for us.  And we have learned that our support is not necessarily governments.  God can meet needs anywhere on earth.  And God needs to be your source.  I have no problem with you voting whoever you vote.  But I’ll tell you something.  Even when you vote, the majority may choose the fellow you didn’t like.  And you don’t change your country, but you can change your language.  You can slay your giants (aka, David and Goliath).  You can live a great life.  You can live a fulfilled life! You can live prosperous in a country that is a mess.  In Africa I can tell you this.  In Africa, we have the biggest problems in Africa.  But I’ll tell you this, the biggest churches in the world are now in Africa….

Bishop Gitaari then said, “But you know what? It is the same country where we have the people we call Boko Haram who fight the government, who take children hostage, who do all the other evil.  One side is really evil.  The other side, God is moving at high speed.  I’ll tell you this.  You can enjoy what God has for you.  Well, praise the Lord!….

Bishop Gitaari continued, “Speak life, speak blessing, speak power.  Don’t speak what everybody is speaking.  Praise the Name of the Lord.  One of my responsibilities today while I’m here is I want us to bless America.  I have a good word for you.  Everybody has told you America is going to be judged.  America is not a false prophet.  America is not going to be judged.  America is blessed.  America has done a couple of wrong things.  But God loves America.  God loves America.  Amen.  God loves this country.  God is working for this nation.  He does not need all of you.  He just need a David to pull down Goliath.  The nation is good.  You only have one Goliath.  Don’t kill the nation for a Goliath.  Kill Goliath, leave the nation.  The nation is good.  Everybody is not rotten.  There are a few rotten people.  Oh yea, everybody is not gay in America.  Some are.  There are the other ones in Israel, there are some.  The Bible was not written for America.  It was written for the people.  We read it and it blesses us and everything we see here is in the Bible.  This country is good.  We have a few rotten apples.  Let’s not kill what is good because there’s something rotten among us.  If a snake got into my house, I will not burn my house.  I’ll hunt down the snake and kill it.  But my house is good.

Bishop Gitaari proceeds to pray a blessing over our land, “Father, in the Name of Jesus, I bless this great country.  I bless America.  In the Name of Jesus, I bless the economy of this land.  I bless the politics of this land.  I call Your Name to reign over the powers.  I call Your Name to reign over White House.  I call Your Name to reign over political systems and economic systems.  We bless this land in the Name of Jesus.  America does not belong to the Devil.  It belongs to Jesus.  We wrestle it from the hands of the enemy.  In the Name of Jesus, this land will be a blessing to the nation.  This land will be a blessing to our children.  This land will be a blessing to the Kingdom of God.  In the name of Jesus we bless the land.  We bless the land.  We bless the soil.  We bless the economy.  We bless this land.   America is blessed.  And it shall be blessed.  Our children are not cursed.  They are blessed.  Our families are not cursed.  They are blessed. They are blessed.  Our houses are not cursed.   They are blessed.  Father, if You could save nations that was so evil because there was one or two men who are good, this country has millions of believing people.  This nation has done sacrifices for the world.  We will not give it to the Devil.  In Jesus Name, we speak breakthrough and blessings for the land.  In Jesus Name, we pray for healing for the economy of America.  We pray for healing for the policies for this nation.  We pray healing in the hearts of Americans who are wounded and frustrated in the Name of Jesus.  And now I put a new song in Your children.  A new song, a new song.  Forget the former things, for behold I’m doing a new thing for this land.  Hallelujah.  The Bible will come into this nation and churches will grow.  And missions will be experienced.  And power will be all over the place.  Glory to God, Amen.”

Bishop Gitaari then wrapped up, “Now, we prayed for the land.   I want you to put a song of blessing into the land, alright?  So don’t curse your land, bless it…Don’t join the enemy.  Be the solution.  Don’t be an Obama.  Be a Christian.  Be a Jesus.  Don’t be part of the problem.  Be the solution.  Don’t be sick because there is sickness.  Be healthy and an example of health.  Don’t be broke because people are broke.  Be wealthy, be prosperous, be successful.  Give a new testimony.  May the Lord see people here who can be the difference.  Oh by the way, if our businesses will be different, maybe other people will want to be like us.”

In 1995, the Belpre (OH) Celebration Center planted a church in Kenya.  Bishop Gitaari was the first pastor.  He has since planted over 100 churches in Africa.  The Marietta Celebration Center has supported “Pastor Sammy” since 2000.  It has been 5 years since he last visited the States and he has been warmly welcomed.  Find out more about Bishop Dr. Sammy Gitaari’s ministry, Gospel Celebration Church.





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