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ISIS Is On Our Border Yet The Government Trains For Martial Against The American People



This past week Judicial Watch released information it had obtained from sources inside the Mexican military and Mexican federal agents that ISIS is operating a training camp in Anapra just eight miles from the U.S. border.

Infowars reporter Former Army Staff Sgt. Joe Biggs and Josh Owens was able to go into the cartel controlled  area of Anapra, get video footage of compounds that appeared to be a training facilities you would see in the middle east. In the middle of town was a large walled of mosque but when asked locals if had ever seen any Muslims the locals said no and acted very strange.



This summer a massive multi agency, multi branch spec. ops. military drill stretching from southern California to Florida will be taking place called Jade Helm 15, where the troops will b blending in like American citizens. Utah, Texas and Southern California has been labeled as hostile. Understandably we face many threats and our military needs training no doubt but Americans do not look or act  like a foreign threat and the tax payers have forked out billions of dollars to construct bases to train on. Just like Fort A P Hill that was discovered last year that is used for asymmetric warfare training that looks just like an American city that is equipped with sports fields, schools, a church, subway and even  street sign’s first and main st.


With in the last few weeks since this drill has been released the military drills against citizens have been ramping up ahead of Jade Helm. In Fort Lauderdale a military exercise was run detaining and disappearing citizens. Martial law type drills either by military or police through the DHS have been going on for years now but seems to be accelerating since the announcement of Jade Helm which is suppose to run ” July 15th through September 15th”.

In Ontario, California this past week footage was taken of National Guard marching through the streets. Keith Johnson of  Courage Sowers was able to get footage of a ” dirty bomb” drill that was targeting sovereign citizens. If we have ISIS on our border then why are we having drills targeting Americans? That is a simple answer its like saying 2 plus 2 equals four, because our government has been funding ISIS with money and weapons. If you remember John McCain admitted “we know these people intimately”.





Last May an Indiana swat team showed off their MRAP on the news, said the threat is  returning veterans coming home with IED making experience. Do what. You can clearly hear the same narrative being spewed in department after department and that is because the police has been militarized especially through the DOD 1033 Program where local departments receive military equipment through DHS and DOD grants. In every aspect of all of this martial law training it is always the returning vets, Christians, constitutionalist’s, gun owner’s, militia’s  never Muslim extremists.


A mother last year recorded a video between herself and 2 Spokane county sheriffs who where showing off the departments new toy a Bearcat MRAP in front of the Walmart. The mother tells the deputies that she feels like this is being used to desensitize the public and the kids. Then the officers go onto say we have a lot of constitutionalists and people who stockpile weapons.

In an A 2001 pamphlet released by the FBI through their Phoenix terrorist joint task force  they depict constitutionalists who are defenders against the UN, Christians and individuals who believe driving is a right not a privilege are painted as possible terrorists. This also coincides with the 2009 MIAC report that shows Ron Paul, Bob Barr, Chuck Baldwin supporters, if you have a Gadsden flag, believe in a NWO, one world government, believe powerful jews are in power and on and on.Do you get the picture yet? Every document is about suppressing the people that believe in rights, liberty, freedom loving Americans who would stand against an out of control government. Our government is planning for martial law in America that is what the ramping up is all about. Will it happen next month. next year or 10 years from now? No one knows.

Here is a copy of the 29 palms survey given in 1994, that asks if the troops would fire against the American people. This survey is a litmus test to see who would follow orders. I believe Jade Helm is similar in that regard to be used as a measuring stick to see what soldiers will go along with martial law drills and ultimately taking on the American people. Here is a copy of the last question on the 29 palms survey where it asks if soldiers would fire on citizen’s who will not turn in their firearms. Please click on the link above to see the rest of the questions.

  1. The  U.S.  government declares a ban on   the possession,  sale, transportation, and transfer of all non-sporting firearms.  A thirty (30) day amnesty period is permitted for these firearms is  to  be turned over to  the local authorities.  At the end of this period, a number of citizen groups refuse to  tum over their firearms. Consider the following statement:I would fire upon U.S. citizens who refuse or resist confiscation of firearms banned by the U.S. government
(_____)  (____)  (_____) (______)  (____)
Strongly disagree Disagree Agree Strongly agree No opinion

Another aspect of all this is the Rex 84 program that came into light in 1987 during Iran contra hearings when Sen. Jack Brooks grilled Oliver North. Rex 84 according to the government was put into place in case a mass exodus of aliens startong to come over the border, then could declare martial law and activate more than 800 internment camps. All equipped with railway system. The government needs the perfect crisis to set all of this off and what not a better crisis than the self created ISIS on the border. With all of the technology especially with the drones that  the border patrol and DHS have and you are telling me they can’t find ISIS and dispatch spec ops to arrest or detain  them. We use spec ops all over the world but we can’t use them at home where it counts to protect the American citizens. You already know the answer to this. ISIS is the perfect destabilization force used by the globalists to achieve their objectives. Just one problem the bitter clinger’s who love their bible, firearms and freedom stand in their way.




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