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Heading Towards A Future Of Autonomy Where Humans Won’t Be Needed

Nathan Laurenson






Last week Mercedes started testing the “Future Truck 2025” on the autobahn in Germany. Not a big deal right its a truck,  no its a driverless autonomous truck that is capable of  speeds up to 52 mph. Sounds cool and high tech and companies like Mercedes and google, and  will sell the public that taking the human out of the driver seat will lower accidents because humans are stupid computers are smart. A few years ago google also started testing the cars that don’t even have a steering wheel. Can you imagine the crashes that will happen due to glitches and hackers.

This sounds like a scene out of I Robot or a sci fi thriller and it is, we are living in a sci fi movie daily. Mercedes plans to launch these trucks by 2025. Would you feel safe turning control over to a computer? If you have a vehicle that is controlled by a computer there will always be a chance to be hacked or take it a step further this could be a scene out of Idiocracy where the car just shuts off if you owe for a ticket or license is suspended.

These are a far off examples but I believe its important to at least have a conversation what is in the realm of possibilities. The stage is already being set, California two years started making laws for driverless cars but it doesn’t stop with California, Indiana and London are taking steps anticipating driverless cars.


Rolls Royce announced earlier this year that they are working on crewless ships and would be piloted from an office on land, claim within 10 years this will be reality 15 years internationally. Whether or not you believe this is going to happen or not these corporations are taking steps to make this happening and  its in the plans. In theory this may sound rational to some but what about all the mechanical issues and the engineering aspect of having a crewless ship. I guarantee will need some sort of engineer on board vessel to handle breakdowns but that would still give companies opportunities to operate with much smaller crews therefore ultimately hurting the workforce.

Lets look at another area where autonomy is on the move robots in the workforce. Chinese factories started replacing some factory workers as early as 2012. If factory workers who many are in slave type situations can be replaced by robots at a cheaper price  what will happen to your job. Its not just Chinese factories several weeks ago London started rolling out robot security guards.



We are being pushed into an age of autonomy piece by piece incrementally and sold on  how much all this technology will be used to make our lives much easier. Well I don’t want life easier I want jobs for humans not Bob the robot.

I want to interact with live people I hate calling a customer service call center and the voice you hear is of a machine that sounds like a mix between Lil Wayne and T- Pain. Do you not where we are trending robot this robot that and in the mean time we are being dehumanized by all of this.

Everyone walks around staring at the phones not having personal interaction either and I believe this is also dehumanizing us. Humanity we need to stick together and fight back against the robot revolution before you wake up hungry, homeless and helpless because your no longer needed down at the factory anymore, running your cargo ship or security at the local hospital.

A lot of this   some time off but like I said they are definitely planning, preparing, funding and testing to make it a reality but that is what is so great about the human story we have the ability to change the outcome. We cannot change anything if we are blind to the fact so please look at these topics yourself read the  links below get the knowledge because knowledge is power.

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