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Is Ferguson MO Being Used To Push Division And To Expand The Police State?


Nathan Laurenson


My thoughts and prayers out to the Brown family, whether or not he was innocent or wasn’t innocent doesn’t matter because a young man’s life was lost. I’m not here trying to analyze what happened with Mr. Brown and Mr. Wilson but to analyze the events that took place afterword. Why was the verdict hyped and then released at 8 PM?

Why was the National Guard kept out of Ferguson until Tuesday morning even though were sent to surrounding areas. If the state wanted to keep violence from escalating National Guard would have been on standby but would not have interfered with peaceful protesting.  The police were also kept back and allowed looting and rioting when could have easily maintained order but it seems like the whole time going to sit back let the town burn around them so then could say see you need us and locals would eventually beg for their protection.

Was this also what the establishment needed to roll out more control through a police state that many will beg for in the name of protection. Do you see how the government will go in and take over an event to use and manipulate for any purpose in order to further their agenda? In 2012 Dhs ran Urban Warfare Drills  in St Louis and surrounding areas, then in 2013 had mine resistant vehichles delivered to police departments.

With the militarization of the police departments, they are setting the table for events to take place. Did the establishment know and understand that Ferguson was a boiling pot just waiting to boil over with race relations between residents and the mostly white police department? These are questions that should be asked and pondered, especially when running drills, giving MRAPS, setting the stage with the stand down to facilitate rioting and looting . Also ask yourself why the media picked this particular shooting and not the many before and after this one that the media paid zero attention to.

I firmly believe the feds used and high jacked this tragedy to divide us on racial lines and use it to gain more control with the vastly over expanding police state. It is also a bait and switch to what is taking place why we are consumed with this whole event.

Either way they have done the job in their divide and conquer tactics, all you have to do is log onto facebook and look at the hate that has stemmed up from this event. Regardless the reasons we are all losers in this. So please dig deep look at all of these events closely and don’t buy into all these narratives the controlled media is pushing.



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