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Eric Holder’s Department Of Justice Federalizes 6 Police Departments


Nathan Laurenson


The DOJ has picked 6 cities to participate in federalizing police departments. The cities participating in National Initiative for Building Community Trust include Birmingham, Gary, Pittsburg, Stockton, Fort Worth and Minneapolis. The Obama administration will pay out 4.7 million to the local municipalities. Over 100 cities applied to participate to work with the feds and criminal justice experts focusing on policy, training and research, in order to draw attention to police mistrust with in the community.

“We are truly honored that DOJ would select Birmingham as one of six national pilot sites,” said Birmingham police Chief A.C. Roper. “The mayor and I actually started discussing this initiative several months ago and knew there would be over 100 cities vying for the limited opportunities.”

“We’re all aware of the modern day issues and national discussion on policing in America. Although we’ve worked extremely hard building bridges in our communities we saw this initiative as an opportunity to strengthen relationships, increase public cooperation, and improve the perception of police legitimacy across our city,” Roper said. “We truly recognize that the Birmingham Police Department cannot be successful without community support and community trust. This three year project will allow us to serve as a national police model and increase our capacity to serve our citizens.”

If  100 cities signed up to give control to the federal government, then I look for this program to expand vastly. Once you give the government an inch they take 10 miles and once you sign on to their bribes its a lot like the mafia you belong to them. Ladies and gentlemen we are loosing our local sovereignty and in this case selling it right down the river.



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