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Empower yourself Know The Plan You Can Make A Difference

Nathan Laurenson


The global elite have conjured up a base plan that its so easy to understand once you’ve had an “awakening”. Number one they must have us dumbed down. John P Holdren the White House science szar wrote a book in 1974 called eco science, its a 1000 page text book where he talks about putting fluoride and other poisons in the water for this purpose this isn’t a conspiracy theory but conspiracy fact. The Rockefeller foundation was big on studies on water fluoridation.
The controllers want us feeling inadequate, that’s why they flood us with the fake Madison avenue culture of the name brand this name brand that. That is used to keep us from having confidence in ourselves.
Then you add the new common core curriculum that is even worse than the old, written by UNESCO the “UN” used to have all the children brain washed on a global level and to making all the children robots and telling them what and how to think. Then you throw the LED TV’s through the frequencies that can control your mind. DARPA has done extensive research on this and LED flicker rates on lights for mind control. So parents you should limit your kids Television watching to less than a couple hours a week.
This whole generation has been raised by the television, then they throw the smart phones, tablets and computers into the mix and these kids don’t have a chance its basically re wiring their minds. We are all electrical beings that can be manipulated with all the frequencies and the elite all know this. None of these things are happening by accident with the technology the elite have written books about it. I bring up all these things because we are deliberately being dumbed down so we can all be factory workers, go to work pay the bills not worry about your surroundings and owe your life to the company store.

First things first you must get and understand the knowledge of what is happening to us and who is controlling us. Then you must have a quote “Awakening”. Once the awakening happens it usually goes one of these ways, you get scared and say what can I do I can’t make a difference, Or you become really Awake and lights a fire under your ass to fight tyranny. You must believe you have power, you, me, all of us, we can move mountains if we start moving pebbles. The globalists know this is the key of Keeping control is keeping you suppressed, by not fulfilling your potential mentally and spiritually.

Read, turn off the computer, tv, take back your health by filtering your water, exercise, buy local organic food as much as you can. Start engaging everyone around you with the info you learn, start a blog, put the info on facebook, find one subject that really interests you get as much knowledge as you and become an expert. Go to city council meetings, call your mayor or local sheriff find out their key views, hell run for a local office, meet your neighbors and build a strong local community. Pay attention take pictures, if you see police or military do a drill find out what and why. If I wake up one person, then you wake one person, then they wake one person, we can make a difference. Don’t obey with civil disobedience and buck the system at every level legally. Read and know your constitution so you understand your rights.
Work hard fulfill your dreams realize we have power all of us stop telling yourself you can’t do anything because its all BS. Its time to get in the game of life, unplug out of the matrix as much as possible and know your power because you are full of it.

RESIST DAILY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

About Nathan Laurenson

Editor at The Daily Resistance, Citizen Journalist, Activist and Co Host Of Battle Of New Orleans Radio On 990 AM WGSO Airs 8pm Wed.| Resist Daily

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