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Detroit’s Foreclosure Dilemma -COMING TO A CITY NEAR YOU!!!!


Nathan Laurenson

The lying presstitute  mainstream media has been pushing this lie that our economy is great and the unemployment numbers are fantastic. Well tell that to  Detroit Michigan.In one of America’s great cities 30,000 homes are about to go into foreclosure because of old tax bills and 10,000 are still inhabited. Detroit was once   the epicenter of manufacturing in this country, mainly because of the automobile industry. Now that all of our manufacturing jobs have been sent overseas, largely because of these “trade deals” such as NAFTA cities like Detroit are left holding the bag. No jobs means people can’t afford to pay their mortgages much less tax bills which usually do not fit the homes value especially after the crash of the housing market.

Wayne county(Detroit) treasury Dept. has  issued a second extension for homeowners to file in order to  keep from losing  their homes. The deadline for homeowners to file their extension applications was set for June 8th and now we are in July.The ACLU and residents have been pushing for a moratorium on all forclosures. Nearly 15 million homes have went into foreclosure since the housing crisis. 

“We will work with taxpayers until June 8, when we will have to stop taking applications, as we are required by law to make available to government the ability to take properties that have have been foreclosed.”

Michigan ACLU Legal Director Michael Steinberg said many Detroit residents are being asked to pay tax bills that don’t accurately reflect the value of their property.

“Some houses that can’t fetch more than $1,000 on the market have been taxed for years at more than $50,000,” he said. “Until there are reassessments and readjustment of past bills, it’s simply not fair [or] legal, to require property owners to pay the bills they’re receiving right now.”

-Wayne County Treasurer Raymond Wojtowicz

So remember when the media slash white house keeps repeating these unemployment numbers, they are  all lies. We have almost 100 million people that aren’t even counted in those numbers because they have already dropped out of the work force. That is one third of the nation, people without jobs can’t pay their mortgage much less tax bill. Ross Perot said in the 90’s NAFTA would  be like  a giant vacuum sucking all of our jobs from the country sending them overseas. Well wasn’t that very prophetic. With the new trade treaty going through we will see more of jobs disappearing  and it will definitely contribute to more unemployment, meaning more foreclosures on a broad scale. Detroit is just the tip of the iceberg and headlines will read COMING TO A CITY NEAR YOU.



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