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Common Core and The Corporate Agenda

Nathan Laurenson




This past Monday  a couple friends and myself attended a meeting in our area dealing with common core. At the meeting had state representatives and board members of our state school board members of Louisiana. It was an open mic meeting where parents and educators had the opportunity to express their concerns with common core and could ask questions about what Louisiana could do to remove ourselves from this atrocity that is plaguing not only our children but the parents of these kids. A couple of things that took from this meeting was the passion from everyone who got up and spoke, not only parents but educator after educator with degree after degree laying out the agenda by these corporations who are profiting in the dumbing down of our children.

Another microcosm of todays society that I noticed was the number of parents with handicapped children, it was truly astonishing and to be honest tears my guts up. Autism used to be 1 and 10,000 now its about 1 and 50. With these numbers you can’t convince me its not from all the vaccines and the poison they feed us which they claim is food. The reason I bring this up I will correlate later in article. Every parent that spoke told a story of doing homework until 9 and 10 o’clock and many on verge of having depressed kids who where seeking help from councilors.

During the meeting parents where extremely educated on who the players are and what corporations are gaining from the common core agenda. One company that kept being brought up was Pearson education. Pearson is a Libyan based company that owns the standardized testing and are buying up most of the companies dealing with publishing of the material. But here is the kicker for me Pearson bought up the company that administers the ADHD testing. What planet are we on? We have a foreign Libyan company that controls what are children are learning and they know the stress the kids are under with these tests so they buy the ADHD testing company because many parents will either put or allow a councilor to suggest being tested for ADHD or other neurological ailments that you can not test for. This is A diabolical and criminal act against our children.

In George Orwell’s book 1984 they say 2 plus 2 is five, the ability to say 2 plus 2 equals 4 is a revolutionary act. Common core is a an agenda to push our kids into globalization, so all of the kids on the planet will think and act the same so they will be good little slaves who owe their soul to the company store. Common Core is truly ROTTEN TO THE CORE.





Pearson’s Buys ADHD Testing Co

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