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Chia seeds reduce inflammation and improve circulation

Michelle Marks, staff writer


Chia seeds are considered a ‘superfood’ because they are nutrient dense with amazing therapeutic value. Dark in color and almost the size of poppy seeds – they are best eaten raw, kid-friendly and extremely easy to incorporate into any recipe. Chia helps to reduce chronic inflammation, insulin resistance and improve circulation. What is so special about chia seeds?

Chia seeds were a part of the Aztec culture as their primary food and currency, the Aztec warriors used them for endurance and as a fuel during combat.  The nutritional profile is amazing – protein (15–25%), fats (30–33%), carbohydrates (26–41%) and high dietary fiber (18–30%). By the way, with 60% of its lipids comprising the omega-3 fatty acids, it is a superior plant source of essential fats. How do chia seeds strengthen heart function?

The combination of high omega-3 fats along with both soluble and insoluble fiber make chia the best heart-healthy food.  Studies confirm that these nutrients play a crucial role in preventing heart disease.  The unique property of chia seeds can be noticed by adding a spoonful to a glass of water, it forms a thick gel-like substance within few minutes.

The gel-like texture is due to its high soluble fiber content, about a gram in three teaspoons.  An ounce of chia contains 11g of fiber of which 8 grams constitute the insoluble fiber.  Naturally, a fiber-rich diet can help to keep your toxic burden low – which is great for heart and brain health. Fixing heart disease with chia seeds More fiber:  An ounce of chia everyday meets about 50% of the recommended 20 – 35 grams of fiber a day by the American Dietetic Association.  Fiber-rich foods curbs appetite; help in weight loss and lower cholesterol levels – all of which promote healthier heart function.

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