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Video report: During  the same week as WikiLeak’s Zero Day Vault 7, we now learn through unsealed court records, Best Buy’s Geek Squad are working directly for the FBI to increase Orwellian secret public surveillance.


In this video, Luke Rudkowski goes over the latest Russia hysteria with Donald Trump which is induced by the left, deep state and main stream media. We go over how these assertions are wrong but also should be disappointing to any Donald Trump supporter since there a major break in his campaign promise. 




Video Report: Earth’s oldest fossil, 4.2 billion years old discovered in Quebec, Canada. Plus, amazing fossil finds in West Virginia and Ohio!

New “Dreamers” Pouring into The U. S. With Help Of The United Nations and Refugee Dream Center


Nathan Laurenson

Since 2014 we have been hearing reports of our government bringing in “Syrian refugees”. Even though its been widely reported that 5 out of 6 refugees are not even Syrian. This is the excuse that the media, the U. S. government and the UN were pushing was that we must take these people in our nation, because they were leaving war torn Syria. Might I add the reason Syria is a war torn nation is due to United States backing, funding and providing weaponry to the moderate Syrian Rebels. Not sure how moderate they actually are after the killings and the beheadings of Christians and moderate Muslims. The Syrian Rebels were trained by U.S. and allies in Jordan to be used as a proxy army to  fight President Bashir Al Assad’s forces. Now since then it has been heavily reported that the “Moderate Syrian Rebel” are Al Nusra, Daesh(Al Queada) and ISIS.

Then came the big lie. That the scary President Bashir Al Assad used chemical weapons on his own people, so we must take military action in Syria. Sounds familiar? Does everyone remember the Iraq war? Sadaam has chemical weapons we must invade to stop the slaughtering of civilians. So what do we do, we go in and  1 million civilians get murdered all in the the name of saving them. Makes sense right. Was chemical weapons ever found in Iraq? Nope. The globalist’s keep using the same old tired playbook. Foreign media outlets reported for the last 3 years that the evidence didn’t even support the narrative that Assad order the attacks, yet silence( crickets chirping) nothing from the complicit western whore media.



The point of me bringing this up is to set the stage on how we got to this point and to carve through the misinformation and disinformation presented to us by the criminal mainstream media. The Daily Resistance has confirmed from Battle of New Orleans Radio co host/reporter Goyim that he personally  witnessed Muslim “refugees” in the Louis Armstrong International Airport (New Orleans, La)  on his way to Europe and on his return layover flight at O’Hare International Airport. What he witnessed in O’Hare is quite disturbing and confirms the preferential treatment that  the alternative media has been reporting for 2 years now. Goyim who was walking through the airport terminal behind a band of “refugees” was asked by airport security if he had a “dream card” .  Goyim stated that no I’m already a U.S. citizen. Goyim heard security asking the refugee’s the same question if they also had dream cards. Then refugee’s were directed to a different terminal area than the normal domestic passenger’s according to Goyim. Two years ago The Daily Mail, Breitbart and many other publications reported that refugee’s/immigrants are allowed to travel throughout nation with no ID.

If you noticed the refugee’s are carrying white bags with a blue logo on the side. If you Blow up the image you’ll see its none other than the Refugeedreamcenter’s logo. The Refugee Dream Center is a post resettlement agency that offer’s a whole array of services like housing, food, employment, training etc. Separate dream centers have been set up nationwide to assist in the open refugee shipping process throughout the nation.


“The Refugee Dream Center is a post refugee resettlement agency. It offers customized services targeting the refugee community by ensuring continuation of services in their efforts towards self-sufficiency and integration. It is therefore established to create opportunities within the refugee community to facilitate their resettlement process and integration into their new lives in the United States. The Refugee Dream Center does referrals, social level assistance, and skills development such as healthcare education and cultural orientation, mental health support services, after-school programs, role modeling and mentoring for youth, adult English language and job skills development, and interpreting services. In addition, the Refugee Dream Center is a strong advocacy agency for the rights of refugees.”- Mission Statement of  the  Refugee Dream Center




The Refugee Dream Center was founded by fellow Muslim refugee Omar Bah. Mr. Bah is a former journalist, who migrated here after being tortured in a life of hell  in Gambia, West Africa.On the surface it sounds like a great organization helping people in need but its not fair for American’s to have people brought into the country and given all the monopoly game show prizes, while the American people struggle on a daily basis.

Mr. Bah also represents Rhode Island at the Refugee Congress of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugee’s. Who even knew that we have an organization like the Refugee Congress operating in our nation.  I’m pretty informed and I had no clue. Another interesting part of the Refugee Congress is how they are teamed up with a LGBTI Caucus to bring in LGBT refugee’s from around the world. This is another blatant example why its so important four us to pull out of the United Nations, tear up all of the UN treaties, then kick them out of our nation. A big question for me is how ethical or legal it is for Mr. Bah to represent Rhode Island at the UN Refugee congress, then at the same time run an organization that specializes in the handling of many facets of the refugee’s lives when they are brought here to America. It sure seems like he has the inside information to profit and grow his organization.

This may not be the classical false flag but it is a false flag in the since that elements inside/outside our government t have created the chaos in foreign nations, then bring in a giant destabilization force that will not assimilate to our values. We shouldn’t blame the people coming here because that is only symptom not the root of the problem. Until we address the root of the problem (globalism) we have lost and by blaming the migrants it then takes the blame off of the politicians and the corporate ruling elite.

This also proves that America is living under security theater state. When I fly I refuse to be bodied scanned and they ask me 50 questions and grope me, while they let un vetted people with no ID’s walk right in this is totally ridiculous. It proves what former NSA technical director has been saying for years that its all about receiving government contracts to rake in billions. Its never about our safety. Let’s take back our country from the global elite by exposing the truth. The American citizen’s are the dreamers , not some foreigner that will be used to destroy our birth rite.










Hillary Clinton image credit: Ben Garrison

Hillary Clinton image credit: Ben Garrison




The wife of one of our earliest presidents stated, “The people vote for one like unto themselves.”  I believe she also said, “We would account to God for our voting choices.”

It is our responsibility to elect honest, God-fearing people.  In the early days of our country you even had to profess belief in God to hold public office in many places.  The philosophy behind that was you couldn’t be believed if you didn’t think it was wrong to lie.  But now we have Hillary Clinton running for president.  I believe she once stated, “It takes a whole village to raise a child.”  (Echoing another idiot).  But Hillary supports “aborticide,” which has murdered enough unborn children, to most likely populate a few states, at least.  I guess she doesn’t believe it’s a sin to kill either.

Remember all the ruckus over Bill’s womanizing?  Was that really to cover-up “China-gate”?  The Clinton’s taking campaign contributions from Chinese military people, spies, etc.; and selling technology to the Chinese that could be used militarily against us; similar to Obama funding ISIS and Bush funding the Taliban.

Hillary must think it’s not a sin to lie either.  Just look at the more recent Benghazi and email scandals.

The democrats blamed the Iraq War on G.W. Bush.  But, it was Hillary’s husband, Bill, that signed the Iraq Liberation Act.  It was passed by Congress in 1998.  It’s purpose was to get rid of Saddam Hussein.

Under Bill Clinton’s administration we had the murder of Randy Weaver’s wife and son, and a bunch of men, women and children at Waco, Texas.  We also have the Oklahoma City bombing, supposedly done by militia people.  At the same time, Bill tried to discredit and disarm the unorganized militia, consisting of “we the people.”  Watch the documentary “A Noble Lie” and see what you think about the Oklahoma City scam.


You may say that Bill was responsible, not Hillary.  I would counter by saying read, “Secret: FBI Documents link Bill and Hillary to Marxist Terrorist Network,” published by Sunset Research Group.

I would also suggest reading, “Big Sister Is Watching You,” by Texe Marrs. The book is about the women who Hillary affiliated with and how they and her influenced Bill’s agenda. Also, recall the murder, or some say suicide, of Vince Foster, Hillary’s partner at the law firm.

You can also watch the March 15, 2015 edition of The Steven D Kelley Show, which documents the Clinton body count” and details the long list of people who mysteriously died while associated with Bill and Hillary Clinton.


I also recommend watching the documentary, “Bill Clinton’s Rise To Power.”

Bill Clinton's Rise To Power

Bill Clinton’s Rise To Power


I also suggest watching “The Clinton Chronicles,”


and “DRUGS, CIA AND GOVERNMENT CORRUPTION,” a full length documentary by Bob Fletcher.


Along the line of Clinton involvement in the Iran/Contra Drug Smuggling into Mena, Ark., while Clinton was governor. I suggest reading, “The Conspirators: Secrets Of An Iran-Contra Insider,” by Al Martin, CIA.  Another good book is, “October Surprise,” by Barbara Honegger. I also recommend watching the documentary, “The Mena Connection: Bush, Clinton, and CIA Drug Smuggling,” by Jim Campbell.


Jerry Falwell produced a VHS tape titled, “Bill And Hillary Clinton’s Circle of Power,” and, “A Prescription for Disaster,” about the Health Care Plan that the Clinton’s tried to push through.

Prescription For Disaster

Jerry Falwell Presents: Prescription For Disaster: What The Clinton Health Care Plan Means For You.


Another good book on the Clinton crime family is “The Clinton Confidential,” by George Carpozi. And last, but not least, documenting important evidence of Clinton crimes is, “The Imminent Military Takeover of the USA,” produced by the Prophecy Club. It features Jim Ammerman, chaplain, Desert Storm, green beret, CIA, who served our country in the military for 26 years.

I’ve given you loads of documented proof why you shouldn’t vote for Hillary. The Clintons have done as much to destroy our Constitutional Republic as Obama and Bush have. Ask Sheriff Mack what he thinks of the Clintons. Bill tried to get the sheriffs involved in gun control, that Sheriff Mack opposed vehemently! Check Sheriff Mack out at

Some might say that it’s a woman’s turn to be president, since we have never had a woman president before; similar to electing Obama, because we never had a black president before. We’re not talking about affirmative action here.

Hillary as a lawyer must surely have studied the Constitution, if she did she should know the president swears an oath to “uphold and defend the Constitution from all enemies, foreign and domestic.” If a president doesn’t do that, they not only lied, but committed treason! Our forefathers made the penalty for treason, hanging, because they considered it such a serious crime.

George W. Bush said, the Constitution was just a piece of paper, and proved he meant it by his lies, torture, police state spying, etc. Obama has continued on by signing the NDAA, killing people with drone attacks without a trial, funding Isis, using executive orders (Proclamations like a King), and forcing us to accept Obamacare’s spying on everyone, using doctors as agents. As a matter of fact, let us ask ourselves the question, when was the last time we had a president who upheld his oath of office?

This election could be our last chance – we better not mess it up! Supporting the status quo has killed the hope of future generations. Stick up for yourself. Vote for freedom, not slavery!






This past Saturday April 23rd, #ProtestPP conducted it’s first annual nationwide protest at Planned Parenthood facilities nationwide, to be held on the 4th Saturday of April every year until the abortion chain no longer preys upon our communities.

#ProtestPP is calling on Congress and the States to cut off all government funding to Planned Parenthood and bring charges against all those responsible for the horrific baby parts scandal. And they are demanding that all charges against undercover journalist David Daleiden be dropped.

As part of this nationwide protest, several pro-lifers gathered in front of the Planned Parenthood office in Vienna, WV.  Many of them shared their thoughts on abortion, the pro-life movement, the Memorial Cross Movement, the Planned Parenthood baby parts selling scandal, defunding PP, and the bogus charges brought against citizen journalist David Daleiden.

Patty Cooper, the president of the Wood County chapter of West Virginians For Life talked about De-funding Planned Parenthood.

“Well we certainly hope that we can take that half a billion dollars per year out of our tax dollars and send it to places like Shriner’s and Saint Jude’s Hospital, that try to save children’s lives and don’t cost the parents anything.  This is West Virginia’s only Planned Parenthood.  They do not do abortions here, but they do refer over to Columbus, OH and Charleston, WV.  I am determined that West Virginia will become the first state in the union to become Planned Parenthoodless. And so I also do the 40 days for life prayer vigil out here.  This is the third nationwide protest that we have participated in.  They have decided to make the fourth Saturday of every April as an official Planned Parenthood protest all across the United States of America.  So until we can get that accomplished, you’ll find me out here the fourth Saturday of every April.”

In regards to other organizations where pregnant women can receive medical care Patty mentioned, “You can go to the Crisis Medical Center.  There’s one in almost all of the major towns have them.  Even some of the smaller towns and counties have them.  Obamacare will cover all those kinds of expenses…”

Patty went on to say, “I would like to say about this particular Planned Parenthood…, since I started doing these protests out here and organizing when all these wonderful people come out.  This particular PP is no longer open 40 hours a week.  They are open 16 hours per week for 3 days.  There closed 3 days.  They are only open the 1st and 3rd Saturdays out of the month for 4 hours.  So we have effectively cut them down from a 40 hour week to a 20 hour week for 2 weeks and a 16 hour week for the other 2 weeks.  So we’re making progress.  And one of these days it’s not going to be profitable for them to be here anymore.”

Mike Azinger, who is running for the WV state senate shared his thoughts on Planned Parenthood, “I think that Planned Parenthood is an evil and we need to De-fund it.  A lot of pro-life legislation that was being passed in WV and states across the country… A lot of great things are happening with the pro-life movement.”

Mr. Azinger also spoke of the bogus charges brought against David Daleiden, “That is obviously justice turned on it’s head.  Here is a man/group that is doing great work and nothing that their doing is wrong.  Planned Parenthood is the one who should be on the dock here being in trouble and the law against them.  But the law has flipped.  The law is getting behind Planned Parenthood and prosecuting the good guys.  It’s just kind of a microcosm of what’s happening in the country.  When a nation drifts from God, justice flips on it’s head.  That’s what your seeing with these good people.”

Sunny Murray also shared her thoughts, “I think Planned Parenthood should be De-funded because it’s the largest abortion provider in the Unites States.  They do almost 40% of all abortions in the U.S…, we are protesting the illegal activity of PP in that they price out, harvest, and sell body parts of the aborted babies that they kill at their clinics.”

On the charges against David Daleiden, Sunny had this to say, “I think those are trumped up charges.  She’s running for the senate and she’s in the pocket of Planned Parenthood.  They have donated to her campaign and I think that she’s just a puppet of PP…, There is a petition to have her resign for conflict of interest.  And David is a citizen journalist.  He has every right to use the techniques that he did.  Those same techniques were used by animal activists to investigate cruelty to animals.  So I don’t see what the problem is with him using those techniques to solve the problem of babies being killed in abortion clinics.”

Sunny and Katie Walters also spoke about the Memorial Cross Project, a program sponsored by West Virginians For Life, in which 3,000 wooden crosses are erected to serve as a reminder of the number of babies aborted daily in the U.S., “…,We will be putting up the crosses at Parkersburg Catholic High School and at Saint Monica’s in Lubeck…, Memorial weekend May 29th through June 12th.  We keep these up for about 2 weeks in the summer.”

Angela when asked about defunding Planned Parenthood, “Yes they don’t need any funds.  They need to be shut down completely and they’re killing our children.”

Angela spoke to the 3,000 babies aborted daily, “They say that all the wars together don’t even come close to what they’re killing everyday of our babies.”

In regards to David Daleiden Angela said, “He should be praised.  Yes and the government’s wrong for doing what their doing against him and shame on them.”

Local Catholic Priest, Father George Nedeff shared an experience he had while protesting an abortion mill in Corpus Christi, TX, “I remember once, one day a car drove by.  A young man stuck his fist out the window and shouted, ‘Abortion is right!, Abortion is right!’  And the only thing that came to mind were the words, ‘Well apparently it wasn’t right for you!’  And he ducked his head back in that window and drove off.”

Father George also mentioned, “God is pro-life.  He says in the Bible, ‘I have set before you life and death.  Choose life so that you may have life.’

One protester spoke about the effect of abortion, “Well think of all the millions that have been killed since 1973.  Many of these would be paying social security, medicare, and stuff like that.  We don’t know who have we killed, the next president or somebody who could have prevented cancer, come up with a cure for cancer…, It’s just terrible that we would murder our own.”

Another pro-lifer spoke to the 3,000 daily abortions, “I think it’s terrible.  It’s worse than murder.  Because what more innocent blood do we have than unborn children?  I don’t think we have the right to play God and kill them.”

George Wallace, president of the Cabell County chapter of West Virginians For Life, had this to say, “I’m here today to take my stand against Planned Parenthood because of what they do.  They butcher innocent babies’ lives.  What they do is against the law.  Number one, they violated the Born Again Act.  And also they violated this harvesting and selling of babies’ organs, which is totally against the law.  And I believe people like us need to take a stand against PP and the abortion industry all together.”

David Daleiden, renowned for his undercover investigative reporting for The Center For Medical Progress has gone public with a series of gruesomely revealing videos of harvested babies being sold by Planned Parenthood for profit.  These videos include admissions by Planned Parenthood executives of illegal partial birth abortions being performed in order to keep fetuses intact to sell them for profit.  One executive, Dr. Mary Gatter, president of the PP Medical Directors’ Council wanted to mark up the price of baby parts as high as possible so she could by herself a Lamborghini!

Sign the Petition!

On Wednesday, April 6, agents from the office of California Attorney General Kamala Harris raided the apartment of pro-life whistleblower David Daleiden, the man behind the undercover Planned Parenthood videos.

Harris has received thousands in donations from Planned Parenthood, making this action a clear conflict of interest. Click the button below to sign the petition calling for her resignation today!




Democracy Spring, Americans Are Making Noise

Democracy Spring photo

There’s a newly unified group of fed up Americans being heard and seen in Washington, D. C.

Democracy Spring is a protest at the U.S. Capitol building in Washington D. C. that started earlier this month, and is now ongoing. The reason for this movement is mass awakening to our country’s voter fraud and the massive amount of money involved in the ability to even run for office. It’s a statement to Congress regarding the Citizens United U.S. Supreme Court ruling and states’ voter ID laws.

This is a link to the movement’s website:

Here’s a link to the Democracy Spring Facebook page, if you’d like to follow the activity:

Occasionally activity is live streamed here:

Voter fraud is nothing new, mind you, the voting process has probably always been a farce, or worse actually. And, I’ve often wondered why we are all okay with watching and even helping to raise massive amounts of money so that “our” politician can run for office. What part of that makes sense in the big picture of humanity? Doesn’t it look more like a racket than a step in a governing process?

Now. Somebody help me out here. The first Amendment to the Constitution of the United States says that we have the right to peaceably assemble, as well as a few other important things about our freedoms.

Can somebody please tell me why peaceably assembled people, including seniors in wheelchairs, have been and are being arrested? These protestors are protesting, knowing they’re going to be arrested, because that’s just how it’s done. I understand that the United States Capitol building doesn’t actually belong to the people, it is a public building. Unlike your teens who invite their favorite group of friends to hang out in your living room at any given time (if that’s how it goes at your house), protestors cannot get away with simply inviting themselves into the Capitol building to shout in unity.

Let’s look at an article written for magazine in 2011 regarding why peaceably protesting folks get arrested:

“The First Amendment is not absolute. Government can make reasonable stipulations about the time, place and manner a peaceable protest can take place, as long as those restrictions are applied in a content-neutral way.

But what constitutes a reasonable time, place and manner restriction? “It depends on the context and circumstances,” said Geoffrey Stone, a professor specializing in constitutional law at the University of Chicago. “Things like noise, blockage of ordinary uses of the place, blockage of traffic and destruction of property allow the government to regulate speakers.”

Stone gave a few examples of impeding ordinary usage: disturbing patients at a hospital, preventing students from going to school, or, more relevant for the Occupy movement, disrupting the flow of traffic for a long period of time.”

And so, I would submit that it must be the excessive noise that constitutes a legitimate reason to arrest peaceably protesting Americans from the Capitol building in Washington D.C.

The Occupy Movement built momentum and sprang up in many other cities in America, and also traveled around the world to other countries, who used the movement to raise their voices in unison regarding their own government issues. Will the Democracy Spring protests carry on past April 18th of 2016 and spread similar to the way the Occupy Movement did? Will more Americans get involved and force change to the insanity of millions and billions of dollars donated to running politicians by “motivated” donors who have agendas attached to said donations? Stay tuned…




I witnessed an Ouija board burning at Open Arms Community Church in Port Allegheny, Pa on Easter Sunday.  A man in the congregation brought it to church and told Pastor Justin he discovered it in his home. Pastor recommended burning it.  After service, that’s exactly what happened.  Ouija boards are embedded in witchcraft and the occult.  I asked the pastor what the dangers of Ouija boards are.

This is what he said, “The enemy of God will use tools like this to deceive us into thinking that God’s not real and that we can seek after alternatives other than God to the answers to life, for acceptance, and approval.  Satan likes to masquerade himself as an angel of light to say this stuff is harmless and this stuff is just something for fun, and there are good spirits and all those things and talks about those things.  But God’s Word says this is wrong.  And He’s the only answer, and He’s the authority.  And so this was condemned actually by God.  He says not to seek answers in other things but Him and Him alone.  And we follow Jesus.  We don’t follow a spirit.  We only follow the Holy Spirit.  That’s God’s Spirit, and that’s the only one we follow.  Nothing attached to that Ouija board.  Nothing attached to the occult practices.

Pastor Justin went on, “The danger, is people are being deceived into following something like this.  And in doing so, they’ll never experience life to the full the way Jesus tells us to.”

Open Arms Community Church in Port Allegheny is a sister church of Open Arms Community Church in nearby Bradford, Pa.  The church seems to tailor to the current generation, discussing hashtags as ways people are labeled.  Pastor Justin encouraged the congregation to look to what God says about us vs what others label us as.  A Christian heavy metal music video of ‘Red’ was even played on the screen at the end of service.  I like this church.  I plan to visit again next time I’m in town.


Dr. David Duke receiving his doctorate in history

Dr. David Duke receiving his doctorate in history



Dr. David Duke receiving his Doctorate in History

Photo gallery below

Dr. David Duke has a PhD in History, is a former member of the House of Representatives from Louisiana.

He stands up for the right of every people on earth to preserve its heritage, culture and freedom. He stands bravely and honestly for true Human Diversity, Independence and Freedom!

Dr. Duke views Zionist-driven Globalism and its collaborators the greatest enemies of mankind.

He asserts that a matrix of international criminal banks, news and entertainment media, as well as Zionist political corruption drives the world toward war, toward economic exploitation and to destruction of fundamental human rights, health, freedom, human values and independence.

He has become one of the most well known Americans in the world who opposed the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

He was one of the few political personalities who before the Iraq said that the “weapons of mass destruction” allegations against Iraq were lies and that the war would ultimately have a catastrophic effect not just on the Iraqi people, but upon the American people as well.

He foretold not a “cakewalk” but a long drawn out war with hundreds of thousands of harmed young Americans and a enormous cost of American money.

He is proven right about both the weapons of mass destruction lie, and the fact that far from bringing freedom to the Iraqi people, the Iraq War led to hundreds of thousands of dead Iraqi men, women and children; and perpetual civil war causing human suffering that far eclipses even the most exaggerated evils of Saddam Hussein. Dr. Duke has been an unsung prophet on this and many areas of political and social life the world over.

His books Jewish Supremacism and My Awakening are translated in more than a dozen and one-half languages and Jewish Supremacism is the most-read known anti-Zionist book in the world. Millions of copies of his books are now in circulation around the world and have even been available in the the Russian Duma  (Parliament). His videos now number over 5 million views on his video channel and thousands of people have been so moved by his speeches, lectures, debates, broadcasts, that they have made over 10,000 videos available of his appearances.

These videos of Dr. Duke’s appearances, interviews, speeches and lectures now total over 300 million views. To illustrate the power and popularity of Dr. Duke and his message — his videos average a greater than 90 percent average positive rating from viewers.

Dr. Duke works for a new ethic for mankind against imperialism. No nation and no people, he argues, has the right to invade or control other nations for imperialistic purposes. Every people must have the right to self-determination and their own living space, whether through nationhood or autonomy within nation states, such as the Swiss model. He argues that every people can simply have the right to have communities that maintain their own expression of culture, heritage and values particular to their own soul and spirit.

No people, Dr. Duke says, should have the right to exploit other peoples. And, he maintains that globalism is destructive of every people on the planet and by its very nature is inherently undemocratic and oppressive. That Globalism is just a new and more horrific form of imperialist exploitation and tyranny, but this time on a global basis.

As exampled by Palestinian suffering and genocide, Dr. Duke believes that mass immigration against the will of its inhabitants is a crime against human rights, and argues that mass immigration also threatens many peoples today.

He points out that historically, practically every distinct heritage of people on the planet have had periods of imperialistic expansion, colonization migration and occupation. This is true of ancient Chinese peoples, African peoples, North American Native Peoples, Middle Eastern tribes, as well as religious imperialism and conquest by Judaism, Islamic and Christian entities.

Europeans too have had their empires and conquests,  its Crusades, but non-Europeans also had their own conquests of Europeans such as in Spain the the Balkans. Britain had Asian Colonies, but Asia had their own many versions of Attila the Hun ravaging European populations. Europeans developed advanced technologies and migrated in mass to the Americas in conquest, but Mayans had their own periods of imperialism over their many other distinct tribes and peoples.

The point is that migration has occurred with every people historically, and the clock cannot be turned back hundreds or even thousands of years. Still,  there is sound reason to understand these historical realities and to endeavor to construct an ethic on imperialism today that views it as unethical and against the most basic of human rights.

The modern day introduction of large numbers of different peoples in to a nation comprised of people of a different culture, heritage, religion, physical and psychological expression is a prescription for future conflict and often war and violence. Such has recurred throughout human history.

Dr. Duke urges us to understand and recognize human nature and not repeat the horrific mistakes of the past. Read his New Paradigm for Human Diversity and Freedom for more information on this subject.

Like many people all over the world who have devined their purpose from the soul of their people, and who have been protectors and advocates of their own people’s heritage, traditions, existence and freedoms, David Duke developed a deep love his own European heritage and that love shaped his early life. The controlled, Zionist-dominated media constantly headlines that David Duke was once a leader in a Klan organization.  They fail to point out that he has always been non-violent and he has always condemned any kind of violence.

No member of his own organization was ever accused of any violence toward different races. The Zionists who lead the attacks against him also fail to point that David Duke resigned from the organization still as a young man and that he has evolved to understand fully that the rights he seeks for his own people must be accorded to every people on earth.

As a person of European heritage he believes that it is his obligation to oppose any European exploitation or harmful acts against any other peoples, as he himself opposes any other policies that are harmful to his own heritage.

Ironically, the media still headlines his non-violent associations of over 35 years ago, yet lionizes men who promoted violence, and who had actually committed acts of bloody terrorism, such as Nelson Mandela. Notice the double-standard. The headlines for Mandela don’t read, “Former Terrorist Nelson Mandela.” The headlines don’t label George Bush, Jr. as “Warmonger” or the “Butcher of Iraq.” Bush’s lies and actions has resulted in millions of lives terribly harmed in unnecessary wars, but David Duke who has always been non-violent and who has never harmed anyone, is condemned for opinions in his early life while the Zionist press lets people like George Bush and Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel get away with murder.

You can be sure that if David Duke had gone on to be a typical pro-Zionist politician supporting the crimes of Israel, they would say he is an example of great man who can overcome his past! In fact, that fact is very true. He is great man who has overcome his past and all the vicious attacks of a Jewish-extremist media upon him. Of course, the real problem the Jewish extremists have with David Duke is not about his past, it is because of his formidable present. It is because they fear his wonderful words, and his brilliant message of human diversity, freedom and peace. that’s why they are relentless in trying to censor his videos, his writings and his books.

David Duke won the Vice-Presidential nomination for the Democratic Party in 1988 New Hampshire, and later Dr. David Duke was elected and  served from 1989-1993 as a member of the House of Representatives in Louisiana.

In 1996-2000 he was  elected to the ruling committee of the largest Republican Party district in Louisiana. He was subsequently elected (unanimously)by the other 13 elected members to serve as Chairman of the Republican Party.

In two elections in a state having the population of a typical European nation, as a candidate for United States Senator and Governor, David Duke received over 60 percent of the European American vote despite being outspent in media 40 to 1 in media  and having practically the totality of the political establishment against him.

The Zionists admit in their own books and articles that they defeated him in the election by economically blackmailing the people of Louisiana if they dared to elect him.  In 1992 Dr. Duke received double digit percentages of votes in some Republican Presidential Primaries.

Dr. David Duke is one of the best known American and World political figures and has been on America’s leading political talk show, Meet the Press, three times. and has appeared live on Today Show, NBC News, ABC News, CBS News, CNN, Fox News, the BBC, and many other national and international news and interview programs.

Considered an extremely brilliant speaker, after appearing on Meet the Press in 1999, Slate magazine headlined, How to Beat Tim Russet and wrote:

“David Duke beat Russert badly in March 1999, when he appeared on Meet the Press during his Louisiana campaign for a seat in the House of Representatives. Unable to stick it to Duke with his time-proven techniques, Russert sputtered, steamed, and almost boiled over.”

Dr. Duke’s defeat of Wolf Blitzer and exposure of him as former Zionist AIPAC official and “not an honest broker of television” was one of the most-watched CNN interviews in history. Dr. Duke has spoken in over 25 nations and at over 250 universities across the world.

Dr. Duke is a graduate of Louisiana State University with a BA in History. He pursued a PhD in the largest university in Ukraine and in 2005 completed his Doctoral Defense in Kiev where more than a dozen of the top academics of the nation of Ukraine participated.

Because David Duke dares to speak the truth about Zionism and the age-old, tribalist extremism that drives it — he has earned undying enmity of the Globalist media.

David Duke has earned the respect and admiration of millions of people all over the globe who can truly think for themselves and millions of people across the world see him as a sincere and extremely brave man.

Reading his writings and listening to him will convince anyone with truly open mind that David Duke is worldwide influence for human understanding, diversity and freedom.

If there is a chance for true human diversity and freedom, we must listen this amazing man and reach his prophetic words.

–Prof. R. A.  Johnson




Thanksgiving Proclamation 
Issued by President George Washington, at the request of Congress, on October 3, 1789 
By the President of the United States of America, a Proclamation.
Whereas it is the duty of all nations to acknowledge the providence of Almighty God, to obey His will, to be grateful for His benefits, and humbly to implore His protection and favor; and—Whereas both Houses of Congress have, by their joint committee, requested me “to recommend to the people of the United States a day of public thanksgiving and prayer, to be observed by acknowledging with grateful hearts the many and signal favors of Almighty God, especially by affording them an opportunity peaceably to establish a form of government for their safety and happiness:” 
Now, therefore, I do recommend and assign Thursday, the 26th day of November next, to be devoted by the people of these States to the service of that great and glorious Being who is the beneficent author of all the good that was, that is, or that will be; that we may then all unite in rendering unto Him our sincere and humble thanks for His kind care and protection of the people of this country previous to their becoming a nation; for the signal and manifold mercies and the favor, able interpositions of His providence in the course and conclusion of the late war; for the great degree of tranquillity, union, and plenty which we have since enjoyed; for the peaceable and rational manner in which we have been enabled to establish constitutions of government for our safety and happiness, and particularly the national one now lately instituted; for the civil and religious liberty with which we are blessed, and the means we have of acquiring and diffusing useful knowledge; and, in general, for all the great and various favors which He has been pleased to confer upon us. 
And also that we may then unite in most humbly offering our prayers and supplications to the great Lord and Ruler of Nations, and beseech Him to pardon our national and other trangressions; to enable us all, whether in public or private stations, to perform our several and relative duties properly and punctually; to render our National Government a blessing to all the people by constantly being a Government of wise, just, and constitutional laws, discreetly and faithfully executed and obeyed; to protect and guide all sovereigns and nations (especially such as have shown kindness to us), and to bless them with good governments, peace, and concord; to promote the knowledge and practice of true religion and virtue, and the increase of science among them and us; and, generally, to grant unto all mankind such a degree of temporal prosperity as He alone knows to be best. 
Given under my hand at the City of New York the third day of October in the year of our Lord 1789.
George Washington