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You must become your own solution……..

David Risselada


image 9-12-15
We have reached a point in our nation where the apathy of a once free people, combined with the contempt in which our leaders hold us has painted an obvious picture of which direction we are heading. It is hard as a patriot, and a writer; (a writer who has experienced firsthand theindoctrination process and vile attitudes of the far left mind you,) to sit down and write an article without wondering what the point is. The nation is lost, and there is no winning it back through the normal political process.  Today I wanted to write more about the Democrat Party, and how it literally seems as if they are still carrying out the same agenda of Margaret Sangerto eliminate the black population. The Democrat Party supports the abortion industry where black babies are aborted at a rate far higher than whites, for example. They also support the Black Lives Matter movement even though they are calling for the death of whites while continuing to murder police officers. You see, they claim to support the minority population while enacting policies that actually hurt them, and their support of Black Lives Matter is only creating a great deal of resentment towards the black population. In essence, the Democrat party is working hard to keep racism alive and the people it is hurting the most are blacks. This makes perfect sense when you understand that communism is actually deeply rooted in racist philosophy. Its founder, Karl Marx, was a vile racist who had no regard for people of non European descent. This is a subject that can be discussed at great length, and in fact, I have discussed the racist history of the Democrat party in an attempt to educate people many times, so I decided that I was not going to write about that.
Often times people ask me what the solution is while going on and on about how they understand the problem. A lack of viable solutions is definitely a huge contributing factor to the sense of frustration the American people currently feel. I can tell you one thing; one of the biggest problems we have as a nation is the fact that we have forgotten that freedom requires personal responsibility, and a steadfast commitment to the principle upon which liberty was built. This is a responsibility we passed onto others long ago. While we were watching football and our favorite reality show, we left the fate of the nation in the hands of people who have a plan, and that plan doesn’t include building upon the principles which made this country great. By now, we all realize that they intend to do just the opposite, tear us down and remake the nation in their own vision. We left the responsibility of educating our children in the hands of the government while radical feminists convinced us that it’s sexist and oppressive to believe a mothers place is in the home with her children. We then wonder why our children grow up believing in government and not the values we believed we were instilling in them. This certainly doesn’t apply to everyone; however, if you have been paying attention I am sure you catch my drift.
Truthfully, I don’t know what the solution is. I have been writing articles for nearly three years now describing the liberal mindset and the tactics of the communist left. I have described over and over again an enemy that believes the highest level of morality as being willing to corrupt their very souls in order to create the utopia they claim will finally bring perfect equality for all. How can you fight an enemy that believes it is moral to lie, cheat and steal in order to obtain power? The answer to that question is simple; you can’t. Well it’s not that you can’t, it’s just that when we should have shut them down we didn’t, and now the lies have been told so much that they have become the truth in the eyes of the unwashed masses. This is where you need to look yourself in the mirror and ask what you have done to offer solutions. Do you remember the time when you were at work, probably twenty years ago, and you heard some outrageous leftist dribble coming from some Democrat you thought had absolutely no influence on anything, and you said nothing in return because you didn’t want to lose your job?  We have all been in those situations and that is why we lose. We fail to understand that the left has organized, and agreed to put party over principle, and are willing to make every sacrifice necessary to push their agenda. You see, ideas have consequences indeed, and so does silence. Every time you remain silent and allow the left to push its point without fighting back, you kill the opportunity for conservative ideas to spread. The liberals are relentless in pushing their agenda and we barely defend our ideas because we are afraid of losing our job or drawing unwanted attention to our self. You simply cannot allow a leftist to have the floor and win any argument, no matter what the consequences no matter how they try to shut you down.
One of the main themes that I have continually stressed in many of my articles is the idea that we must be just as committed to defending the truth as the left is to destroying it. We have all heard the adage about a lie spreading around the world before the truth can tie its shoe. Unfortunately, this is very true, and as long as we are distracted with entertainment, and scandals designed to deliberately keep us in a reactionary mode, we will be unable to defend truth because we can’t find it. This is a consequence of allowing the left to control the narrative out of a fear of sounding offensive, which is about the only thing our current Republican congress has excelled at. Be that as it may, until conservatives are willing to put the fate of the nation above all else, and make every commitment, no matter the consequences, to save it, talking about possible solutions is a mute point.
I took the oath of enlistment twice, and it was something that meant a great deal to me as I understood exactly what the term “against all enemies foreign and domestic” meant. I didn’t go to combat; however, as I wrote in my book “Not on my watch: Exposing the Marxist agenda in education,” I was placed in a very peculiar situation where I had to make a decision to either stand for what I believed and defend the constitution, or allow the lies of the left to permeate the soft heads of a bunch of liberals who would have never heard another espouse any sentiments of patriotism otherwise. I paid a heavy price for this, after five years of continuous education I was deliberately failed for standing for my country and expressing conservative opinions. It didn’t end there neither my friends.  My writing has landed me in some hot water as I have lost two different jobs over the past two years because I refuse to remain silent. One day while at work a man came into my office and told me he knew who I was and that he had been following my articles, later that afternoon I was fired. Standing up for what’s right and defending principle can be painful but if we don’t realize that saving the country demands that we do exactly that, we won’t save it. Fortunately, it seems that many Americans are reaching the tipping point. This is where I am asking you for your help. Educate them, don’t let up, keep it in their face, deliberately debate a liberal and make them look foolish for all to see. Find your natural talents and employ them for this one purpose, and don’t do it for today, do it for your children’s tomorrow. Understand that if you influence only one person, that one person may influence two. In essence, you must stop looking to others and become your own solution.
 If there is to be one final push to restore the nation to a constitutional republic it has to be now, the momentum is building and the point which we will never be able to turn back is rapidly approaching.
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Activists protest alleged Chicago police ‘black sites’

Yamiche Alcindor


Activists in Chicago gathered Saturday for a protest and march against alleged “black sites” in the city where police supposedly hold suspects and witnesses for long periods without public records and access to lawyers.

In an investigative report, The Guardian charges that the Chicago Police Department operates an off-the-books interrogation compound in Homan Square, rendering Americans unable to be found by family or attorneys while locked inside what lawyers told the paper is the domestic equivalent of a CIA black site. Police deny the claims.

Yet in response to the paper’s reporting, a coalition of activists, including the hacktivist group Anonymous and organizers associated with the Black Lives Matter movement, held a protest Saturday afternoon dubbed “Shut Down Homan Square.”

Standing outside Homan Square, a nondescript warehouse located on the city’s West Side, several people delivered fiery speeches condemning the police. Later, dozens of protesters marched along streets nearby and shouted chants including “shut it down,” “freedom first” and “indict, convict, send the torturers to jail.”

Demonstrators demanded a public inspection of Homan Square and asked that all people arrested in Chicago be booked immediately and given access to a phone to call an attorney. They also want a meeting within 10 days where the public can ask questions about Homan Square and other facilities. They are demanding posters that inform people of their rights be placed at all Chicago Police Department facilities.

During Saturday’s demonstration, organizers made several pleas for people to come forward if police had violated their rights. “We need you to come forth and tell us yes you have been a victim of abuse,” one organizer said. “Please come forward and let the people know so we can take some action.”

The Guardian reported that in Homan Square Chicago police keep arrestees out of official booking databases, beat suspects, shackle people for prolonged periods and deny lawyers access to the facility.

Several lawyers told the Chicago Tribune that such problems have been a widespread issue with the Chicago Police Department for decades at several locations, not just Homan Square.

“Everything that was described (in the Guardian story) was something that happens every day,” Richard Dvorak, a veteran criminal defense attorney, told the Tribune. “I think it’s pretty systemic throughout CPD.”

The Chicago Police Department has denied The Guardian‘s reporting, saying there is nothing inappropriate happening at Homan Square.

“CPD abides by all laws, rules and guidelines pertaining to any interviews of suspects or witnesses, at Homan Square or any other CPD facility,” police said in a statement. “If lawyers have a client detained at Homan Square, just like any other facility, they are allowed to speak to and visit them. …There are always records of anyone who is arrested by CPD, and this is not any different at Homan Square.”

Still, protest organizer Travis McDermott told The Guardian that Saturday’s demonstration was one of several being planned as far away as Los Angeles.

“Hopefully with the presence we expect to have, that will put a little bit of pressure to say, ‘Hey, look — this isn’t going to go away,'” he told the paper


Jon Rappoport

The “dependent victim” psyop

The psychological operation to destroy the individual

February 28, 2015

“American and British feminism has amazingly collapsed backward again into whining, narcissistic victimology… Too many of today’s young feminists seem to want hovering, paternalistic authority figures to protect and soothe them, an attitude I regard as servile, reactionary and glaringly bourgeois…” (Camille Paglia, the National Catholic Review, 2/25/15)

I could have titled this piece: “What government fears: the black entrepreneur.”

But the situation is much wider than that—-

Any person who comes out of an “officially designated victim-group” …and then succeeds in life on his own… and then goes one step further and refuses to identify his entire existence with his group… but instead stands as a unique individual… why, that person, at the very least, must be a criminal, if not a terrorist, right?

That’s the crux of the issue: never leave your group.

That’s how society, civilization, and culture are promoted these days.

“Groups have needs, agendas, and problems, and the solution will come from government.” That’s the all-embracing formula.

Who would invent and expand that formula? The beneficiary. Government.

The fake appearance is: victim groups are fighting for recognition and special status, and the government is pushing back—but that’s now a ruse. That’s a cover story. In fact, victim groups and government have the same goal: a relationship based on dependence. One side depends and the other side gives and protects.

The individual is out of the equation. He is portrayed as the greed-obsessed reason these victim groups exist and need help in the first place.

Banks, Wall Street, and mega-corporations are depicted as the end result of individualism, whereas the government is valiantly striving to solve this endemic problem.

In fact, government, banks, Wall Street, and mega-corporations are joined at the hip. They brush each others’ teeth first thing every morning.

Political correctness and the burgeoning movement to outlaw “offensive language” are merely tactics to: preserve groups’ separate identities; foment conflict between them; and ultimately foster their dependence on government authority.

The idea that the free and independent individual is a sociopath responsible for the existence of victims is absurd.

The truth is, you can’t get free individuals to depend on government. Only “besieged groups” can be relied on for that purpose.

In the State’s eyes, a perfect society would be composed of groups who have entirely forgotten the concept of the individual, as if it never existed.

Peter Collero, of the department of sociology, Western Oregon University, has written a book titled: The Myth of Individualism: How Social Forces Shape Our Lives:

“Most people today believe that an individual is a person with an independent and distinct identification. This, however, is a myth.”

When Callero writes “identification,” he isn’t talking about ID cards and Social Security numbers. He’s talking about an absence of any uniqueness from person to person. He’s asserting there is no significant distinction between any two people. There aren’t two individuals to begin with. They’re a group.

This downgrading of the individual human spirit is far from accidental. It’s launched as a sustained propaganda campaign, the ultimate purpose of which is top-down control over billions of people organized into groups.

“The cold truth is that the individualist creed of everybody for himself and the devil take the hindmost is principally responsible for the distress in which Western civilization finds itself — with investment racketeering at one end and labor racketeering at the other. Whatever merits the [individualist] creed may have had in the days of primitive agriculture and industry, it is not applicable in an age of technology, science, and rationalized economy. Once useful, it has become a danger to society.” (Charles Beard, 1931)

Beard, a celebrated historian, sees no difference between individual racketeering and the individual freely choosing and living his own life. In making this judgment, he becomes an intellectual/propaganda racketeer of the highest order.

“British empiricist philosophy is individualist. And it is of course clear that if the only criterion of true and false which a man accepts is that man’s, then he has no base for social agreement. The question of how man ought to behave is a social question, which always involves several people; and if he accepts no evidence and no judgment except his own, he has no tools with which to frame an answer.” (Jacob Bronowski, Science and Human Values, 1956).

Bronowski is quite sure that hearing other people’s evidence and then keeping one’s own counsel is wrong. One has to accept that evidence on its face. This is sheer idiocy. Individuals are capable of deciding, on their own, what social agreements to enter into.

Here’s what journalist Glenn Greenwald (who is gay) has written about the symbolic nature of the American Presidency. Though not making reference to the group vs. the individual, Greenwald’s remarks illustrate the degree to which victim-symbology has taken hold in the US:

“Hillary is banal, corrupted, drained of vibrancy and passion. I mean, she’s been around forever, the Clinton circle. She’s a fucking hawk and like a neocon, practically. She’s surrounded by all these sleazy money types who are just corrupting everything everywhere. But she’s going to be the first female president, and women in America are going to be completely invested in her candidacy. Opposition to her is going to be depicted as misogynistic, like opposition to Obama has been depicted as racist. It’s going to be this completely symbolic messaging that’s going to overshadow the fact that she’ll do nothing but continue everything in pursuit of her own power. They’ll probably have a gay person [as President] after Hillary who’s just going to do the same thing.”

Regardless of the fact that the State and its allies are real oppressors who contribute mightily to creating real victims, what I’m talking about here is something quite apart from that: growing numbers of people who voluntarily take on the victim-mantle and seek comfort in nests of self-promoting groups who exaggerate and distort their own claims to special status.

The State needs these people. The State wants these people. Increasingly, the State employs these people.

Edward Bernays, the father of modern public relations, wrote: “It is sometimes possible to change the attitudes of millions but impossible to change the attitude of one man.”

Bernays understood that the basis of successful propaganda is a mass audience, an audience composed of groups, not individuals.

Retired high-level propaganda operative, Ellis Medavoy (pseudonym), once told me, “There are two aspects of propaganda. There is everything you do to get people to think of themselves as group members. And then there are all the messages you send to those conditioned group members. You need both aspects.”

The Matrix Revealed

When a group assigns itself solid “victim-status,” it creates one basic rule: a member must not leave the group. Why? Because if he does, he’s claiming he is no longer a victim—and that assertion is a betrayal.

Nice and neat. A prison.

“I’m a free individual.”

“You’re crazy. There is no such thing. Now get back in the group where you belong.”

Down at the root, betrayal begins as self-betrayal. The individual gives up the ghost. From that point on, his politics don’t matter. He forgets what he could have been. He defines himself by race and religion and country and rank ideology and group. He finds words and feeling through which he can express his role in a stage play that decays him from the inside out.

Eventually, if lunatics have their way, every person on planet Earth will be designated a victim. That will be the group of groups.

It won’t matter why and how everyone supposedly turns out to be a victim. The reasons will be forgotten. People will “instinctively” sign on to the agenda.

And the management team running the world will put another check mark on their sheet of objectives:

“Earth is beginning to resemble one giant hospital/mental institution. Break out the champagne.”

Jon Rappoport

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free emails at or OutsideTheRealityMachine.






Yesterday was the second Million Mask March that has been held. First off I want to say what an amazing feeling knowing that on the same day around the globe thousands of people are out protesting with the same general message, The people are tired of living in this control system that the elite keep us in around the world. And within that general message are so many subcategories, everyone has their own interest of what they’re tired of, everyone is expressing their voices together. What is great about the million mask March is if you truly want to remain anonymous, you can. That gives some people a little more courage to come out and stand in solidarity in front of their governments without the fear of them being publicly known and possibly judged (by people who are “asleep”). For others like myself I look at the mask simply as a symbol, a symbol of unity, strength, something for someone to believe in. The mask has much greater meaning than being a mask. A simple symbol of knowing that if I have this mask somewhere on my person another anonymous person will know what I stand for. And sometimes in public when we are not in the masses like we were yesterday and I have my mask somewhere on me all it takes is a simple head nod from a human out in public and we both know what’s up.

With that being said I would like to discuss what I observed and felt from the March yesterday with some small comparisons to last year and possible ideas moving forward in unity.

I was in Washington DC this year and last year. The number one thing noticed at first was numbers. Numbers were way bigger last year, there was much less people there this year. We can only make assumptions of why there were less people. What I can say is I know the people that were there yesterday were devoted, serious about the causes we march against, and all had good energy whether they channeled it towards anger at the police (which I personally don’t do) or they channel it educating the public about the causes and trying to wake the sleeping masses up.. Yesterday I felt we all had good energy either way.

So assumptions that we can make because we know no facts is maybe there were less people this year because last year it was more of a trend for people so some people last year maybe only went because they thought it was cool and now we have dwindled out the fakes and the real ones came out yesterday…
Or Maybe people aren’t seriously fed up enough to leave their houses and really come out in the streets of our nations capitol or their states capitol or wherever they are located in conjunction to marches, maybe people are still too comfortable and would rather go to McDonald’s, go home to their mothers basement and continue playing their video games? Or maybe some people don’t like to protest and would rather express their activism in different forms…

Whatever the case may be I don’t know why there were less people yesterday, what I do know is the people there yesterday were about it.

Okay so moving on to other observations about the March. Every body marched all around the streets to different buildings related to the control system we live in. The White House, the Federal Reserve, the capitol lawn, department of justice, the FBI, the IRS building, and so on..
Voices were definitely heard at these places, voices of frustration, anger, people being fed up, people wanting change, people voicing to each other about everything that is going on hidden in plain sight.

One thing you may not know about the Million Mask March is there is no leader we all lead ourselves together as one. This can cause some confusion and conflict and it can also cause more unity and more agreements between people. Because sometimes a small group of the larger group would want to go this way while others wanted to go that way. But no matter what every body ended up coming back together and continuing to move on and show our presence.

There was a little bit more “radical” (for lack of a better word) people than there was last year. I believe there were about five arrests. I am actually surprised that the police presence didn’t become heavier because at several times our March was very heated and very loud in the faces of the police. But for the most part the line was never crossed between either groups getting “out of hand.” I’m sure some people will argue that the police got out of hand for the different individuals that got arrested but from my viewpoint it was on an individual basis and whatever was done to make the police arrest those specific individuals was all on an individual scenario basis. The few times it could’ve got really outrageous it didn’t, I feel if the police wanted to be more brutal and get out of hand they easily could have and it could have turned very ugly but it didn’t because the police at some points were definitely outnumbered. But I am sure there were many more on standby ready in case it got to that point I personally did not want to get to that point that is not what I was there for, I did not drive all the way to Washington DC to yell at cops faces, I went there to share unity with my brothers and sisters that I’ve met from the Internet around the globe, educate the “sleeping” public as they watch from the sidewalks as we walk by and they read our signs and hear our chants ..planting seeds of truth in their subconscious minds, Steve Grant and myself also filmed our parts to a music video we will be releasing soon with disl automatic. Which our music is also another form of activism that we all do to spread the message out to the people. That is why we do it.

As I was walking yesterday and listening to different people’s voices, whether in conversation or if they were yelling out loud expressing their opinions one thing I noticed was the ideas are there. Everyone has the ideas in their mind of what is happening and what can happen and we all want to make a change. My opinion is that not everyone knows how to implement this massive change, we need some guidance, guidance from each other. We feed off of each other we learn from each other we grow from each other and we move forward and change for the better from each other with each other but by ourselves as well. That is why we all come together, in love and we all care about our futures for humanity. i was able to connect in person yesterday with several friends that i’ve met through the internet. It’s a great feeling to connect with someone face to face and share the same ideas, drive, inspiration, and motives to change humanity for the better.

The march in Washington DC for the most part dwindled down pretty early. By mid afternoon most people were very tired and wore out. Fatigue had set in. This is something that we should look at from an occupy standpoint. We could possibly try to get free food to give out to people next year, water, power bars, whatever to keep people from getting fatigued. So we can continue to occupy longer if possible and continue our voices to be heard. Don’t get me wrong there were several people still marching late into the night. Like my brother John Anthony Fairhurst, that guy was going strong before November 5 and after. But it goes back to an individual basis again, what you personally want to get out of it and the points you want to make on an individual level. A lot of people were probably fatigued because we did March all over the nation’s capital, not everybody is physically fit and in shape or living the healthiest lifestyle to be able to walk that far all day and not become fatigued. But all of that goes hand in hand with all the different lifestyle changes that people can make to become a better person for themselves and to radiate that outwards towards humanity. Because when you change for the better people see it and that inspires people to want to change for the better also. That is part of the change that can and already does occur.

November 5 has passed now, there are plenty more days until the next November 5. November 5 to me is like the spark that people need to get the drive back in them, or the spark that people need if they’re looking at the Internet at all our photos and our videos and our posts and that sparks them to want to change or want to learn more about what we march against. The Internet is your friend and it is an amazing tool to use to learn and self educate yourself on anything. Now you have a whole year, what are you going to do in that year? The activism is what what you do to help others, but change is what starts now in that every day lifestyle that you live, which is where it begins and continues to grow. Like a good friend told me, “don’t complain about the chemtrail’s as your puffing on your cigarette looking up at them”. If you truly want to see the change you have to be the change. There is way way way more than this material physical plain that we are on currently. You have to change yourself within to vibrate at a higher level and rise above the dimensions that the oppressors have kept us on. It takes a whole lot to change, it’s a complete lifestyle thing. But it starts within and grows outward. I had many good conversations yesterday and like I said the ideas are there now we have to come together and implement solutions because this isn’t just one problem this is many many small problems that add up to create larger problems that the oppressors keep us in with our day to day slave like lives. Let’s start coming together, come together with your local awakened friends and start making a change in your communities. We are all spread out amongst the world I have so many Internet friends from all different states and countries, let’s all start making changes where we are personally in our lives, and they will grow out until they all reach each other and we are all connected with each other because it expanded outward person to person until it reached each and everyone back at the same point. This world will never change unless you decide to change it. Wake up.

November 5 we stood in solidarity with all our family. No matter where you were at in the world you were out on the streets with your guy Fawkes masks expressing yourself for humanities future. And I love every single person that came out yesterday. Let’s move forth with our activism in whatever form it is that you do and let’s wake up the sleeping masses of the Sheeple. Let’s get more and more people on board for a better future for our world. I love you

-PTP- Power Through People.
Seek knowledge gain wisdom
It starts with you, it starts with me, it starts within.






I’ve been to several protests, rallies, and marches against specific topics and I feel like some of these events have the right intention with the wrong intent. These marches all have one thing in common, the idea that we are marching against something filled with hate, negativity, and that is doing nothing good for humanity. Here is where the line is drawn and a conflict arises. There are to many people at these marches that are battling the idea at hand with more hate. You can’t fight hate with hate, nothing good comes of this. Sure, I understand that we are all angry and mad at whatever idea we are marching against, but this energy that we create from the idea at hand needs to be channeled for the better. It needs to be channeled into LOVE. We need to be at these marches spreading awareness, knowledge, and solutions to the problems at hand, all with the intent of LOVE. What I see happening is many people are focusing all of their energy on the negatives, the negatvies are what is already known! The only outcome people are creating is to repeat these negatives, make them stronger, and not forming any kind of solution! Then these marches end, and nothing changes. Awareness is still being spread but it is not sticking in people’s minds because we are spreading it in the wrong way. YOU CAN’T FIGHT HATE WITH HATE. YOU CAN’T GET RID OF DARKNESS WITH DARKNESS. We need to be the light that shines and slowly get rid of the evil darkness.

One example of a great protest where the intent behind it was filled with a driving force of love. Was the March Against Monsanto in philadelphia this year. At a farmers market there were tents set up full of information on GMO’s, FOOD NOT BOMBS was there giving out free food, People were all over with great signs and informational pamphlets to hand out to the willing to receive public. That day we marched through Philly peacefully and I can honestly say we informed some uneducated people on the horrors of GMO’s. We were successful because everyone marching had the intent of love. We weren’t out in the streets scaring people with hatred towards monsanto, instead we spread knowledge, awareness, and solutions from a driving force of love inside of us and it got peoples attention the right way.

November 5th is approaching fast this year and this will be the second time the million mask march occurs. Everyone needs to realize we need to channel our angry energy inside of us towards the corrupt government control system and deliver awareness, knowledge, and solutions with a loving intent of peace. Otherwise nothing will be accomplished but a topic of conversation between people who were present (because we know media will not report on the event) at their dinner tables that night about a bunch of angry people with movie masks on screaming whos street? our street! Then that day will fade away from people’s minds as soon as they see Miley Cyrus spread eagle on stage again. And only us, the ones participating in the march will still be the only ones talking all year long again about the same re occuring problems of this world because we will still be angry about it and nothing will have changed.

BE THE CHANGE YOU WANT TO SEE. Start prepping now for the ways to spread knowledge and awareness along with solutions about the topics you want to educate people about. Make pamphlets with information, signs with key words or pictures to plant seeds of interest in people, and more than anything approach people with love and give the powers that be no reason to start chaos. We know that is what they want so more and more mayhem and negativity can spread, as it always and continues to do. This is the rEVOLution, of self, of love, of uniting humanity for the future of this world. I love all of you and I look forward to positive change in people that can occur, it starts within, so get started! PEACE AND LOVE – PTP

Go support PTP and other artists like him to find truth, inspiring music please visit his site @


Empower yourself Know The Plan You Can Make A Difference

Nathan Laurenson


The global elite have conjured up a base plan that its so easy to understand once you’ve had an “awakening”. Number one they must have us dumbed down. John P Holdren the White House science szar wrote a book in 1974 called eco science, its a 1000 page text book where he talks about putting fluoride and other poisons in the water for this purpose this isn’t a conspiracy theory but conspiracy fact. The Rockefeller foundation was big on studies on water fluoridation.
The controllers want us feeling inadequate, that’s why they flood us with the fake Madison avenue culture of the name brand this name brand that. That is used to keep us from having confidence in ourselves.
Then you add the new common core curriculum that is even worse than the old, written by UNESCO the “UN” used to have all the children brain washed on a global level and to making all the children robots and telling them what and how to think. Then you throw the LED TV’s through the frequencies that can control your mind. DARPA has done extensive research on this and LED flicker rates on lights for mind control. So parents you should limit your kids Television watching to less than a couple hours a week.
This whole generation has been raised by the television, then they throw the smart phones, tablets and computers into the mix and these kids don’t have a chance its basically re wiring their minds. We are all electrical beings that can be manipulated with all the frequencies and the elite all know this. None of these things are happening by accident with the technology the elite have written books about it. I bring up all these things because we are deliberately being dumbed down so we can all be factory workers, go to work pay the bills not worry about your surroundings and owe your life to the company store.

First things first you must get and understand the knowledge of what is happening to us and who is controlling us. Then you must have a quote “Awakening”. Once the awakening happens it usually goes one of these ways, you get scared and say what can I do I can’t make a difference, Or you become really Awake and lights a fire under your ass to fight tyranny. You must believe you have power, you, me, all of us, we can move mountains if we start moving pebbles. The globalists know this is the key of Keeping control is keeping you suppressed, by not fulfilling your potential mentally and spiritually.

Read, turn off the computer, tv, take back your health by filtering your water, exercise, buy local organic food as much as you can. Start engaging everyone around you with the info you learn, start a blog, put the info on facebook, find one subject that really interests you get as much knowledge as you and become an expert. Go to city council meetings, call your mayor or local sheriff find out their key views, hell run for a local office, meet your neighbors and build a strong local community. Pay attention take pictures, if you see police or military do a drill find out what and why. If I wake up one person, then you wake one person, then they wake one person, we can make a difference. Don’t obey with civil disobedience and buck the system at every level legally. Read and know your constitution so you understand your rights.
Work hard fulfill your dreams realize we have power all of us stop telling yourself you can’t do anything because its all BS. Its time to get in the game of life, unplug out of the matrix as much as possible and know your power because you are full of it.

RESIST DAILY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!