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Video report: During  the same week as WikiLeak’s Zero Day Vault 7, we now learn through unsealed court records, Best Buy’s Geek Squad are working directly for the FBI to increase Orwellian secret public surveillance.




In this video, Battle Of New Orleans Radio breaks down the nature of the CIA leaks known as Vault 7 released by WikiLeaks.




Video Report: Earth’s oldest fossil, 4.2 billion years old discovered in Quebec, Canada. Plus, amazing fossil finds in West Virginia and Ohio!




Luke Rudkowski caught up with Foster Gamble, co-creator of the Thrive documentary and Movement while at Anarchapulco discussing disruptive technology and free energy the government has been keeping secret for years.

Foster speaks of keeping inventors of working free energy devices safe and well advised with wise strategy on when and how to roll out these new technological breakthroughs into the public realm without getting whacked by deep state shadow government spooks.

According to Foster Gamble, “There is a new science emerging.  Traditionally it’s kind of known as quantum physics.  And then in the meta-physical realm, it’s called the Akashic Records.  All this stuff is coming together.  We’ve been contacted by over 1,000 inventors since Thrive came out.  Of the ones who are being most successful, I would say at least 80% ultimately end up confiding in me that they get they get these downloads from inter-dimentional beings, from extra-terrestrials, from out of body experiences, and so forth.  Their accessing something from beyond just their rational mind and what they learned in college or something like that.  So the conscience is coming together with the medical realm, with the agricultural, with the energy realm.  So the science that’s behind these new agricultural technologies, that’s behind these cures for cancer, chronic fatigue, and aids, and all the rest.  And the technology, and the theories behind  the free energy devices, their actually all the same.  If your knowledge climbs the mountain high enough, then what you see is how energy works.  And if you can learn how to create technologies and processes, and so forth, both physical and personal that are in tune with that.  And if you get back to the nano level, you get back to the molecular level, everything is downstream from that.  So it’s going to accelerate faster than anyone can imagine.  The results are such that I’m seeing, I’ve already had several friends rescued from stage four cancer.  I’ve watched the process.  And this is what’s going to be happening.  We’re going to have more healthy food.  We’re going to have more clean energy and so forth then you can literally, than even I can possibly imagine.  It’s going to be soon, unstoppable.”

Foster then kind of gave a little teaser on breakthroughs in the health arena before venturing into bio-environmental revelations, “We’ve got inventors who’ve already got technologies.  Both scalar technologies and nano-particular technologies, totally natural, no bad side effects.  That they can put in the waters and radiate around lakes, rivers, and even ocean bays that will clean it up in a matter of a couple of months while actually nurturing all the fish, the coral life,…”

Finally, Luke asks Foster if he is positive about the future and what makes him positive about the future.

Foster mentions a blog he wrote, An Encouraging Look Forward, where he lays out exactly why he’s encouraged.  He then replies, “People say to us, ‘Guys, don’t you get so depressed dealing with all this bad news?’  No, it’s like a doctor who is just making a diagnosis.  The diagnosis is not bad news.  It’s the news that you need to hear in order to do the solution,…..we’re thrilled beyond anywhere where we’ve been before in terms of what’s going to happen with this.”

Foster then entailed a breakthrough roll out, “We’ve launched a new laser guided dormant stem cell process that activates your dormant cells, 100 – 200 billion of them.  And then directs them wherever you want in your body.  We’re getting absolutely phenomenal results.  And this is going public in Costa Rica in May.  We call it HemaLucent….”

Hopefully, when Archapulco 2017 is finished, everyone won’t pile up on the same airline jet to go home, considering what happened to Malaysian Flight 370 in March 2014.  As previously reported, Rothschild owned Blackstone Group benefited from missing flight 370, becoming primary patent holder of new technology.




NSA whistle blower Edward Snowden discusses privacy, surveillance, and Donald Trump. Discussion begins at 35:02.  Snowden’s Q & A discussion was live streamed via

“Edward Snowden’s revelations about government spying and mass data collection are of crucial importance to our society, but he had to sacrifice his free life for it,” said Robert Beens, CEO of “We are proud to honor his service and help bring his privacy message to the world.”



Patrick Wood joins Battle of New Orleans Radio discussing a scientific dictatorship in the works since the 1920’s/1930’s consisting of scientists and technology (engineers/technocrats).  These technocrats collaborate with global entities such as the U.N. and Trilateral Commission to build a one world government.  Patrick also promotes his joint presentation with Debbie Bacigalupi at the Eagle Forum Of California’s 16th annual state conference: Standing For Truth to be held May 7th, 2016 in Fountain Valley, CA.  His presentation will begin at 1pm CT.  Listen to free live stream.


Chinese Company Moves To Replace 90% Of Its Workforce With Robots

Michael Krieger

Liberty Blitzkrieg

I’m not one of those people who thinks robots taking over menial labor from human employees is a bad thing. On the contrary, I think such a displacement could ultimately prove very positive for the species. Nevertheless, the short-term pain and suffering that this could cause for displaced workers and their families likely will have tremendous negative repercussions to the societies that are most affected in the near and intermediate-term.

Since robots entering the workforce is probably one of the most significant economic trends in the decades ahead, we should all start thinking about how to deal with what will be a major adjustment for hundreds of millions, if not billions, of people.

From the South China Morning Post:

Construction work has begun on the first factory in China’s manufacturing hub of Dongguan to use only robots for production, the official Xinhua news agency reported.

A total of 1,000 robots would be introduced at the factory initially, run by Shenzhen Evenwin Precision Technology Co, with the aim of reducing the current workforce of 1,800 by 90 per cent to only about 200, Chen Xingqi, the chairman of the company’s board, was quoted as saying in the report.

Robots are set to take over in many factories in the Pearl River Delta, the area of southern China known as the ‘world’s workshop’ because of the huge export manufacturing industry there, as labour shortages bite and local authorities face the need to spur innovation to counter the economic slowdown.

Since September, a total of 505 factories across Dongguan have invested 4.2 billion yuan in robots, aiming to replace more than 30,000 workers, according to the Dongguan Economy and Information Technology Bureau.

By 2016, up to 1,500 of the city’s industrial enterprises will began replacing humans with robots.

The provincial capital, Guangzhou, has set a goal of fostering a robot-manufacturing industry with an output value of more than 100 billion yuan by 2020, as well as automating more than 80 per cent of the city’s manufacturing production.

I haven’t written much on this topic, but I did highlight a very powerful video last year in the post, Humans Need Not Apply – How Robots Will Take Over the Economy. Here’s the video once again:

Hopefully we won’t replace all these lost jobs with what David Graeber calls “bullshit” jobs.
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Now That Cars Have Black Boxes, Am I Being Tracked?

Popular Mechanics



Now that cars have black boxes, do car companies know where we go? Am I being followed?

A black box, formally known as an event data recorder (EDR), and informally known as a narc-in-the-box, logs a variety of data regarding the operation of the vehicle in which it’s installed. The good news is that EDRs do not (yet) track your location, nor do they beam real-time information to feds, cops, carmakers, or mothers-in-law. That’s what your smartphone is for.

EDRs, standard these days in 96 percent of new cars, do, however, take note of how fast you’re going and whether you’re wearing your seat belt, along with details like the status of your car’s throttle and brakes at any given moment. This is the sort of data most likely to have legal implications, particularly in the event of an accident. Police and lawyers can indeed subpoena the data from your car’s EDR and use it against you. The info can also make its way into the hands of your insurance company, which might join authorities in taking a dim view of the fact that you thought to apply the brakes only after you’d sailed off the end of the pier toward that passing barge hauling kittens and dynamite.

Office puts chips underneath staff’s skin

HeadLineNews Rory Cellan-Jones

The chip allows employees to open doors and use a photocopier though a normal pass card



Want to benefit entrance to your office, get on a bus, or maybe buy a sandwich? We’re all removing used to swiping a label to do all these things. But during Epicenter, a new hi-tech bureau retard in Sweden, they are perplexing a opposite proceed – a chip underneath a skin.

Felicio de Costa, whose association is one of a tenants, arrives during a front doorway and binds his palm opposite it to benefit entry. Inside he does a same thing to get into a bureau space he rents, and he can also call his palm to work a photocopier. That’s all since he has a small RFID (radio-frequency identification) chip, about a distance of a pellet of rice, ingrained in his hand. Soon, others among a 700 people approaching to occupy a formidable will also be offering a possibility to be chipped. Along with entrance to doors and photocopiers, they’re betrothed serve services in a longer run, including a ability to compensate in a cafeteria with a hold of a hand. On a day of a building’s central opening, a developer’s arch executive was, himself, chipped live on stage. And we motionless that if was to get to grips with this technology, we had to punch a bullet – and get chipped too. The whole routine is being organized by a Swedish bio-hacking organisation that was profiled by my co-worker Jane Wakefield recently. One of a members, a rather fearsome looking tattooist, extrinsic my chip. First, he massaged a skin between my ride and index finger and burnished in some disinfectant. The he told me to take a low exhale while he extrinsic a chip. There was a impulse of pain – not most worse than any injection – and afterwards he stranded a smear over my hand. Before perplexing my chip out, we wanted to know some-more about a meditative behind it. Hannes Sjoblad, whose electronic business label is on his possess chip and can be accessed with a appropriate of a smartphone, has a pretension arch intrusion officer during a development. we asked him either people unequivocally wanted to get this insinuate with technology. “We already correlate with record all a time,” he told me. “Today it’s a bit disorderly – we need pin codes and passwords. Wouldn’t it be easy to only hold with your hand? That’s unequivocally intuitive.” When we tested my chip, we found that it was not all that discerning – we had to turn my palm into an assumed position to make a photocopier work. And while some of a people around a building were looking brazen to being chipped, others were clearly dubious. “Absolutely not,” pronounced one immature male when we asked him if he’d pointer up. An comparison lady was some-more certain about a intensity of a record though saw small indicate in being chipped only to get by a door. But Hannes Sjoblad says he and a Swedish Biohacking Group have another design – scheming us all for a day when others wish to chip us. “We wish to be means to know this record before large corporates and large supervision come to us and contend everybody should get chipped – a taxation management chip, a Google or Facebook chip.” Then, he says, we’ll all be means to doubt a approach a record is implemented from a position of most larger knowledge. I’ve returned to Britain with a somewhat bruise palm – and a chip still underneath my skin that has my hit sum on it. Not that useful, though no doubt some-more worldly chips will shortly reinstate wearable record like aptness bands or remuneration devices, and we will get used to being augmented. All sorts of things are probable – either it becomes culturally excusable to insert record underneath the skin is another matter.

Is choice lost? Microchips to administer drugs, replace pills

Michael A. Bedar, MA


NaturalNews) According to reports from CNN, people who use pharmaceutical drugs, but  who don’t like having to remember, think, exercise their personal agency, or  make their own proactive choices throughout their day, may soon be able to get  their medications automatically administered via an implanted chip.

MIT  researchers and a company called MicroCHIPS are developing a chip smaller than a  square inch in area, which can be preloaded with drugs. It can release drugs  into your body in given doses and time intervals, programmed according to  “doctor’s orders” – while your mind wanders on “more important”  things.

When the dosage or intervals need to be changed, the microchips  would be able to be adjusted remotely by the doctor, says the report. The chips,  already tested in patients withe osteoporosis since 2012, will have the ability  to transmit real-time information to create a permanent record of exactly what  dose was administered when, along with other medical information. Expected to be  released in 2017, the chips may be able to function wirelessly in the body for  16 years.

When “at risk for a heart attack,” this device can “rescue”  you, says the report. MicroCHIPS CEO Bradley Paddock says, “The MicroCHIPS  implantable drug delivery device is the greatest advancement in delivering  medicine since the first tablet pill was developed in 1876

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