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New “Dreamers” Pouring into The U. S. With Help Of The United Nations and Refugee Dream Center


Nathan Laurenson

Since 2014 we have been hearing reports of our government bringing in “Syrian refugees”. Even though its been widely reported that 5 out of 6 refugees are not even Syrian. This is the excuse that the media, the U. S. government and the UN were pushing was that we must take these people in our nation, because they were leaving war torn Syria. Might I add the reason Syria is a war torn nation is due to United States backing, funding and providing weaponry to the moderate Syrian Rebels. Not sure how moderate they actually are after the killings and the beheadings of Christians and moderate Muslims. The Syrian Rebels were trained by U.S. and allies in Jordan to be used as a proxy army to  fight President Bashir Al Assad’s forces. Now since then it has been heavily reported that the “Moderate Syrian Rebel” are Al Nusra, Daesh(Al Queada) and ISIS.

Then came the big lie. That the scary President Bashir Al Assad used chemical weapons on his own people, so we must take military action in Syria. Sounds familiar? Does everyone remember the Iraq war? Sadaam has chemical weapons we must invade to stop the slaughtering of civilians. So what do we do, we go in and  1 million civilians get murdered all in the the name of saving them. Makes sense right. Was chemical weapons ever found in Iraq? Nope. The globalist’s keep using the same old tired playbook. Foreign media outlets reported for the last 3 years that the evidence didn’t even support the narrative that Assad order the attacks, yet silence( crickets chirping) nothing from the complicit western whore media.



The point of me bringing this up is to set the stage on how we got to this point and to carve through the misinformation and disinformation presented to us by the criminal mainstream media. The Daily Resistance has confirmed from Battle of New Orleans Radio co host/reporter Goyim that he personally  witnessed Muslim “refugees” in the Louis Armstrong International Airport (New Orleans, La)  on his way to Europe and on his return layover flight at O’Hare International Airport. What he witnessed in O’Hare is quite disturbing and confirms the preferential treatment that  the alternative media has been reporting for 2 years now. Goyim who was walking through the airport terminal behind a band of “refugees” was asked by airport security if he had a “dream card” .  Goyim stated that no I’m already a U.S. citizen. Goyim heard security asking the refugee’s the same question if they also had dream cards. Then refugee’s were directed to a different terminal area than the normal domestic passenger’s according to Goyim. Two years ago The Daily Mail, Breitbart and many other publications reported that refugee’s/immigrants are allowed to travel throughout nation with no ID.

If you noticed the refugee’s are carrying white bags with a blue logo on the side. If you Blow up the image you’ll see its none other than the Refugeedreamcenter’s logo. The Refugee Dream Center is a post resettlement agency that offer’s a whole array of services like housing, food, employment, training etc. Separate dream centers have been set up nationwide to assist in the open refugee shipping process throughout the nation.


“The Refugee Dream Center is a post refugee resettlement agency. It offers customized services targeting the refugee community by ensuring continuation of services in their efforts towards self-sufficiency and integration. It is therefore established to create opportunities within the refugee community to facilitate their resettlement process and integration into their new lives in the United States. The Refugee Dream Center does referrals, social level assistance, and skills development such as healthcare education and cultural orientation, mental health support services, after-school programs, role modeling and mentoring for youth, adult English language and job skills development, and interpreting services. In addition, the Refugee Dream Center is a strong advocacy agency for the rights of refugees.”- Mission Statement of  the  Refugee Dream Center




The Refugee Dream Center was founded by fellow Muslim refugee Omar Bah. Mr. Bah is a former journalist, who migrated here after being tortured in a life of hell  in Gambia, West Africa.On the surface it sounds like a great organization helping people in need but its not fair for American’s to have people brought into the country and given all the monopoly game show prizes, while the American people struggle on a daily basis.

Mr. Bah also represents Rhode Island at the Refugee Congress of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugee’s. Who even knew that we have an organization like the Refugee Congress operating in our nation.  I’m pretty informed and I had no clue. Another interesting part of the Refugee Congress is how they are teamed up with a LGBTI Caucus to bring in LGBT refugee’s from around the world. This is another blatant example why its so important four us to pull out of the United Nations, tear up all of the UN treaties, then kick them out of our nation. A big question for me is how ethical or legal it is for Mr. Bah to represent Rhode Island at the UN Refugee congress, then at the same time run an organization that specializes in the handling of many facets of the refugee’s lives when they are brought here to America. It sure seems like he has the inside information to profit and grow his organization.

This may not be the classical false flag but it is a false flag in the since that elements inside/outside our government t have created the chaos in foreign nations, then bring in a giant destabilization force that will not assimilate to our values. We shouldn’t blame the people coming here because that is only symptom not the root of the problem. Until we address the root of the problem (globalism) we have lost and by blaming the migrants it then takes the blame off of the politicians and the corporate ruling elite.

This also proves that America is living under security theater state. When I fly I refuse to be bodied scanned and they ask me 50 questions and grope me, while they let un vetted people with no ID’s walk right in this is totally ridiculous. It proves what former NSA technical director has been saying for years that its all about receiving government contracts to rake in billions. Its never about our safety. Let’s take back our country from the global elite by exposing the truth. The American citizen’s are the dreamers , not some foreigner that will be used to destroy our birth rite.









Mitch McConnell made a surprise announcement that the Senate is ready to vote for the president to become a virtual military dictator -senate-giving-president-unlimited-military-rule/#4WS4pohIlkrvyFbU.99

Free Thought Project

Justin Gardner

Mitch McConnell made a surprise announcement that the Senate is ready to vote for the president to become a virtual military dictator.

The U.S. Senate is poised to give President Obama and the next president unprecedented war powers that amount to declaring martial law upon the entire world. Majority leader Mitch McConnell surprised almost everyone last week by saying he has a war resolution ready to be voted on at any time.

The resolution is a new authorization for use of military force (AUMF) for declaring war on ISIS. It would give the president even more power than the AUMF granted to Bush after 9/11, which is still in place today.

“The AUMF put forward by McConnell would not restrict the president’s use of ground troops, nor have any limits related to time or geography. Nor would it touch on the issue of what to do with the 2001 AUMF, which the Obama administration has used to attack ISIS despite that authorization’s instructions to use force against those who planned the 9/11 terrorist attacks.”

Considering what Bush and Obama did with the 2001 AUMF—invading and occupying countries in “pre-emptive” war, CIA black sites, extrajudicial killings, inventing the term “enemy combatants” to bypass international law, new forms of torture, drone bombing women and children, and assassinating U.S. citizens—the specter of a new and expanded AUMF is truly frightening.

“This resolution is a total rewrite of the War Powers Clause in the U.S. Constitution,” said Sen. Chris Murphy (D-Conn). “It is essentially a declaration of international martial law, a sweeping transfer of military power to the president that will allow him or her to send U.S. troops almost anywhere in the world, for almost any reason, with absolutely no limitations.”

McConnell’s resolution is more than what Obama asked for last year, but this is of little relevance since Obama has been carrying out a war against ISIS, including the use of special forces, with no authorization. The administration has refused to put forward a legal framework, insisting that the 2001 AUMF is enough.

As the New York Times pointed out, ISIS was created long after 9/11 and is actually a competitor to al Qaida, which means that Obama’s war on ISIS is not justified under the 2001 AUMF. Even members of Congress recognize that current military operations have no legal basis.

I believe the war is illegal,” said Sen. Tim Kaine. “I don’t think there’s a legal justification for it. And I think the greatest danger we end up doing is allowing the president to wage a war without Congress weighing in.”

Using this rationale, Kaine and others in Congress are thrilled to know that a new AUMF could be voted on at any time. Some would prefer more restrictions, but the bottom line is that it represents and abdication of constitutional duties that would give vast military powers to one person.

Sen. John Cornyn expressed the usual platitudes in cheering for the vote, saying “the people we send in harm’s way need to know that the country is behind them” and “we also don’t need to tie the hands of the next president by restricting what the president can do.”

For some lawmakers, it’s more about giving the next president unlimited power than it is about Obama. McConnell’s about-face from December, when he expressed no interest in voting on an AUMF, may also be a ploy to make the issue a major talking point in the presidential election. There’s nothing like talk of war to whip up fear in the masses and distract them from substantive issues.

It is no coincidence that just days ago, Defense Secretary Ash Carter said about the fight against ISIS, “We’re looking for opportunities to do more and there will be boots on the ground and I want to be clear about that.

Since ISIS is partially a product of American intervention in the Middle East, being cultivated from the Salafist sect to foment regime change in Syria, “boots on the ground” would complete another cycle for the merchants of death and destruction. The Hegelian Dialectic—create the problem, stoke the reaction, offer the solution—is a tried and true method for endless war.

We have already seen the extremely tenuous connections that war-makers use to justify their death and destruction waged around the world and on their own people. McConnell’s AUMF would clear away any feeble barriers that still stand in the way of a military dictatorship.


Welcome To The United States Of Stasi


Nathan Laurenson

Welcome to the United States of Stasi. The Stasi was the East German secret police that ran mass surveillance on the entire East German population. They were able to pull this off with over 90,000 full time agents and an additional 170,000 collaborators. What does this remind you of ? If you said Alex, what is the NSA for the daily double. Then you guessed correct.   Keep in mind that the Stasi were Soviet practices in East Germany. So do we live in America or Soviet, Russia?

On January the 10th the Washington Post published an article titled The new way police are surveilling you: calculating your threat score. This article highlighted the new police state equipment that the Fresno police department was using to calculate a persons threat score. What is a threat score? This is the score you are given determined by the type of  threat the government perceives you to be. The system will look at online posts, social media posts, criminal record, property reports and even pizza delivery records. After it accesses all of your information, it determines your threat level score. You are given either a green for minimal, yellow for possible or red for high level. All of this is compiled with in seconds. Does anyone else see where this is going?  It won’t be long before every department nationwide will be using this equipment. Just go and look at the amount of funds your department is receiving from the Department of Homeland Security or DOD. We are being tracked in live time now. This isn’t just about meta data that the NSA said it was collecting

Of course this is just one piece of the puzzle. Last year over 50 departments were given hi tech hand held radar devices called Range-R developed by L 3 communications. These little tools of liberty have the capability of detecting movement through walls of up to 50 feet away. I hope you sensed my sarcasm. These devices used by the government without warrants just show how far we have entrenched ourselves into this police state since 9/11.  Also remember under this new police state slash militarization of police that all the battlefield tactics used overseas are coming home to roost. These radars were initially used in Afghanistan. Just remember none of this is done for your safety. The government is run by crony capitalists (fascists) not to be confused by free market capitalists that make billions of dollars through government contracts to run this hi tech  system of enslavement. The biggest issue of all of this new spy tech that is deployed against us is the legality of it. We all know that it is un constitutional.

“Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.”- Benjamin Franklin

Mr. William Binney the former technical director for the NSA explains on The Battle Of New Orleans Radio Show  how its all a corrupt pork barrel money grab to give the surveillance and defense contractors ways and means to continuously rake in billions of dollars.

Big brother is watching you and tracking all of your activities through smart phones, license plate scanning traffic cameras, internet activity, black boxes in your cars, smart televisions, store loyalty cards, doctors visits, navy surveillance blimps, drones, radars, communications , etc,etc. Are we really the land of the free home of the brave? Its more like land of the sheep home of the slave. Wake up please do not accept any of these measures in the name of some terror threat like Isis which has been funded,armed and coddled by our own loving government .


The new way police are surveilling you: Calculating your threat ‘score’

Washington Post


While officers raced to a recent 911 call about a man threatening his ex-girlfriend, a police operator in headquarters consulted software that scored the suspect’s potential for violence the way a bank might run a credit report.

The program scoured billions of data points, including arrest reports, property records, commercial databases, deep Web searches and the man’s social- media postings. It calculated his threat level as the highest of three color-coded scores: a bright red warning.

The man had a firearm conviction and gang associations, so out of caution police called a negotiator. The suspect surrendered, and police said the intelligence helped them make the right call — it turned out he had a gun.

As a national debate has played out over mass surveillance by the National Security Agency, a new generation of technology such as the Beware software being used in Fresno has given local law enforcement officers unprecedented power to peer into the lives of citizens.

Police officials say such tools can provide critical information that can help uncover terrorists or thwart mass shootings, ensure the safety of officers and the public, find suspects, and crack open cases. They say that last year’s attacks in Paris and San Bernardino, Calif., have only underscored the need for such measures.

But the powerful systems also have become flash points for civil libertarians and activists, who say they represent a troubling intrusion on privacy, have been deployed with little public oversight and have potential for abuse or error. Some say laws are needed to protect the public.

In many instances, people have been unaware that the police around them are sweeping up information, and that has spawned controversy. Planes outfitted with cameras filmed protests and unrest in Baltimore and Ferguson, Mo. For years, dozens of departments used devices that can hoover up all cellphone data in an area without search warrants. Authorities in Oregon are facing a probe after using social media-monitoring software to keep tabs on Black Lives Matter hashtags.

“This is something that’s been building since September 11,” said Jennifer Lynch, a senior staff attorney at the Electronic Frontier Foundation. “First funding went to the military to develop this technology, and now it has come back to domestic law enforcement. It’s the perfect storm of cheaper and easier-to-use technologies and money from state and federal governments to purchase it.”

Few departments will discuss how — or sometimes if — they are using these tools, but the Fresno police offered a rare glimpse inside a cutting-edge $600,000 nerve center, even as a debate raged in the city over its technology.

An arsenal of high-tech tools

Fresno’s Real Time Crime Center is the type of facility that has become the model for high-tech policing nationwide. Similar centers have opened in New York, Houston and Seattle over the past decade.

Fresno’s futuristic control room, which operates around the clock, sits deep in its headquarters and brings together a handful of technologies that allow the department to see, analyze and respond to incidents as they unfold across this city of more than 500,000 in the San Joaquin Valley.

On a recent Monday afternoon, the center was a hive of activity. The police radio crackled over loudspeakers — “subject armed with steel rod” — as five operators sat behind banks of screens dialing up a wealth of information to help units respond to the more than 1,200 911 calls the department receives every day.

On 57 monitors that cover the walls of the center, operators zoomed and panned an array of roughly 200 police cameras perched across the city. They could dial up 800 more feeds from the city’s schools and traffic cameras, and they soon hope to add 400 more streams from cameras worn on officers’ bodies and from thousands from local businesses that have surveillance systems.

The cameras were only one tool at the ready. Officers could trawl a private database that has recorded more than 2 billion scans of vehicle licenses plates and locations nationwide. If gunshots were fired, a system called ShotSpotter could triangulate the location using microphones strung around the city. Another program, called Media Sonar, crawled social media looking for illicit activity. Police used it to monitor individuals, threats to schools and hashtags related to gangs.

Fresno police said having the ability to access all that information in real time is crucial to solving crimes.

Officers with the Fresno Police Department respond to a domestic disturbance call. (Nick Otto/For The Washington Post)

Fresno police officers inside the police department’s crime center. (Nick Otto/For The Washington Post)

They recently used the cameras to track a robbery suspect as he fled a business and then jumped into a canal to hide. He was quickly apprehended.

The license plate database was instrumental in solving a September murder case, in which police had a description of a suspect’s vehicle and three numbers from the license plate.

But perhaps the most controversial and revealing technology is the threat-scoring software Beware. Fresno is one of the first departments in the nation to test the program.

As officers respond to calls, Beware automatically runs the address. The searches return the names of residents and scans them against a range of publicly available data to generate a color-coded threat level for each person or address: green, yellow or red.

Exactly how Beware calculates threat scores is something that its maker, Intrado, considers a trade secret, so it is unclear how much weight is given to a misdemeanor, felony or threatening comment on Facebook. However, the program flags issues and provides a report to the user.

In promotional materials, Intrado writes that Beware could reveal that the resident of a particular address was a war veteran suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder, had criminal convictions for assault and had posted worrisome messages about his battle experiences on social media. The “big data” that has transformed marketing and other industries has now come to law enforcement.

Fresno Police Chief Jerry Dyer said officers are often working on scant or even inaccurate information when they respond to calls, so Beware and the Real Time Crime Center give them a sense of what may be behind the next door.

“Our officers are expected to know the unknown and see the unseen,” Dyer said. “They are making split-second decisions based on limited facts. The more you can provide in terms of intelligence and video, the more safely you can respond to calls.”

But some in Fresno say the power and the sheer concentration of surveillance in the Real Time Crime Center is troubling. The concerns have been raised elsewhere as well — last year, Oakland city officials scaled back plans for such a center after residents protested, citing privacy concerns.

Rob Navarro, a Fresno civil rights lawyer, said he is particularly concerned about Beware. He said outsourcing decisions about the threat posed by an individual to software is a problem waiting to happen.

Navarro said the fact that only Intrado — not the police or the public — knows how Beware tallies its scores is disconcerting. He also worries that the system might mistakenly increase someone’s threat level by misinterpreting innocuous activity on social media, like criticizing the police, and trigger a heavier response by officers.

“It’s a very unrefined, gross technique,” Navarro said of Beware’s color-coded levels. “A police call is something that can be very dangerous for a citizen.”

Dyer said such concerns are overblown, saying the scores don’t trigger a particular police response. He said operators use them as guides to delve more deeply into someone’s background, looking for information that might be relevant to an officer on scene. He said officers on the street never see the scores.

Still, Navarro is not the only one worried.

The Fresno City Council called a hearing on Beware in November after constituents raised concerns. Once council member referred to a local media report saying that a woman’s threat level was elevated because she was tweeting about a card game titled “Rage,” which could be a keyword in Beware’s assessment of social media.

Councilman Clinton J. Olivier, a libertarian-leaning Republican, said Beware was like something out of a dystopian science fiction novel and asked Dyer a simple question: “Could you run my threat level now?”

Dyer agreed. The scan returned Olivier as a green, but his home came back as a yellow, possibly because of someone who previously lived at his address, a police official said.

“Even though it’s not me that’s the yellow guy, your officers are going to treat whoever comes out of that house in his boxer shorts as the yellow guy,” Olivier said. “That may not be fair to me.”

He added later: “[Beware] has failed right here with a council member as the example.”

An Intrado representative responded to an interview request seeking more information about how Beware works by sending a short statement. It read in part: “Beware works to quickly provide [officers] with commercially available, public information that may be relevant to the situation and may give them a greater level of awareness.”

Calls for ‘meaningful debate’

Similar debates over police surveillance have been playing out across the country, as new technologies have proliferated and law enforcement use has exploded.

The number of local police departments that employ some type of technological surveillance increased from 20 percent in 1997 to more than 90 percent in 2013, according to the latest information from the Bureau of Justice Statistics. The most common forms of surveillance are cameras and automated license plate readers, but the use of handheld biometric scanners, social media monitoring software, devices that collect cellphone data and drones is increasing.

Locally, the American Civil Liberties Union reports that police in the District, Baltimore, and Montgomery and Fairfax counties have cellphone-data collectors, called cell site simulators or StingRays. D.C. police are also using ShotSpotter and license plate readers.

The surveillance creates vast amounts of data, which is increasingly pooled in local, regional and national databases. The largest such project is the FBI’s $1 billion Next Generation Identification project, which is creating a trove of fingerprints, iris scans, data from facial recognition software and other sources that aid local departments in identifying suspects.

Law enforcement officials say such tools allow them to do more with less, and they have credited the technology with providing breaks in many cases. Virginia State Police found the man who killed a TV news crew during a live broadcast last year after his license plate was captured by a reader.

Cell site simulators, which mimic a cellphone tower and scoop up data on all cellphones in an area, have been instrumental in finding kidnappers, fugitives and people who are suicidal, law enforcement officials said.

A security camera used by the Fresno Police Department. (Nick Otto/For The Washington Post)

A computer inside a patrol car with a disturbance call on the screen. (Nick Otto/For The Washington Post)

But those benefits have sometimes come with a cost to privacy. Law enforcement used cell site simulators for years without getting a judge’s explicit consent. But following criticism by the ACLU and other groups, the Justice Department announced last September that it would require all federal agencies to get a search warrant.

The fact that public discussion of surveillance technologies is occurring after they are in use is backward, said Matt Cagle, an attorney for the ACLU of Northern California.

“We think that whenever these surveillance technologies are on the table, there needs to be a meaningful debate,” Cagle said. “There needs to be safeguards and oversight.”

After the contentious hearing before the Fresno City Council on Beware, Dyer said he now wants to make changes to address residents’ concerns. The police chief said he is working with Intrado to turn off Beware’s color-coded rating system and possibly the social media monitoring.

“There’s a balancing act,” Dyer said.

Oregon launches program to tax drivers by the mile

Washington Times

Oregon is using an experimental program to become the first state to tax drivers based on the miles they travel on state roads rather than the gas they purchase.

The voluntary program, called OReGo, is designed to capture taxes from hybrid and electric car drivers who have been able to skirt gas taxes.

Oregon’s Department of Transportation is hoping to get 5,000 people to volunteer to install a small device under their steering wheels that will track their mileage and charge drivers’ credit cards one and a half pennies for each mile driven, Fox News reported Friday.

Transportation officials say the growing numbers of electric and hybrid cars has left the gas tax flat and unable to fund road maintenance.

“We’re trying to make up for a growing deficit, really, because inflation’s eating away at our ability to buy asphalt and rebar and the things we need to maintain the roads,” Tom Fuller of the Oregon Department of Transportation told Fox News.

Oregon was the first state to impose a gas tax in 1919. That tax has now reached 30 cents per gallon.

Some Oregon drivers want the program to go national to make the tax more fair for all drivers.

“I’ve been free-loading on the highways for 20 years driving electric cars or hybrid cars, getting at least 40 miles to the gallon. So I haven’t been paying my fair share,” said Oregon resident David Hastings, Fox reported.

But others are raising questions about privacy. Two of the three OReGO systems track and store a car’s every move.

“To put a GPS monitor in everybody’s car, the government already knows too much about us as it is,” said Jeff Kruse, a Republican lawmaker, Fox reported.

There is also growing concern about the cost of the program. OReGO vendors will collects up to 40 cents of every dollar drivers are charged, and green car drivers could be in for some serious sticker shock every month.

“We need to be subsidizing and incentivizing electric cars and not putting more taxes or fees on them, not discouraging people from buying them in any way,” Jeff Allen, of “Drive Oregon” told Fox.


Why Americans Love Their Enslavement



“I’m a free American, and I have all the licenses and permits to prove it!”

The first time you read this remark, it’s funny. But if you think about it for more than a few seconds, the truth bubbles up. Americans aren’t nearly as free as they think they are.

Some may go so far as to say that most Americans are little more than 21st Century serfs.

Except most Americans are almost totally blind to this patently obvious fact. So they walk around in shackles while proclaiming how much they love living in a “free country.”

Why are Americans so blind? Aldous Huxley, the author of Brave New World, seemed to see into the future when he said…

Aldous Huxley Quote

Huxley’s “Dictatorship without Tears”

Here’s Huxley’s full quote in case the image is hard to read:

There will be in the next generation or so a pharmacological method of making people love their servitude and producing dictatorship without tears so to speak. Producing a kind of painless concentration camp for entire societies so that people will in fact have their liberties taken away from them, but will rather enjoy it, because they will be distracted from any desire to rebel by propaganda, or brainwashing, or brainwashing enhanced by pharmacological methods. And this seems to be the final revolution.

So how do we stack up to Huxley’s prediction?

Propaganda? Americans are served large helpings of it every single day. Six major corporations control nearly all the media in the United States. What’s more, three of these media giants own all of the cable news networks.

And what about what Huxley called “pharmacological methods?” Do we have those? Absolutely. We only call them by a different name: prescription drugs.

Get this… The most recent research shows that 70% of Americans are on at least one prescription drug. More than 50% take two or more prescription drugs. And some 20% are on five or more prescription drugs.

Huxley’s vision seems to have come true.

We have propaganda, mind control, and drugs aplenty.

As a result, Americans do rather enjoy their servitude, don’t they?

They happily pay their FICA taxes, income taxes, car registration taxes, license renewal taxes, sales taxes, property taxes, gas taxes, concealed carry fees (the so-called “jacket tax”), and hundreds more hidden taxes.

And now Americans are lining up to comply with Obamacare, which is one of the worst pieces of legislation ever passed in this so-called “free” country.

But what choice do Americans really have? They can choose between compliance or heavy-handed penalties doled out by a heavily militarized and aggressive government. And there’s the rub… Americans do not really have a choice.

The freedom Americans enjoyed 200 years ago is a distant memory. Nobody alive today truly knows what it was like. Today we have a very twisted, unrecognizable form of freedom… a sort of “dictatorship without tears”… just as Huxley predicted.

Don’t be scared. Be prepared.
-Survival Joe


Welcome to Hillary Island, a Pleasant Little Police State


For the first big speech of her 2016 campaign, Hillary Clinton turned a little-known strip of New York into a serene summertime autocracy, pleasant and creepy at the same time.
It’s an odd sensation to be sitting on the back of a golf cart, holding on for dear life, as a member of Hillary Clinton’s security team—bald and meat-headed, his blazer straining to remain stitched around his bulky arms—speeds like O.J. Simpson in order to deliver you to a secure location. This can happen, I now know, if you happen to make the mistake of walking down the wrong pathway—of a public park—on your way to a Clinton speech.

“Get in!” he barked. Then, a sigh: “Not your fault.” That’s just the way things are around here.

Here would be Hillary Island—formerly Roosevelt Island—a strip of land located in the middle of the East River between Manhattan and Queens that some 10,000 New Yorkers call home. More specifically, here is Four Freedoms Park—a grassy island enclave named for the Four Freedoms FDR spelled out in his 1941 State of the Union speech: Freedom of speech, of worship, from want, and from fear—where the Clinton team has assembled a red and blue stage, in the shape of an H, for her to pace on as she delivers her first major campaign speech.

Clinton formally declared her candidacy for the Democratic nomination almost exactly a month ago, in April, with a 2:15 video. “Everyday Americans need a champion,” she said then. “And I wanna be that champion.”

Since that time, Clinton has not been heard from much as she has traveled around, talking to some voters and ignoring questions from the media and trying to seem as normal as possible despite being anything but. Saturday’s event was designed to highlight her champion-ness by contrasting her with the New Deal Democrat, whose Four Freedoms she has attempted to mimic with her own “Four Fights,” the economy, families, campaign finance and national security.

Saturday’s event, according according to The New York Times, was organized by a small group of Clinton insiders including Huma Abedin, Clinton’s longtime aide and the vice chair of her campaign and Jim Margolis, who helped orchestrate both inaugurations for President Obama.

The result felt borderline dystopian.

Roosevelt Island, transformed by architects in the 1930s to serve as a “living memorial,” looks like a cross between something out of Grand Theft Auto and a ghost town. It has a fake forest, and brutalist apartment complexes. Its abandoned insane asylum was turned into a luxury highrise.

“And one additional advantage: You won’t see my hair turn white in the White House. I’ve been coloring it for years!”

Roosevelt Island’s Amalgamated Bank, owned by unions and serving unions, now sports a sign declaring it proud to be the bank of Hillary For America.

And Four Freedoms Park, located partially beneath the 59th Street Bridge, is lush and green, and houses a decaying, vine-covered Smallpox Hospital, abandoned in the 1950s. The Hillary campaign installed a forest of port-a-potties and lined the walkways with arrow signs (Hillary’s logo) pointing in the direction of her speech, which could be accessed by ascending a glimmering white staircase. In the distance, you could see the “Pepsi-Cola” sign in Queens.

Sarah Rogers/The Daily Beast

The park feels divorced from Manhattan, whose skyscrapers loom from across the water, not just geographically, but spiritually. With the bomb-sniffing dogs, security guards, metal detectors, police officers, Men In Black-looking security guards and campaign staff speeding around on golf-carts, Hillary Island felt like its own world with its own rule. It’s a serene summertime police state—wherein campaign staffers told reporters to stay in their designated area, away from attendees—pleasant and creepy at the same time.

Which might be the best way to describe Clinton herself during Saturday’s launch.

In a royal blue blazer and glowing blonde hair, Clinton took to the stage to deliver her Four Fights speech. At times she sounded robotic, like the pol who won’t take a position without poll testing it as she has been accused at others some humanity crept through. All the while, though, it was hard to shake the feeling that she was already president—of this island.

Clinton borrowed from Elizabeth Warren and her primary competitor Bernie Sanders in her tough-talk about no-good corporations and the need for campaign finance reform. About the latter, she said, “If necessary, I will support a Constitutional amendment to undo the Supreme Court’s decision in Citizens United.”

She repeatedly called for equal rights for the LGBT community, going as far as to criticize the GOP for “turn[ing] their backs on gay people who love each other.” (Something Clinton was doing herself just a few years ago.)

Some of Clinton’s notes were sour, however. In her criticism of the Republican field of candidates, Clinton alleged, “Now, there may be some new voices in the presidential Republican choir, but they’re all singing the same old song—a song called ‘Yesterday.’” She continued, “You know the one—all our troubles look as though they’re here to stay, and we need a place to hide away. They believe in yesterday.” Clinton tried to crack a joke, “You’re lucky I didn’t try singing that, too, I’ll tell you!”

At another point, Clinton said, “I may not be the youngest candidate in this race, but I will be the youngest woman President in the history of the United States! And the first grandmother as well.” She followed it up with another attempted joke. “And one additional advantage: You won’t see my hair turn white in the White House. I’ve been coloring it for years!

FBI behind mysterious surveillance aircraft over US cities


WASHINGTON (AP) — The FBI is operating a small air force with scores of low-flying planes across the country using video and sometimes cellphone surveillance technology — all hidden behind fictitious companies that are fronts for the government, The Associated Press has learned.

The surveillance equipment is generally used without a judge’s approval, and the FBI says the flights are used for specific investigations. The agency says it uses front companies to protect the safety of the pilots and aircraft, shielding their identities from would-be suspects on the ground.

In a recent 30-day period, an AP review found, the FBI flew above more than 30 cities in 11 states across the country, including parts of Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Minneapolis, Phoenix, Seattle, and Southern California.

Aerial surveillance represents a changing frontier for law enforcement, providing what the government maintains is an important tool for investigations. But the program raises questions as new technologies pose intrusive opportunities for government spying.

U.S. law enforcement officials confirmed for the first time the wide-scale use of the aircraft, which the AP traced to at least 13 fake companies registered to post office boxes in Bristow, Virginia. Those include FVX Research, KQM Aviation, NBR Aviation and PXW Services.

“The FBI’s aviation program is not secret,” spokesman Christopher Allen said in a statement. “Specific aircraft and their capabilities are protected for operational security purposes.” Allen added the FBI’s planes “are not equipped, designed or used for bulk collection activities or mass surveillance.”

The FBI does occasionally help local police with aerial support, such as during the recent disturbance in Baltimore that followed the death of 25-year-old Freddie Gray, who sustained grievous injuries while in police custody. Those types of requests are reviewed by senior FBI officials.

The FBI does not generally obtain warrants to record video of people moving outside in the open. But it says it needs warrants to help identify potentially thousands of cellphones below — using what are known as cell-site simulators — even if a user is not making a call or in public. Officials said that practice, which mimics cell towers to get phones to reveal basic subscriber information, is rare.

An FBI spokesman said the flights comply with agency rules, although details are heavily redacted in publicly available documents that discuss limitations and justifications for such surveillance.

“It’s important that federal law enforcement personnel have the tools they need to find and catch criminals,” said Sen. Charles Grassley of Iowa, who chairs the Senate Judiciary Committee. “But whenever an operation may also monitor the activities of Americans who are not the intended target, we must make darn sure that safeguards are in place to protect the civil liberties of innocent Americans.”

Details about the flights come as the Justice Department seeks to navigate privacy concerns arising from aerial surveillance by unmanned aircrafts, or drones. The AP traced at least 50 aircraft back to the FBI, and the agency told Congress in 2010 it had at least 115 planes.

The FBI asked the AP not to disclose the names of the fake companies it uncovered, saying that would saddle taxpayers with the expense of creating new cover companies to shield the government’s involvement, and could endanger the planes and the surveillance missions. The AP declined the FBI’s request because the companies’ names — as well as common addresses linked to the Justice Department — are listed on public documents and in government databases.

Justice Department lawyers approved the decision to create fictitious companies to protect the flights’ operational security and the Federal Aviation Administration was aware of the practice, officials said. The FBI has been careful not to reveal its surveillance flights in court documents.

After The Washington Post revealed flights by two planes circling over Baltimore in early May, the AP began analyzing the mysterious owners behind planes that shared similar addresses and flight patterns.

Independent journalists have also recently cited companies traced to post office boxes in Virginia, including one shared with the Justice Department. The AP had analyzed similar data from the website, while also drawing upon aircraft registration documents, business records and interviews with U.S. officials to understand the scope of the government’s operations.

A Justice Department memo last month expressly barred its component law enforcement agencies from using unmanned drones “solely for the purpose of monitoring activities protected by the First Amendment” and said they are to be used only in connection with authorized investigations and activities.


Associated Press writers Sean Murphy in Oklahoma City; Joan Lowy and Ted Bridis in Washington; Randall Chase in Wilmington, Delaware; and news researchers Monika Mathur in Washington and Rhonda Shafner in New York contributed to this report.


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Program 1033, A Socialist Constitution, and a National Police Force


David Risselada

n my article, Using the Hegelian Dialectic to Push for National Police Force, I discussed the idea that the President is using the problem-reaction-solution strategy to push for his promised “civilian security force.” Since the shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson Missouri, Barack Obama and his fellow “race baiting revolutionaries” have made every effort to stoke the flames of violence. Police murders have risen drastically as a result of this incident and to this day, President Obama still uses incendiary language towards police officers in an obvious effort to keep tensions alive. The left would have us believe that the violence resulting from the incidents in Ferguson and Baltimore are the results of “institutionalized racism,” and white privilege. The truth; however, is far different. Throughout the duration of Obama’s presidency, the issue of race has been a central theme as he has continually accused America of having deep rooted racial problems. Race has been forced into the consciousness of all Americans and minorities have constantly been told that they are “less than” white Americans by the very people they voted for. The most recent example is Michelle Obama’s “pity me” speech at Tuskegee University. Sadly, black Americans are being kept on the plantation in an effort to whip them up into a revolutionary fervor, where they will be used as the catalyst to form the coming national police force.


President Obama recently announced that he will be “banning military style equipment”, from local police forces. This is being done to give the appearance that he is a hero, and that he is offering a legitimate solution to a problem that frankly, both the left and the right are concerned about. There is no arguing that our police forces are far too “militarized” and exercise too much power. This was also done intentionally for the very purpose of being able to offer the solution. Police forces have deliberately been provided this military equipment, and then programmed to believe that the average American citizen is their enemy. (We all know that constitutionalists, gun owners, Christians and veterans have all been labeled as potential extremists.) The name of this program is called Department of Defense Program 1033 and was passed in 1997. This program was actually an extension of an earlier provision passed in the 1990 National Defense Authorization Act. Section 1208 allowed for the transfer of military equipment from the pentagon to local police forces. (It should be noted that the two presiding presidents over the passage of these laws were Bush senior and Clinton.) According to Taylor Wofford of Newsweek, the 1033 program was not a matter of public record, and the Defense Logistical Agency refuses to reveal the names of agencies which are participating in the program. These programs seem to be the prelude to the NDAA of 2012 where the military has the right to indefinitely detain anyone they deem to be belligerent, or an enemy of the state.

Obamas national security force

The purpose behind all of this is to create the conditions in which people will demand a national police force as the solution to a problem that seems to be “out of control.” Again, this is being done using the Hegelian Dialectic, or the problem-reaction-solution strategy. It appears to be working as Obama’s intended audience actually believe they are being treated unfairly by the police. Honestly, it wouldn’t matter if people wanted it or not. The clamping down on the citizenry and the centralization of policing power has been in the works for decades. Remember, James Paul Warburg proudly boasted before the U.S. congress that world government would come by conquest or consent. The idea is to condition the people to want more control over their lives; however, the powers that be are fully prepared to force it upon us if need be. In this case, Obama’s promised security force can be found on page 25 of the New Socialist Constitution that waits in the whirlwind.  The New Socialist Constitution was written by the Revolutionary Communist Party and describes in great detail the intent of the Communists to dismantle America’s military and centralize all defensive powers under the command of one authority, the Communist Party. From the New Socialist Constitution-

To this effect, a Commission for Defense and Security shall be established, with its members selected through consultation between the Executive Council and the Revolutionary Communist Party. This Commission shall oversee the operations of the armed forces, militia and other organs of public defense and security, including their doctrine and operational principles; it may make changes in the overall structure and chain of command of these institutions, as well as the positions of different personnel within this chain of command, particularly at its higher levels. The work of this Commission shall be overseen and reviewed by the Executive Council, in consultation with the Party, and in what should be rare occasions where agreement cannot be reached through such consultation in matters concerning the role and functioning of the armed forces, militia and other organs of public defense and security, the Party shall have the final say.

Everything that is being done, all the violence that is being intentionally instigated, is being done for one purpose America, to get you to accept this new constitution. They want you to start looking at communism as a viable solution to problems that don’t even exist. The lies of racism and police deliberately targeting blacks are just tactics in a game of social change that seeks to dismantle our entire society, and rebuild it as a new socialist utopia. If we don’t start organizing ourselves and exercising the necessary courage needed to prevent this from happening, there may be nothing that can be done to stop it. I pray that we find this courage before it’s truly too late.

BREAKING: Police Seize 10 Children From Homeschool Family Because They’re Off-Grid

Off The Grid News


An off-grid homeschool family of 12 in rural Kentucky was raided, the mother arrested, and the 10 children seized simply because the government disagrees with their lifestyle and their educational choices, family members and friends say.

Until Wednesday, Joe and Nicole Naugler lived with their 10 kids in a cabin on 26 acres in Breckinridge County, about an hour southwest of Louisville.

“They are an extremely happy family,” family friend Pace Ellsworth told Off The Grid News.

Police Seize 10 Children From Off-Grid Family Because They’re Homeschooled

Acting on an anonymous tip about the family’s off-grid lifestyle, sheriff’s officers entered the property and home Wednesday, and even blocked the access road to the family property, the family says. Joe and eight of the children were away, but Nicole – who is five-months pregnant – was home with the two oldest kids. Sheriff deputies then seemingly allowed Nicole and the two children to drive away but they got only a short distance before deputies pulled them over and took the two children away from the mom, who was arrested for disorderly conduct and resisting arrest. (She says the arrest took place after she did not passively allow deputies to take the children.) Nicole was able to contact her husband and have a brief conversation.

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Later, the sheriff ordered Joe to turn over the other children by 10 a.m. or be arrested for felony charges, the family says. He complied.

Deputies also threatened to impound the car, although a friend of the family convinced the deputies to allow Joe to have it back, the family says.

Police Seize 10 Children From Off-Grid Family Because They’re Homeschooled

The family may be off grid, but they aren’t anonymous. In fact, they have Internet, as well as a Facebook page dating back to 2012 where they frequently post pictures and videos of their children, animals and their off-grid life. A May 5 post showed a video of a toddler, Mosiah, learning to walk. An April 24 post showed a happy family, gathering around a campfire, roasting marshmallows.

They also post pictures alluding to their faith. Their Facebook page — which has nearly 2,000 likes — is called “My Blessed Little Homestead.”

Ellsworth believes the arrests took place because of their simple way of life that some would call backwards — and because of the way they homeschool. The family’s Facebook page calls it a “back to basics life.” They have a garden and raise chickens and goats. Deputies apparently were concerned about whether the children’s needs were being met, but friends say they personally have no concerns — and that the children are blessed to have Joe and Nicole as their parents. WAVE-TV in Louisville, Ky., quoted one neighbor who was critical of their off-grid life. Another neighbor apparently had a confrontation with the father on Sunday that was reported to police, the station said.

In an official form the family posted online, Kentucky’s version of Child Protective Services said the children were “not living in appropriate conditions” and not “enrolled in school.” Another official form even complained there was no fence around the pond.

In unschooling, there is no set curriculum and the education is based on each child’s strength.

“You let your kids decide the curriculum,” Ellsworth told Off The Grid News. “In unschooling, education doesn’t take a backseat. It’s listening to what they’re interested in and fascinated in.”

Police Seize 10 Children From Off-Grid Family Because They’re Homeschooled

It’s the way all children learned before the public education movement, he said.

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“This is the natural way to live,” he said. “It’s actually a growing movement. They want to have a personal education and not a factory education.”

Ellsworth called it “whole-life homeschooling.”

“They are completely open about their life,” he said. “Everyone is learning by living. They are all extremely intelligent.”

The family will have huge legal bills, and friends have set up a GoFundMe campaign here. More information about the family can be read here and here.

“They are industrious people trying to teach their children how to live right,” the GoFundMe website said. “Through no fault of their own, they will now be faced with significant legal expenses.”

To read an update on this story, click here

Note: As you share the Naugler’s story on social media, please use hashtags #kentucky10 and #saveourfamily to continue building support.