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Paul Ryan’s efforts to repeal and replace Obamacare foiled

Infowars breaks down the open revolt against the Obamacare repeal and replace bill.




Luke Rudkowski caught up with Foster Gamble, co-creator of the Thrive documentary and Movement while at Anarchapulco discussing disruptive technology and free energy the government has been keeping secret for years.

Foster speaks of keeping inventors of working free energy devices safe and well advised with wise strategy on when and how to roll out these new technological breakthroughs into the public realm without getting whacked by deep state shadow government spooks.

According to Foster Gamble, “There is a new science emerging.  Traditionally it’s kind of known as quantum physics.  And then in the meta-physical realm, it’s called the Akashic Records.  All this stuff is coming together.  We’ve been contacted by over 1,000 inventors since Thrive came out.  Of the ones who are being most successful, I would say at least 80% ultimately end up confiding in me that they get they get these downloads from inter-dimentional beings, from extra-terrestrials, from out of body experiences, and so forth.  Their accessing something from beyond just their rational mind and what they learned in college or something like that.  So the conscience is coming together with the medical realm, with the agricultural, with the energy realm.  So the science that’s behind these new agricultural technologies, that’s behind these cures for cancer, chronic fatigue, and aids, and all the rest.  And the technology, and the theories behind  the free energy devices, their actually all the same.  If your knowledge climbs the mountain high enough, then what you see is how energy works.  And if you can learn how to create technologies and processes, and so forth, both physical and personal that are in tune with that.  And if you get back to the nano level, you get back to the molecular level, everything is downstream from that.  So it’s going to accelerate faster than anyone can imagine.  The results are such that I’m seeing, I’ve already had several friends rescued from stage four cancer.  I’ve watched the process.  And this is what’s going to be happening.  We’re going to have more healthy food.  We’re going to have more clean energy and so forth then you can literally, than even I can possibly imagine.  It’s going to be soon, unstoppable.”

Foster then kind of gave a little teaser on breakthroughs in the health arena before venturing into bio-environmental revelations, “We’ve got inventors who’ve already got technologies.  Both scalar technologies and nano-particular technologies, totally natural, no bad side effects.  That they can put in the waters and radiate around lakes, rivers, and even ocean bays that will clean it up in a matter of a couple of months while actually nurturing all the fish, the coral life,…”

Finally, Luke asks Foster if he is positive about the future and what makes him positive about the future.

Foster mentions a blog he wrote, An Encouraging Look Forward, where he lays out exactly why he’s encouraged.  He then replies, “People say to us, ‘Guys, don’t you get so depressed dealing with all this bad news?’  No, it’s like a doctor who is just making a diagnosis.  The diagnosis is not bad news.  It’s the news that you need to hear in order to do the solution,…..we’re thrilled beyond anywhere where we’ve been before in terms of what’s going to happen with this.”

Foster then entailed a breakthrough roll out, “We’ve launched a new laser guided dormant stem cell process that activates your dormant cells, 100 – 200 billion of them.  And then directs them wherever you want in your body.  We’re getting absolutely phenomenal results.  And this is going public in Costa Rica in May.  We call it HemaLucent….”

Hopefully, when Archapulco 2017 is finished, everyone won’t pile up on the same airline jet to go home, considering what happened to Malaysian Flight 370 in March 2014.  As previously reported, Rothschild owned Blackstone Group benefited from missing flight 370, becoming primary patent holder of new technology.

CDC Whistleblower Admits Suppressing Information Regarding Vaccines and Autism




The story of Dr. William Thompson has been making headlines across the internet over the past few days, even as mainstream media has completely ignored the story. Thompson is a senior scientist at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and has been with the CDC since 1998.

A statement released on August 27th by Dr. Thompson in response to media coverage is that he and co-authors from a 2004 article published in the journal Pediatrics did in fact omit important information from a study on the link between vaccines and autism. Below is an excerpt from Thompson’s statement.

thompson 1

While Thompson goes on to explain that he believes that vaccines have saved and continue to save lives, he clearly admits that the CDC did in fact intentionally omit data that demonstrated a connection between an increased risk of autism in African American males who were giving the MMR vaccine before 36 months of age.

Thompson goes on to say that his reason for coming forward was because of conversations with Dr. Brian Hooker over the course of 10 months. Those conversations were about whether or not there is a connection between vaccines and neurodevelopmental outcomes including autism spectrum disorders. Thompson clearly states that his hand was forced by Hooker who secretly recorded the conversations.

thompson excerpt 2

According to Thompson, who remains at the CDC, documents have been turned over to the office of Congressman William Posey for review. I contacted Posey’s office directly about whether documents have been turned over to the Congressman for review. A spokesman for the Congressman tells me that the office can neither confirm nor deny whether any documents have been turned over by Dr. Thompson for review. Sources however tell that thousands of pages of documents are now in possession of the Congressman’s staff and will be reviewed over the next few weeks.

Last year our Truth in Media Project took on a similar issue regarding vaccine court and autism. At the time we pointed out that a review of compensated cases of Vaccine-Induced Brain Injury finds that The VICP has compensated approximately 2,500 claims of vaccine injury since the inception of the program in 1986.

Since that time, despite the official ruling that there is no link between vaccines and autism, there have been at least 83 cases of autism among those compensated for vaccine-induced brain damage. You can watch that Truth in Media Episode here:



Dr. Thompson is being represented by the law firm Morgan Verkamp, LLC which is based in Cincinnati, Ohio. Rick Morgan, Thompson’s attorney has not responded to our requests for an interview. Meanwhile, the Canary Party, an organization dedicated to revealing truth in this matter tells,

“The Canary Party and her sister organizations would like to thank Dr. William Thompson for acting on his conscience and reporting that the CDC has been withholding vital vaccine safety information from the public. It is our understanding that Dr. Thompson has turned over tens of thousands of documents to Congressman Bill Posey, who is currently investigating the disclosures. We call on the members of the public to contact their representatives in Congress and let them know that a senior vaccine safety scientist at CDC has turned whistleblower, that you want their office to contact Congressman Posey’s office to join his investigation, and that you want Congressional hearings into the alleged malfeasance at the CDC to hide from public view the links between vaccines and autism.”

As a course of action the Canary Party is requesting that you please contact your members of Congress TODAY (, and tell them that:

– A senior scientist at the CDC has turned whistleblower and has turned over documents showing that CDC has been hiding links between vaccines in autism that they have found during their research.

– That Congressman Bill Posey is currently investigating the fraud.

– That you want your Representative join Congressman Posey in holding hearings on the malfeasance that Dr. Thompson has brought to light.

You can also share this story via Twitter and use the hashtag #CDCwhistleblower

You can read Thompson’s full statement below:


Revealed: Thousands of Irish orphans were used as ‘drug guinea pigs’






Over 2,000 care-home kids were secretly vaccinated against diphtheria in the 1930s in medical trials undertaken by international drugs giant Burroughs Wellcome, Irish media reveal. Among the testing sites was a recently discovered mass grave.

The medical records cited by the Irish Daily Mail show that some 2,051 children and babies across several Irish care homes may have been subjected to the practice.

Michael Dwyer, of Cork University’s School of History, found the data after foraging through tens of thousands of archive files and old medical journals. What he did not find is whether any consent was gained for these alleged illegal drug trials or any records of the effects on the infants involved.

Dwyer discovered that the tests were carried out shortly before the drugs were made readily available in the UK. The homes involved included Bessborough, County Cork, and Sean Ross Abbey in Roscrea, County Tipperary.

What I have found is just the tip of a very large and submerged iceberg,” Dwyer told the paper. “The fact that reports of these trials were published in the most prestigious medical journals suggests that this type of human experimentation was largely accepted by medical practitioners and facilitated by authorities in charge of children’s residential institutions.

The Newstalk Breakfast on Monday show also found out that nearly 300 children living in care homes in the 1960s and 70s were used as guinea pigs in medical trials. Ireland had no laws pertaining to medical testing until 1987.

Sean Ross Abbey (Image from

Sean Ross Abbey (Image from


The show talked with a former child resident of Bessborough House in Cork who went by the name of Christy.

“I remember speaking to my mum and I asked her why I’d do many marks on my body, she said ‘I don’t know’ and said ‘when you arrived your arms were sore and bandaged.”

He had eight vaccine marks, on his arms and two on his legs.

Most people from my generation have one, if not two, that’s it, not as many as me,” Christy stated.

The reports come on top of a shocking revelation in Tuan, western Ireland, where a mass grave for almost 800 children was unearthed just a few days ago. Most of the bodies from the facility for unwed mothers and their children were dumped in a sewage tank without coffins.

The unmarked grave was stumbled upon by a local historian, Catherine Corless, who was gathering information on the mother-and-baby home which functioned there in the first half of the 20th century, run by the Bon Secours order of nuns.

Following the discovery and reports of medical tests, Irish Premier Enda Kenny ordered ministers to search for further mass baby graves.

The archbishop of Dublin, Diarmuid Martin, has called for an investigation in Tuan independent of the Catholic Church since “mother and baby homes” mostly operated in Ireland from the 1920s to 1960s, when Catholic policy and control of social services reached their zenith.

We have to look at the whole culture of mother and baby homes; they’re talking about medical experiments there,” he told RTE Radio at the weekend.

They’re very complicated and very sensitive issues, but the only way we will come out of this particular period of our history is when the truth comes out.”