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Battle Of New Orleans Radio discusses Donald Trump’s exhilarating victory over Hillary Clinton.  Guests joining the discussion include Dr. Jim Fetzer, Payday Monsanto, Gary King.




President elect Donald Trump received a red carpet welcome earlier today from President Obama.  President Obama mentioned he and Trump discussed foreign, domestic affairs, among other things.

Donald Trump acknowledged, “We discussed a lot of different situations.  Some wonderful and some difficulties.”

Both Trump and Obama seemed optimistic with the transitory phase over the next 2 months.




“After 8 years of a pro-abortion presidency that has brought us disastrous policies that undermine the dignity of the human person, pro-life Ohioans are celebrating the election of Donald Trump and Governor Mike Pence,” said Mike Gonidakis, president of Ohio Right to Life. “Despite the millions of dollars that Planned Parenthood invested in Ohio, voters soundly rejected corporate abortion and its radical political scheme. Together, we put a stop to the pro-abortion policies of Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Party. Ohio Right to Life looks forward to supporting federal pro-life initiatives that protect the human person’s first right, the right to life.”

According to Katherine Franklin of Ohio Right To Life, “In all, 90 percent of Ohio Right to Life PAC-endorsed and preferred candidates won their elections.”


President elect Donald Trump gives victory speech.

President elect Donald Trump gives victory speech.



What a wild and crazy election race between Secretary Hillary  Clinton and populace champ Donald Trump.  Despite Hillary’s globalistic spell she has cast onto America, the lamestream media’s bias, her foreign donations through the Clinton Foundation, and magic fraction election fraud, it just wasn’t enough to thwart the nationalistic Americana pulse flowing through the veins of Donald Trump, who obviously had decided that enough is enough with America’s subversion unto globalistic powers.  Trump, riding an enthusiastic wave of people hungry for  an America first philosophy, the “Alt Right,” media by the likes of the Drudge Report, Michael Savage, Infowars and Alex Jones, Breitbart, World Net Daily, Battle Of New Orleans Radio, The Daily Resistance, and many others delivered a stunning blow to the new world order.  If Trump can pull off what he has said he will do, or even most of it, then America will rise closer to the greatness he has talked about. Now it’s time to drain the swamp!

Below is Donald Trump’s victory speech.

Below, watch Hillary Clinton’s concession speech.

Below is Obama’s speech about transitioning power to President elect Donald Trump.





Bev Harris ( discusses the eye opening Fraction Magic video which demonstrates how easily election votes are manipulated at the central tabulation level by using decimals & allocation.  In the 2nd hour, TV star Rhonda Shear joins the show discussing her fundraising journey with the Donald Trump campaign.




Streamed live on Nov 2, 2016 by Red Ice Radio

Watch former Republican representative David Duke at the U.S. Senate debate at Dillard University in New Orleans, Louisiana. Following the debate, Duke comments.



Hillary Clinton image credit: Ben Garrison

Hillary Clinton image credit: Ben Garrison




The wife of one of our earliest presidents stated, “The people vote for one like unto themselves.”  I believe she also said, “We would account to God for our voting choices.”

It is our responsibility to elect honest, God-fearing people.  In the early days of our country you even had to profess belief in God to hold public office in many places.  The philosophy behind that was you couldn’t be believed if you didn’t think it was wrong to lie.  But now we have Hillary Clinton running for president.  I believe she once stated, “It takes a whole village to raise a child.”  (Echoing another idiot).  But Hillary supports “aborticide,” which has murdered enough unborn children, to most likely populate a few states, at least.  I guess she doesn’t believe it’s a sin to kill either.

Remember all the ruckus over Bill’s womanizing?  Was that really to cover-up “China-gate”?  The Clinton’s taking campaign contributions from Chinese military people, spies, etc.; and selling technology to the Chinese that could be used militarily against us; similar to Obama funding ISIS and Bush funding the Taliban.

Hillary must think it’s not a sin to lie either.  Just look at the more recent Benghazi and email scandals.

The democrats blamed the Iraq War on G.W. Bush.  But, it was Hillary’s husband, Bill, that signed the Iraq Liberation Act.  It was passed by Congress in 1998.  It’s purpose was to get rid of Saddam Hussein.

Under Bill Clinton’s administration we had the murder of Randy Weaver’s wife and son, and a bunch of men, women and children at Waco, Texas.  We also have the Oklahoma City bombing, supposedly done by militia people.  At the same time, Bill tried to discredit and disarm the unorganized militia, consisting of “we the people.”  Watch the documentary “A Noble Lie” and see what you think about the Oklahoma City scam.


You may say that Bill was responsible, not Hillary.  I would counter by saying read, “Secret: FBI Documents link Bill and Hillary to Marxist Terrorist Network,” published by Sunset Research Group.

I would also suggest reading, “Big Sister Is Watching You,” by Texe Marrs. The book is about the women who Hillary affiliated with and how they and her influenced Bill’s agenda. Also, recall the murder, or some say suicide, of Vince Foster, Hillary’s partner at the law firm.

You can also watch the March 15, 2015 edition of The Steven D Kelley Show, which documents the Clinton body count” and details the long list of people who mysteriously died while associated with Bill and Hillary Clinton.


I also recommend watching the documentary, “Bill Clinton’s Rise To Power.”

Bill Clinton's Rise To Power

Bill Clinton’s Rise To Power


I also suggest watching “The Clinton Chronicles,”


and “DRUGS, CIA AND GOVERNMENT CORRUPTION,” a full length documentary by Bob Fletcher.


Along the line of Clinton involvement in the Iran/Contra Drug Smuggling into Mena, Ark., while Clinton was governor. I suggest reading, “The Conspirators: Secrets Of An Iran-Contra Insider,” by Al Martin, CIA.  Another good book is, “October Surprise,” by Barbara Honegger. I also recommend watching the documentary, “The Mena Connection: Bush, Clinton, and CIA Drug Smuggling,” by Jim Campbell.


Jerry Falwell produced a VHS tape titled, “Bill And Hillary Clinton’s Circle of Power,” and, “A Prescription for Disaster,” about the Health Care Plan that the Clinton’s tried to push through.

Prescription For Disaster

Jerry Falwell Presents: Prescription For Disaster: What The Clinton Health Care Plan Means For You.


Another good book on the Clinton crime family is “The Clinton Confidential,” by George Carpozi. And last, but not least, documenting important evidence of Clinton crimes is, “The Imminent Military Takeover of the USA,” produced by the Prophecy Club. It features Jim Ammerman, chaplain, Desert Storm, green beret, CIA, who served our country in the military for 26 years.

I’ve given you loads of documented proof why you shouldn’t vote for Hillary. The Clintons have done as much to destroy our Constitutional Republic as Obama and Bush have. Ask Sheriff Mack what he thinks of the Clintons. Bill tried to get the sheriffs involved in gun control, that Sheriff Mack opposed vehemently! Check Sheriff Mack out at

Some might say that it’s a woman’s turn to be president, since we have never had a woman president before; similar to electing Obama, because we never had a black president before. We’re not talking about affirmative action here.

Hillary as a lawyer must surely have studied the Constitution, if she did she should know the president swears an oath to “uphold and defend the Constitution from all enemies, foreign and domestic.” If a president doesn’t do that, they not only lied, but committed treason! Our forefathers made the penalty for treason, hanging, because they considered it such a serious crime.

George W. Bush said, the Constitution was just a piece of paper, and proved he meant it by his lies, torture, police state spying, etc. Obama has continued on by signing the NDAA, killing people with drone attacks without a trial, funding Isis, using executive orders (Proclamations like a King), and forcing us to accept Obamacare’s spying on everyone, using doctors as agents. As a matter of fact, let us ask ourselves the question, when was the last time we had a president who upheld his oath of office?

This election could be our last chance – we better not mess it up! Supporting the status quo has killed the hope of future generations. Stick up for yourself. Vote for freedom, not slavery!






VIDEO REPORT: Presidential candidate John Kasich delivers State of the State address at the People’s Colony Theater in Marietta Ohio. A Pro Life/abortion debate is spawned just across the street from the theater with some Planned Parenthood supporters who give deceptive explanation on services provided by the giant abortion provider.





While I was preparing the following, I received and email from a friend asking what we should do in such an evil world. I replied, ask Jesus. As for me, I intend to shine a light in this dark and evil world. As Patrick Henry said “As for me and my house…”

Open email to Mr. Obama, aka Barry Soetoro,

I’ve been thinking that as dictator of the world you could really get a head even bigger than at present.

Speaking of presents and big heads, I have one to try on for size. It is called Mr. Obama Head!

It could also be called Mr. Obondo Head as there are some five gallons of Bondo with chicken wire and what not, integrated into this 7 foot monstrosity! I have been giving you even more exposure in West Virginia than you would otherwise get from the prostitute media. Hey, I even took “The Head” to D.C. and made numerous trips around the Capitol City. Most folks were really appreciative. One guy on a bicycle came over to my Jeep and spit on my windshield. I figure he thought I might be out of windshield washer fluid! “Thanks dude!”

Problem is, most and I truly mean most folks in West Virginia get rather emotional when they see your big likeness (un-liked-ness) head around our state.

Some folks would rather that I park the thing. However, there is a job to do as most don’t know that you are the CORPORATE HEAD. Yes, you are the CEO (Chief Thief) of US Inc. that was incorporated in 1871.

But to put it bluntly, Mr. Obama Head (who incidentally talks and blows smoke rings) is actually just like you, a puppet!

So, I am compelled to take my campaign and road show “Mr. Obama Head – Puppet” around the state and educate the people as to the true state of incorporation.

You see, I am the Constitution Party of West Virginia candidate for governor. I think you’ve heard of constitutions and I would like to instruct our Attorney General, Patrick Morrisey (who has failed up to now) to enforce ours. Job number one is unincorporating the mess and returning to government of, by, and for the people, not of, by, and for “Government Inc.”  Also, Thomas needs a pardon!

The really tough part is of the job is that you and your cronies are probably part of the judgment of a Righteous GOD meted out on a sinful people that have allowed the murder of over 60 million babies and is also killing people around the world. Sucks, doesn’t it. Nonetheless, it’s the truth and that hurts.

So I will expose the sin, you, and your cronies as I take your big head around our state.

With No Apologies,

Phil Hudok

You can email me at


Facebooks: “Mr. Obama Head”       and     “Phillip Hudok”

Phil Hudok with Mr. Obama Head

Phil Hudok with Mr. Obama Head







! I have made a big head, Mr. Obama Head, give you even more exposure.




National Popular Vote (NPV) effort, which could be only 14 states with the largest populations, could decide the presidency for voters in all 50 states.  NPV is fully partnered with a George Soros-funded election group.  NPV is run by individuals that have a history that supports the Democratic Party.

A group, the Center for Voting and Democracy, received seed money (1997) from Joyce Foundation, a non-profit that boasted President Obama served on the board at the time of the grant.  The President was a member 1994-2002.  A well known newspaper reported NPV is now halfway to it’s goal of electing future Presidents via popular vote, after Rhode Island, Gov. Lincoln Chafee (D) made his state the latest to sign on.  Is the NPV seeking to get states that comprise a majority of the 538 electoral votes-270, to agree to award their electoral votes to the winner of the national popular vote?  Currently our members in Congress can’t stop the President from giving away all kinds of monies to foreign aid, so how are they going to stop Obamacare?

My questions are, is this President spreading the wealth to obtain the popular votes necessary to get the re-election through the NPV organization?  Is he using Hillary as a pawn in his plans?  Is he even running our country or is he a pawn himself being used by others in the government?  Is the President allowing our own government to destroy itself using gender, greed, race, religion, and nationality to create chaos among ourselves?  Facts quoted are taken from current newspaper articles but they bring up good points because I am in doubt if our government can do what is good for America.  We need to go back to square one and start over by first restoring jobs, social security, medicare and our borders.  Secondly, stop all monies in foreign aid and equipment.  Bring law and order back to America.  Move the U.N. out of America.  We have supported them to long.