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Breaking Through The Lies And Misinformation Part 1




Ladies and gentlemen we are under a two party tyranny really a one party tyranny. We all know at a subconscious level that the republicans and democrats are one party at the leadership level being controlled by the same corporate interests  but yet we continue to fight on the surface liberal or conservative. We must shake ourselves out of this trance we have no choice in Washington just an illusion of choice.

Let’s say it together the republicans are the democrats and the democrats are the republicans. Think about it like WWE on camera they all fight and hate each but when the cameras off hanging out at the same bars eating and drinking together. The elites could care less about political affiliation that’s scraps that they throw us to keep us off the real issues that’s why both parties cover for each other on so many issues. The elite use all parties and all political systems for control, power and monetary gain. We have one party the business party. And please people quit lying to yourself, saying we are under capitalism. WE ARE NOT UNDER CAPITALISM, WE ARE UNDER FASCISM PERIOD. Fascism is when government and corporations merge.




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