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BLM Kicking Rancher Off Land For Oil Leases Not Tortoises

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Nathan Laurenson




The BLM is due to receive $1.27 million in oil and natural gas leases from 6 different companies reported by 2 weeks ago. One company includes Noble Drilling out of Houston Tx.

The BLM(Bureau Of Land Management) will use this desert tortoise as an excuse to attempt to run the last rancher in the area off of this land that his family has been ranching since 1877.

Cliven Bundy’s son reported  that the BLM has already drove 52 ranching families from this land and offered to buy  Mr. Bundy out  10 years ago. So if Mr. Bundy had no rights like some believe the BLM wouldn’t have offered him anything.

The BLM spent millions on euthanizing these tortoises that feed on cow manure  and now through” operation tortoise” are using this as an  excuse to destroy irrigation equipment and put cows and peoples lives in harms way. You cant tell me  desert tortoise is worth more than a human life or the ability for a rancher to feed his family. Then why where people being tazed and snipers being deployed. It is never the reason we are given there is always a hidden agenda and this one looks like part of it is definitely oil.



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