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An Active Political Population Equals Citizens, Silent Population Equals Slaves


Vernon Shields


The Roman Empire lasted over 200 years, and is considered by guiness world records to have been the most enduring empire in documented history. It didn’t make it to 300 years though. This empire has had more influence on western civilization than most realize and is the source from which we draw many of our education techniques, war strategies, and politics. Do you think we will make it 300 years?

The Romans were too big to govern from a single source, which led to the empire being split into east and west empires. The governing bodies became overly corrupt and civil services virtually nil. It was no surprise that the germanic people were able to defeat this divided people. The romans, like every other empire before and after, took slaves for the hardest labors. The Romans had upper and lower classes. The romans, like us, had so many decrees (laws) that one never knew when they were breaking the law. The Romans had no representative form of government, and we virtually do not either.

One of the primary reasons the everyday citizens got such a great deal in their form of government early on in our nation’s history is because they made it their business to know and speak out on what our government is doing, can do, and cannot do. It was a government by the people. In today’s day and age, people like to shun political talk because it “just causes arguments, ” or, “I can’t do anything about it so I don’t care,” and, “I don’t vote because it doesn’t matter.” Regardless of your views on anything else, you have to admit that it is quite a sad state of affairs we’ve gotten ourselves into when we don’t care about our governing. Have we forgotten how important that is?

Meanwhile many are fighting, yelling, and suffering and/or causing injuries just to get a deal on black Friday. Disgusting. So next time someone wants to open their mouths about what they’re offended by, start by telling us what your choice of politicians are doing which offends you. It doesn’t make you a conspiracy theorist or trouble maker, it makes you a civic minded citizen whom owns up to their responsibilities and obligations which must be paid forward in order for you to continue to enjoy your freedom.

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  • d marino

    The only hope is with the young college people of today who are informed, who speak about government and politics and world affairs. However I believe the government intimidation that exists hinders any real uprising among them and also the massive fluoride being ingested.