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America 2014 Terrorism and the Ever Expanding Police State

Nathan Laurenson

The Daily




Remember a few years ago when you’d hear the term ” Police State” and you would just brush it of as “conspiracy theory”. Well today we hear this and can’t just dismiss it but today its in our face and its impossible to dismiss it. But today  its not just the NSA or other alphabet agencies we must protect ourselves from but now we must watch our very  own neighbors.

Yes I said neighbors and I know that sounds like I’m describing Nazi Germany, who had the Brown shirts or the East German  Stasi. I’m talking about modern day America and programs like the Department of Homeland Securities  “If you see something, say something™” program.

Then there is  Infragard an FBI backed and funded organization that recruits teachers, doctors, engineers and other professional types to spy and monitor on patients, colleagues, employer, employees, etc. Not only in America in the year 2014 do we have a gargantuan size police state but we have a new tell on your co worker tattle state.

I ask  why do we need these giant spying operations, we have a bloated government agencies that are all tied into the DHS and most of these alphabet agencies FBI,CIA,TSA, still don’t stop any terrorist activities and a matter of fact the FBI will facilitate terrorists by giving them explosives and then attempt to stop them by spoiling the plot.

Or what about  all the radical muslim groups that the CIA has funded.This isn’t just my opinion its out in the open  for  example last year John McCain met with the Syrian rebels who have pledged allegiance to Al Qaeda. There are way to many examples of the CIA and  government funding terrorist organizations  to list in this article.

So lets get this straight the west funds radical Islam turns them loose lets false flags happens or tries to stop them and then uses the fear of these radical  organizations to enslave us.Bottom line our government is using the guise of terrorism to build a giant  Police State. These are just a few examples of the ever expanding Police State and  more articles  about this highly charged topic coming soon.

Benjamin Franklin stated  ”Those Who Sacrifice Liberty For Security Deserve Neither.” So research the vast web that has been built especially the programs like these that turn our neighbors against us.




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