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All Love No Hate Rally/ March

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On August 3rd at 3:00 P.M. at Heritage Park in Slidell, La All Love No Hate Stop The Violence Group will hold a rally/ march to bring awareness to senseless violence and hate because first we must become aware of violence and hatred before we can turn the tide. All Love No Hate was founded by Christopher Dennis a life long resident born and raised in Slidell, La who knows first hand what its like to have your life changed in an instant, in April 1996 Chris and a Friend where shot leaving his friend dead and Chris paralyzed. Chris’s spine was severed, doctors told him he wouldn’t walk again but after months in the hospital and months in rehab he would defy all odds.

Chris proved the doctors wrong he  walked again. I remember it  like it was yesterday,  during a pep rally at Salmen High school Chris stood up out of his wheel chair took a few steps  and danced the whole gym went crazy. It blew people away  that day, it was truly an amazing thing, truly a miracle. I’ve been friends with Chris since the end of 1996 and witnessed his struggles and triumphs  and can say this has never left him for good or bad but definitely makes him the fighter he is today.

I lay this out not to rehash painful memories but to give people the inside of a true warrior that has been the victim of senseless violence that if one person would have made a different decision then one man would be alive and another wouldn’t have had to walk this tough journey of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual pain.

So now Chris uses his struggles to try to influence others and bring awareness of violence to the  youth. The topic of violence, hate, love and decision making needs to be a dinner table topic amongst all of our families. If we can educate one person to think about their actions and realize there are consequences good or bad for every action. When we decide to go to the club, bring in a weapon and use that gun for whatever reason there is going to be consequences. People could get shot possibly die and you’ll end up prison. Nobody wins period and it could have all been avoided.

If Having rally or a march can  influence one person young or old from committing a life changing act of violence then All Love No Hate has done its job. Lets come together  as free humanity, brothers and sisters and live out the realization that we live on a small planet together and our actions affect each of us negatively or positively. Lets take this further than Slidell La, lets go worldwide with this. When you go out in your community today open your neighbors door, help that old lady with her groceries, pick up your neighbors newspaper, it will be the little things one action at a time that will change yourself and by doing this you never know who it will inspire or influence to do something positive to change someone else. One positive action at a time will change the world ALL Love No Hate. For ideas on having a march or rally in your area please contact Gerb all love No hate Dennis on facebook. Dedicated to my brother Christopher Lane “Gerb” Dennis, everyone involved with All Love No Hate  and especially for everyone that has lost a loved one to violence.



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