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Albuquerque residents take over city council meeting and issue citizens arrest papers for police cheif

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Nathan Laurenson

Residents storm city council meeting in Albuquerque, NM. Protestors showed upset and irate with all the shootings involved with the police department. A total of 25 murders and 40 shootings since 2010.

At one point during the meeting a” peoples arrest warrant” was issued for police chief Gordon Eden and they called to have  Mayor Berry from office.

Activists have vowed to keep up pressure and said will return Thursday to the next rescheduled meeting.

The police chief quickly left after the arrest warrant was issued. In March the killing of 38-year-old homeless man James M. Boyd was  caught on tape and now the latest incident was a SWAT team shooting with 50 year old Air Force veteran Armand Martin. The Martin shooting isn’t cut and dry but the police department has lost all credibility regardless the facts.




People are fed up which they should be and the residents  have every right to arrest the chief, if this was 70 80 years ago he’d be lucky to be arrested. But what should happen is the Sheriff should uphold his vow to up hold the constitution and arrest them all for murder.

When the people stand up together we can make things happen so don’t believe you don’t have power, we all have power especially in numbers. Stand up it doesn’t matter if you don’t like that person, or don’t like what they stand for we need to stand together on any issue when its about our life, freedoms, or liberty.

You  have power the power structure wants you to say what can I do I can’t make a difference, I can’t change anything. Really? Did George Washington say that against the red coats even though he was out manned and out gunned. HELL NO he stood up he believed he one man could make a difference. Its time to get mad STAND UP and believe the power that GOD the creator has given you.





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