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Activists, Truth Seekers, Citizen Journalists and Writers Wanted No Experience Required




Are fed with feeling helpless? Do you feel that the corporate run government doesn’t have your best interest in mind? Guess what your not alone,  there are millions of us out here that feel the same. Like most people you’ve probably been conditioned to believe you have zero power and you can’t make a difference. I hear you, I to, once fell into that train of thinking, but its total bull shit. You do have power, you must first realize that power and figure a way how to channel that power.

In the age of the internet we all can get in the game, we all can become citizen journalists, writers and activists. Here at the The Daily Resistance we are looking to build an organic citizen journalist network and are looking for truth seekers to help write, to do video reports and to become local activists in your area. If we come together we can become a strong force. We aren’t looking to build some big media outlet, we are looking to build up individuals to become their own media outlets in  their  own  individual communities.

So let’s work together, lets become activists, journalists and reporters. Email us at or go to the Facebook page The Daily Resistance and lets brainstorm, lets build, lets expose the corrupt political elite.

About Nathan Laurenson

Editor at The Daily Resistance, Citizen Journalist, Activist and Co Host Of Battle Of New Orleans Radio On 990 AM WGSO Airs 8pm Wed.| Resist Daily